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    12 products

    The Arlo Pro is a wireless home security camera developed by the American company Arlo Technologies. It is one of the most popular outdoor cameras on the market, designed with industry-leading features such as color night vision and smart motion detection. This Arlo security camera is a versatile and customizable surveillance solution that is easy to set up and use.

    The Arlo Pro 3, Pro 4, and Pro 5s are the latest Arlo cameras in this line.

    Features Overview

    Video Quality

    The Arlo Pro 3, Pro 4, and Pro 5 cameras all have the same video quality.

    All three Arlo Pro cameras capture video at a maximum resolution of 2K (2560x1440). They also feature HDR (High Dynamic Range) and a 160-degree field of view. The video quality is clear and sharp, making it easy to identify objects and people in the footage.

    Color Night Vision

    The Arlo Pro features color night vision, which lets it capture full-color video footage even in low-light conditions. This is an improvement over traditional black-and-white night vision, which can make it difficult to distinguish between different objects in the footage.

    The color night vision is achieved through the use of an advanced image sensor and image processing algorithms. The camera's image sensor is designed to capture more light than traditional sensors, which helps to improve the color and contrast of the video footage in low-light conditions. The camera also uses advanced algorithms to enhance the color and sharpness of the video, resulting in a clearer and more detailed image.

    With color night vision, the Arlo Pro can capture video footage in full color even in complete darkness, making it easier to identify objects and people in the footage. This feature is especially useful for outdoor surveillance, where lighting conditions can often be less than ideal.

    The infrared night vision of the camera automatically turns on when the night mode is enabled. However, it is recommended to turn off Night Vision if the camera is pointed toward reflective surfaces like windows to prevent any glare or unwanted effects.

    The Arlo Pro also has an integrated spotlight that makes its vision in low-light conditions significantly clearer and sharper.

    Cloud Storage and Recording Options

    The Arlo Secure subscription offers additional features and benefits for Arlo camera users.

    Like other Arlo security cameras, the Arlo Pro 4 and Arlo Pro 5S come with an Arlo Secure trial, which includes a rolling 30-day cloud recording of up to 2K video resolution. The trial lets your Arlo camera stream and record in the maximum resolution it is capable of.

    Once the free Arlo Secure trial ends, you will have the option of purchasing an Arlo Secure, Arlo Secure Plus, or Arlo Safe & Secure Pro plan to continue enjoying Arlo's paid features, such as Cloud Recording, Activity Zones, and Smart Notifications.

    Without a plan, you will still be able to enjoy basic features of the camera like watching live video, receiving basic notifications on your phone, and talking with visitors through the Arlo mobile app with the two-way audio feature.

    While you won't have the option for cloud storage, it is also possible to connect a USB device to your Arlo base station or Arlo SmartHub for local video storage. It's important to note that only recordings triggered by motion or sound detection will be saved to the local storage, while manual recordings will only be saved to the cloud.

    Here are the features included in each subscription tier:

    Arlo Secure (Single/Unlimited Cameras)

    • Up to 4k Video Recording

    • 30-day Cloud Storage

    • Smart Interactive Notifications

    • Animated Preview Notifications

    • Video Object Detection with AI

    • Audio Detection of Alarms

    • Smart Activity Zones

    • Theft Replacement

    Arlo Secure Plus (unlimited cameras)

    • All Arlo Secure features

    • 24/7 Emergency Response

    Safe & Secure Pro (Unlimited Cameras)

    • All Arlo Secure Plus features

    • Arlo Safe subscription for US users (includes Guardian Mode, One Tap Protection, Crash Detection & Response, 24/7 Personal Safety Expert, Family Place Alerts, Family Check-Ins, and Family Safe Monitoring)

    Object Detection

    Arlo offers advanced object detection capabilities with an Arlo Secure subscription, allowing them to identify and track different types of objects in their field of view. Arlo uses advanced AI algorithms to analyze camera footage and identify objects within the camera's field of view. Here are some details about Arlo Pro object detection:

    • Person Detection: Arlo Pro cameras can detect people in their field of view and send alerts when a person is detected. This is a useful feature for home security and can help you keep track of who is coming and going from your property.

    • Animal Detection: Arlo Pro cameras can also detect animals in their field of view and send alerts when an animal is detected. This is a useful feature for outdoor cameras that are used to monitor wildlife or pets.

    • Vehicle Detection: Arlo Pro cameras can also detect vehicles in their field of view and send alerts when a vehicle is detected. This is a useful feature for monitoring driveways or parking areas.

    • Package Detection: Arlo Pro cameras can also detect when a package is delivered to your property and send alerts when a package is detected. This is a useful feature for monitoring package deliveries and helping to prevent package theft.

    Weather Resistant Cameras

    Arlo Pro cameras are weather-resistant and designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, making them ideal for use as both outdoor and indoor cameras. Here are some of the weather-resistant features of Arlo Pro cameras:

    • Operating Temperature: Arlo Pro cameras are designed to operate in temperatures ranging from -4°F to 113°F, which means they can withstand extreme cold and heat.

    • Housing: The housing of Arlo Pro cameras is made from UV- and weather-resistant materials, which protects the camera from the elements and helps prevent damage from exposure to sunlight.

    • Mounting Options: Arlo Pro cameras come with a variety of mounting options, including magnetic mounts, wall mounts, and tree mounts. This lets you install the camera in a variety of locations and angles.

