How to charge Ring camera battery in 5 easy steps

by Brett Decker

Battery-powered Ring devices like the Ring Video Doorbell battery are a favorite among smart home owners for their portability.

Instead of being hardwired to your home's power supply, this security camera is powered by a rechargeable battery, which gives you more mounting options.

However, this same portability is one of its downsides.

See, you'll either have to remove the Ring device completely or take off the battery pack to manually recharge it.

Charging your ring non-stop is also possible with the use of a solar panel.

Ring battery life is anywhere between 6 to 12 months, and a battery can take between five and ten hours to fully charge.

These numbers are rough estimates and will vary depending on several factors.

To give you a better understanding of how to take care of your Ring batteries, we've compiled a step-by-step guide on the proper charging process as well as some tips on how to preserve battery life.

Ring camera battery charging guide: step by step

The following Ring devices use a rechargeable lithium battery:

  • Ring Video Doorbell

  • Ring Doorbell 2

  • Ring Doorbell 3

  • Ring Doorbell 3 Plus

  • Ring Peephole Cam

  • Ring Spotlight Cam Battery

  • Ring Stick Up Cam Battery

  • Ring Floodlight Cam Battery

These devices use the same quick-charge battery pack with the exception of the Ring Video Doorbell.

This battery pack takes between five to ten hours to fully charge.

The original Ring Video Doorbell is powered by a non removable lithium battery.

So, you'll have to remove the doorbell from its mounting bracket and plug a micro USB cable directly into the device's USB port to charge it.

Ring's non removable lithium batteries get fully charged after four to twelve hours.

The quick-charge battery pack is charged using a common micro-USB cable included in your Ring device's box.

This cable can be plugged into any USB power source like your computer.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to charge the battery of your Ring Doorbells.

1. Remove the battery cover

Remove the security screw on the base of the doorbell and lift the faceplate up and away from the wall.

2. Press the battery tab

Press the release tab to remove the battery. If you have a second battery, you can insert it immediately. Otherwise, you'll have to charge the battery.

3. Plug the charging cable into the battery

Connect the micro USB charging cable to the USB port. LEDs on your battery will display red and green lights.

When the red light has disappeared and you're left with a solid green one, it means that your battery is fully charged.

4. Slide the battery back into the Ring Doorbell.

Slide the battery back to its compartment. You'll hear a click when the battery is secure.

5. Return the battery cover

Wait for about 30 seconds before you turn your device on. Return the battery cover to the Ring Doorbell and secure it with the security screw.

How long does it take to charge the Ring Camera battery?

The battery usually takes between 5 to 10 hours to fully charge, depending on the current battery life. For more efficiency, you can charge up to two batteries simultaneously using a compatible Ring battery charging station.

A fully charged battery can last between 6 to 12 months or around a thousand camera activations under ideal usage conditions.

The amount of activity captured by your security cameras can take a toll on device health.

For instance, frequent motion activation can make the battery die faster.

Make sure to check motion detection settings to utilize motion zones, so that the device ignores irrelevant events and other extraneous motion.

You can also setup motion scheduling, so your device's motion detection is only active during specific times of the day.

A weak Wi-Fi signal is another factor that causes your battery to die faster. If the device struggles to pick up Wi-Fi connection, it will take a toll on your battery.

Check the received signal strength indicator on the Ring app to know if you'll need to boost the Wi-Fi strength in your device's area.

Decoding the Ring Battery charging lights

In charging the battery of you Ring, both the red and green lights will light up. Your battery is fully charged when the light on the battery is a solid green.

Factors affecting battery charging time

  • Cold temperatures. Batteries have to maintain an optimal working temperature. Lithium batteries produce lesser current in cold weather than in a warmer day.

    For outdoor devices, environmental factors have a significant effect.

    Battery may continue to charge slow even after being brought inside, until it warms up to an ideal temperature.

  • High temperatures. Battery may shut down due to overheating.

  • Using a wall adapter. Ring batteries may charge faster when plugged directly into a wall adapter instead of a USB port on a computer.

    Not all wall adapters are made equal, so you'd want to use a 2.1-amp wall adapter for the fastest charging time.

How long does the battery last for?

A fully battery can last between 6 to 12 months or around a thousand camera activations under ideal usage conditions.

The amount of activity captured by your security cameras as well as environmental factors can take a toll on the battery health. If you don't want to worry about your battery life, you can install a compatible Ring camera solar panel.

How to check your Ring Camera battery level

If you want to check how much power is left in your Ring Camera's battery, you can do it through the Ring app on your phone.

  • Tap the three lines in the top left

  • Click devices

  • Click Ring’s Video Doorbell or Camera

  • Select Device Health

  • View the battery icon in the top-right corner.

  • Click on the Settings button above the battery icon to see battery level

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