Ring Cam Solar Panels & Doorbell Solar Chargers

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Ring makes some of the best outdoor home security cameras on the market, but with so many models to choose from, the selection can be confusing. The camera is the same in all of them, so there isn’t a difference in image quality, but there are considerations when it comes to charging, mounting and power sources. 

Since Ring cameras have wired and battery versions, so should you go for a wired or battery one? Are solar panels a good option for the battery-powered models?

Here’s a look of the new and improved Ring products and their most common charging methods: 


Keep your Ring Cameras Charged around the Clock

With the Ring Solar Panel as your backup, just a few hours of sunlight every day will keep your camera constantly charged. It has a unique 360-degree wall mount that allows you to easily position your solar panel. Quite conveniently, it comes with a 13ft/4m long so that you can find the best sunny spot to get sunshine.

Another option is a floodlight solar panel charger that will charge your cameras and improve your camera night vision with extra illumination at night once movement is detected.

Ring Floodlight Solar Panel Charger

A few Key Points to Remember before Installation

While the sunlight does the charging work for you, still there are a few things to keep in mind before installation: 

  • Unplug and reinsert both ends of the solar panel charging cable and make sure that the connection is snug tight.
  • Make sure that your solar panel is placed in maximum sunlight exposure which is not blocked by trees, buildings, or other obstacles. 
  • Due to manufacturing reasons, the camera battery cannot be recharged in temperatures below 32°F (0°C).
  • Keep the battery of your camera at 100% prior to connecting it to the solar panel. Note that the Solar Panel is designed to provide trickle charging to keep your camera battery charged, not to charge your camera battery from low to full.
  • Reduce your camera usage for a day or two and note your camera’s battery level. Heavy usage of your camera can drain the camera battery faster than the solar panel can recharge it, especially if the solar panel has poor sun exposure.

Easy Installation

Installing the Ring Cameras is simple, but installing the solar panel is even simpler – that’s because there’s no mounting bracket, you just drill it right into the surface you want it attached to with a top and bottom screw. You may also opt for a gutter mount for the solar panel so you can avoid drilling. Since the solar panel is also weather-resistant, you don’t need to worry about leaving them outside.

After the solar panel is fixed, then you just orient it how you want, tightens the swivel, and run the attached micro USB cable to the port in the back of the Ring Stick Up cam or Spotlight cam

Extra Charging Support 

If you are own a big amount of Ring devices in your house, you may be interested in different combo packages with solar panels and extra batteries or batteries with a charging station or all 3! These packages are compatible with Ring Spotlight Cam Battery, Ring Stick-Up Cam and Ring doorbells (battery version). It has a quick-release tab to easily charge the battery without moving the device.

Ring Video Doorbells Solar Chargers

The days of getting up to see who's at your door are over. With a video doorbell, you can greet your guests and keep an eye out for intruders — all without getting up from your couch. Ring is well-known for manufacturing functional, durable and capable smart video doorbells. Their more notable creations are the Ring Doorbell 2 and Ring Door View Cam

Solar Charger Mount specially designed for Ring Video Doorbell 1 provides charging convenience to your video doorbell. There is another model of solar charger for the Ring Video Doorbell 2. In both cases, our weather-resistant solar chargers when placed in maximum sunlight exposure, can significantly prolong the battery life of your Ring doorbell and eliminate doorbell downtime due to charging. Hence, you can eliminate messy cable or hardwired installation by connecting the hard wiring at the back of the doorbell to the power grid and a transformer.

After having a quick look at this article now you are fully equipped to purchase solar panels and charges. Join the solar panel green revolution while protecting your home and embracing the smart home paradigm.

Main Takeaways

  • Solar panels and chargers meet the charging needs of a wide variety of Ring devices. 
  • Follow the recommended practices before installation.
  • Keep in mind that it is placed directly in maximum sunlight exposure to produce the maximum-rated power of a solar panel. 
  • Solar panels and chargers can help you to save energy and avoid messy cables and arduous electrical installation.


  • KEn BAgley

    I have this product in black but the cable where it plugs into the camera is broken. Is the ring cam solar panel also available in white? If so, what is the price and where is it available?

  • Rodney Hayes

    I bought two Solar Panels to charge our Arlo Security Cameras, one for my house and one for my girlfriend’s house. I’m glad I didn’t buy 6, because at the time we were going to try this product out. The solar panels that I purchased do not charge the cameras. I am very disappointed with my selection.

  • Phuong Le

    How to connect this solar panel to my Ring App? When I open the Ring app, and check on device health. Below the Battery Level, there is”Solar Charger Status”. How can I check the status on my newly installed Wasserstein Solar Charger?

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