How To Improve Your Camera Night Vision

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Security is typically an around-the-clock job that doesn’t end just because the sun goes down. Looking after your home is important, but is your security camera looking after you? 

When selecting surveillance cameras, one of the most important factors that businesses have to consider is the lighting condition. Most CCTV cameras are designed to operate in normal lighting conditions, but not all cameras are capable of seeing at night. Businesses that wish to capture surveillance video, either at night or in low lighting environments, have to ensure that they have the correct equipment.

During the day, on the other hand, when the lighting conditions are right; security cameras work perfectly and are able to capture high-resolution images at full color. However, when darkness sets in, surveillance cameras require a source of good lighting. 

So we’ve tracked down some of the best tips and hacks to boost your security camera’s night vision. Let’s uncover some exciting tips:

Let There Be Light

There are a few ways to provide outdoor light for a predetermined period of time when it gets dark. Our Outdoor Battery Powered Spotlight with Motion Sensor enhances your camera’s vision in low-light conditions. It is equipped with a super-bright led light that’d allow you to see even into those dark corners where intruders like to hide. With its equipped daylight and motion sensors, our outdoor spotlight is a total power-saver.

It will only turn on in the dark when motion is detected up to 32 feet which will activate your security camera, then automatically turns off 30 seconds after the motion stops- isn’t that great? Combined with the Ring Solar Panel, it saves your camera from the hassle of running out of power.


Night Time Camera Settings

Many high-end cameras like Blink have night-vision capabilities using infrared lights.  Using night-vision on an outdoor camera will help to see objects within the effective night vision range. A small outdoor security camera such as the Nest Cam Outdoor can only pack so many infrared lights into that small frame. The typical range for onboard night vision is 25-35 feet. Not much but if within the range, it helps immensely.

Increase Infrared Light Sources 

Even though a security camera has its own built infrared light source, there might be times where you will need to supplement it with an external IR light. These IR lights are small enough that they can be installed next to the camera or away from the camera to brighten up dark spots that can’t be reached from the camera’s internal lighting. These lights require power, so you can tap into the camera power source if you are installing them next to the camera, or plug them into an available electrical outlet if they are installed away from the camera. 


Nuclear Option: Acquire Color Night Vision Cameras 

Color night-vision security cameras are equipped with image sensors with particularly high visible light sensitivity. This makes it possible to reproduce colors by receiving more visible light even at low light. It transforms a standard 1/3 inch sensor security camera into an effective low light capable security/surveillance camera enabling it to produce a very high-quality color image-even in the most challenging lighting conditions. 

Now you can experience all-day monitoring at your homes with Arlo Ultra’s 4K & HDR camera feature. It is wireless and with a 180-degree diagonal field of view. It provides an amazing color night vision, 2-way audio, integrated spotlight, and 4K HDR advanced image quality. 

Night-vision cameras provide security and protection we need and act as a defense against crimes like theft and burglaries. They are the best way to protect our home and get clear surveillance footage at any point of the day or night and in any weather condition. Let’s keep our family and property safe by monitoring what’s happening in and out of our homes or businesses- day and night!   

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  • Freddie Ross

    Shopping for the night vision security cameras can be a bit confusing when you don’t have that much knowledge on it. In the most basic sense, a night vision camera will serve as your own pair of cat’s eyes as it will let you see in the dark. As well as planning takes up a big part in the installation of these cameras, especially for outside surveillance. This is because once you get things wrong, you will be having an unprotected coverage.

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