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    What Are Smart Doorbells?

    A smart doorbell replaces a traditional doorbell as it's connected to the internet. Smart doorbells have motion detection and live video so you can always see who is around your home even when you are not home.

    Smart doorbells can also alert you via your phone on an app when there is someone at the door. Most video doorbells have video doorbell cameras so you can see and even talk to the person who is at your door.

    You can also use the local storage feature to store videos that you might want to see later. Some doorbell cameras also have cloud video storage so you can save information onto the cloud from your smart home device.

    How Do Smart Video Doorbells Work?

    Video doorbell cameras basically work the same way as security cameras. They have a video camera, motion detection sensors, and a microphone where they can capture sounds. Most video doorbells, like the Ring video doorbell, also have LED sensors so they can still have excellent video quality even when filming at night.

    Most doorbell cameras also have local storage so they can keep the videos saved for later which makes it easier for you to see what happened around your home. Video doorbells are a great addition to your home because they are basically a security camera.

    Types of Smart Video Doorbells

    There are two main types of smart video doorbells including a wired doorbell and a doorbell that uses batteries.

    Battery Doorbells

    Battery doorbells have rechargeable batteries. Some of the best doorbell cameras use batteries including popular brands like the Wyze video doorbell and the Ring video doorbell.

    You will get an alert on your phone when the battery-powered video doorbell needs to be charged. Make sure you charge it as needed so you keep getting security coverage around your home.

    Wired Doorbells

    Wired doorbells are connected to the wires that your traditional doorbell used. They will use the existing doorbell wiring so you shouldn't have to buy wires. You will need to take some time to install them correctly. Most wired doorbells can be installed DIY but some people choose to get a professional for the installation process.

    Main Features of a Smart Video Doorbell

    Video Quality

    Video doorbells have a wide variety of video quality. The best video doorbells have a resolution of 1080p or more. Anything less will not give you a clear picture. The video quality should also include night vision.

    Local or Cloud Storage

    The best video doorbell cameras have a combination of local storage and cloud storage. Video storage will give you access to recorded video from your smart device. Most cameras will give you free cloud storage up to a certain amount of GB.

    Power Source

    Doorbell cameras are either wired or have a rechargeable battery.

    Facial Recognition

    A video doorbell can provide enhanced safety as you get alerts when the doorbell detects a stranger's face.

    Motion Detection

    Make sure to get a video doorbell camera that can detect motion and alert you to unusual activity.

    Night Vision

    Video quality should include being able to see well at night so you can clearly make out faces and activities.


    Get alerts to your smart devices about package deliveries, people ringing the door, or motions around the door.

    Benefits of Having a Smart Video Doorbell

    Benefits include:

    • Local storage for videos

    • Detects motion so you can see who is in front of your door

    • Night vision

    • Two-way audio so you can talk to people at the door

    • Google Assistant to give commands

    • Facial recognition

    • View video clips from your smart doorbell camera

    What Are the Best Brands for Video Doorbell Cameras?

    The best brands include Ring Video doorbell, Google Nest Doorbell, Arlo Video doorbell, Arlo Essential Doorbell, and the Wyze video doorbell.

    How to Choose the Best Smart Doorbell Camera

    Here are things to ensure your doorbell camera has before buying it:

    • Video quality of 1080p

    • Local video storage

    • Facial recognition

    • Field of view with a square aspect ratio

    • Audio features like two-way audio

    • Night vision

    You should also consider if you want a wired doorbell or a doorbell that uses batteries. Both are great options, you just need to figure out which one works better for you. If you don't have existing doorbell wires, you will need to get one that uses batteries.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The best video doorbell cameras record videos and sounds when someone is close to the doorbell, and deliver motion-detection alerts. Smart doorbells also have live video, recording video, and other smart features like motion zones.
    One of the main disadvantages is that they could have unreliable detection. You may get an alert even if it’s an animal or other unimportant object crossing into the camera’s field of view.
    Smart doorbells are rarely hacked, as long as you set up and follow the security features that come with your system.
    Most smart doorbells require WiFi to function properly. A WiFi connection is necessary for the smart doorbell to communicate with the companion mobile app and to send alerts and notifications to the user's smartphone or tablet. Without a WiFi connection, the smart doorbell may still be able to function as a traditional doorbell, but it will not have the advanced features and functionality of a smart doorbell, such as video recording, motion detection, and two-way communication.
    Smart doorbells require a power source to operate, but they do not necessarily need to be plugged in for power. Instead, they are typically powered by battery, hardwired to an existing doorbell circuit, or have a combination of both battery and hardwired power options.
    While some smart doorbells may be integrated with smart locks or other access control devices, they typically cannot unlock a door by themselves. Instead, they may send a signal to a separate access control device, such as a smart lock, to unlock the door.
    When taken care of, a smart doorbell can last several years or even decades.
    The choice between a wired or wireless doorbell depends on the specific needs and preferences of the user. Both types of doorbells have their advantages and disadvantages, and the best option will vary depending on the user's situation.
    Wired doorbells are typically more reliable and provide a consistent power source, as they are connected directly to the home's electrical wiring. However, they can be more difficult to install and may require professional installation. Wireless doorbells are typically easier to install and more flexible in terms of placement, as they do not require wiring or professional installation. They are typically battery-powered and do not require a consistent power source, making them easy to use and maintain. However, they may be less reliable than wired doorbells, as the wireless signal can be affected by distance, interference, and other factors. They may also require more frequent battery replacement or recharging.
    Yes. The best doorbell cameras can provide your home with better security. With a central control hub, you can connect your smart devices to one another for a well-established home security system. This system will allow devices to trigger other devices when something is amiss. For example, when a smart doorbell detects motion or rings, it can trigger a smart light to turn on, a smart lock to unlock, or a smart speaker to announce the arrival of a visitor.
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