    Integration With Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa

    Arlo Pro's smart home compatibility is top-notch, working with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant. This lets you control your cameras using voice commands. Here are some of the ways you can use Arlo Pro cameras with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant:

    • Live Streaming: You can use voice commands to stream live video from your Arlo Pro cameras to your Google Nest Hub or Amazon Echo Show. Simply say "Hey Google, show me the front door camera" or "Alexa, show me the backyard camera" to access your camera feed.

    • Arm and Disarm: You can also use voice commands to arm and disarm your Arlo Pro cameras. This is a useful feature if you want to enable or disable your cameras without having to use the Arlo app. Simply say "Hey Google, arm my Arlo cameras" or "Alexa, disarm my Arlo cameras" to control your cameras.

    • Custom Routines: You can create custom routines that integrate your Arlo Pro cameras with other smart home devices. For example, you can create a routine that turns on your porch light and unlocks your front door when your Arlo Pro camera detects motion.

    • Notifications: You can receive notifications from your Arlo Pro cameras through your Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa device. This lets you stay up-to-date on any activity detected by your cameras without having to check your phone or tablet.

    Customizing Notifications

    The Arlo app lets you customize notifications for your Arlo cameras, which can help ensure that you only receive alerts when necessary. Here are some ways to customize notifications in the Arlo app:

    • Activity Zones: You can set up motion zones for your Arlo cameras, which lets you define specific areas that you want to monitor. This is useful for reducing the number of false alarms you receive.

    • Notification Schedule: You can set up a notification schedule for your Arlo cameras, which lets you automate when you receive notifications. For example, you can set your cameras to only send alerts during certain hours or days.

    • Notification Type: You can choose the type of notification you receive for each camera, such as push notifications, email notifications, or text message notifications. You can also choose the sound and vibration pattern for each notification.

    • Motion Detection Sensitivity: You can adjust the motion detection sensitivity for each camera, which lets you customize the level of activity that triggers an alert.

    • Smart Notifications: Arlo cameras also offer smart notifications, which use advanced algorithms to determine whether an alert is important or not. This can help reduce the number of false alerts you receive. Smart Notifications include Animal and Vehicle Detection, Person Detection, Package Detection, and Smoke/CO Alarm Detection.

    Basic Setup

    Setting up an Arlo camera system involves several steps, including creating an Arlo account, unboxing and setting up the SmartHub or base station, connecting the camera to WiFi, and setting up motion detection. Here is an overview of each step:

    Unboxing and Setting Up the Base Station

    The first step is to unbox the base station and connect it to your internet router using an Ethernet cable. You can then download the Arlo app and follow the on-screen instructions to create an account and set up the base station.

    Connecting the Camera to WiFi

    Once the base station is set up, you can connect your Arlo camera to WiFi. To do this, press and release the sync button on the camera and then follow the on-screen instructions in the Arlo app to connect the camera to your WiFi network.

    Setting Up Motion Detection

    Arlo cameras are equipped with advanced motion detection sensors that can alert you when activity is detected. To set up motion detection, open the Arlo app and go to the camera settings. You can then adjust the motion detection sensitivity and set up activity zones to customize when you receive alerts.

    Battery Life & Charging Options

    The battery life of Arlo Pro cameras varies depending on the model and usage. Like its predecessors, the Arlo Pro and Arlo Pro 2, the Pro 3 and Pro 4 have a battery life of 3 to 6 months, depending on the activities it detects and the features that are enabled. Meanwhile, the latest Arlo Pro 5S promises up to 6 to 7 months of battery with normal use. It also features a Low Power Mode, which provides up to 30% more battery life.

    If you worry about frequent battery swaps or recharging, the good news is there are several charging options that let your cameras enjoy non-stop power, continuous video recording, and 24/7 surveillance.

    Solar Panels

    The Wasserstein solar panel for Arlo cameras like the Pro 3/Pro 4 comes with an outdoor magnetic charging cable that ensures your camera doesn't run out of power. It has a unique 360-degree wall mount and a 13 ft/4 m long cable that lets you easily position your solar panel for maximum sunlight exposure.

    Magnetic Charging Cable

    The weatherproof magnetic charging cable can connect directly to any indoor power outlet to eliminate downtime due to battery swaps. The power adapter provides rapid charging for your Arlo camera, charging up to four times faster than other adapters.

    Accessories to Improve Performance

    3-in-1 Floodlight, Charger, and Mount

    There are many Arlo accessories to choose from. One of the best is the Wasserstein 3-in-1 Floodlight, Charger, and Mount for Arlo Pro 3/Pro 4 provides 2000 lumens of light while continuously charging your Arlo Pro camera. This ensures your camera has an enhanced night vision capability and a non-stop power source. It also lets your camera be adjusted to your preferred viewing angle.

    Adjustable Metal Wall Mount

    The adjustable security wall mount can easily be adjusted with a 360-degree swivel and 90-degree tilt, allowing the flexible positioning of your Arlo cameras. It is made of high-grade, rugged materials and can be used either indoors or outdoors

    Protective and Theftproof Security Cover

    The theftproof security cover for Arlo Pro3/Pro 4 not only protects your camera from harsh elements but also prevents tampering and theft. Simply screw one end of the chain to your mount or the wall and slip on the magnetic mount. Clip the plastic band around the Arlo camera and screw it in to tighten it up.

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