How to Change WiFi on Wyze Camera

by Joel Manansala

Your Wyze Camera is like a digital sidekick, keeping an eye on things at home, and making sure nothing is amiss. With its Wi-Fi connectivity, the Wyze Cam provides the convenience of constant connection, offering peace of mind regardless of your location.

However, there may come a time when your reliable Wyze Camera needs to hop on to a new Wi-Fi network. Perhaps you've upgraded to a new Internet Service Provider (ISP) in search of faster speeds, or you've embarked on a journey to a new home. While Wyze Cams are known for their user-friendly setup process, little is know about connecting them to a new wireless network.

Fret not, for this comprehensive guide will how to change WiFi on Wyze camera in no time.

Reasons to Change Your Wi Fi Network

Before delving into the nitty-gritty, it's important to understand why changing your Wyze Camera's Wi-Fi network might be necessary:

  1. Network upgrade: If you've upgraded your WiFi router or changed your network settings, you'll need to reconfigure your Wyze Cam to connect to the new network.

  2. Change of location: Moving the camera to a different area within your home or to a new location may require connecting it to a different WiFi network.

  3. Network issues: If you're experiencing problems with your Internet or your Wyze camera isn't connecting, changing networks might help to resolve these issues.

How to Connect Your Wyze Camera to a New Wi-Fi Network

To connect Wyze camera to a new Wi-Fi network or connection, treat it as if you were setting up a brand-new Wyze Camera. Don't delete any previous settings or try to adjust your old Wyze Cam. Even though you're using the same device, treat it like a new one when connecting to a new Wi-Fi network.

This means you should go through the regular setup process for your Wyze Cam. By doing this, you'll smoothly transition your camera to the new Wi-Fi network without needing to mess with any existing settings or configurations.

What to Check Beforehand

Before diving into the process of changing the WiFi network on your Wyze Camera, consider the following:

  1. Camera Power: Ensure your Wyze Camera is powered on and functioning properly.

  2. New Network Details: Have the SSID (network name) and password of the new WiFi network ready.

  3. Camera App: Make sure you have the latest version of the Wyze app installed on your smartphone.

Steps to Change the Wi-Fi Network

  1. Launch the Wyze app on your smartphone and log in to your Wyze account.

  2. Open the Wyze app and tap on "+ New Device".

  3. Choose "Cameras" and pick the right device name like Wyze Cam, Pan, Sensor, or Bulb.

  4. Plug your Wyze camera into a USB port or a power outlet. Wait until it starts flashing yellow, which usually takes around thirty seconds. Click "Next".

  5. Follow the phone app prompt to press the setup button on your camera. After you hear "Ready to connect", check the box and tap "Next."

  6. You'll be prompted to pick a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network and enter its password. Remember, Wyze Cams don't work with 5 GHz networks. Connect to the new Wi-Fi using the password.

  7. Use your Wyze Cam to scan the QR code on the app. When it scans successfully, you'll hear a voice saying "QR code scanned." Check the box and tap "Next."

  8. Wait for the camera to connect to the WiFi.

To change the label of your Wyze Cam, go to the device settings (gear icon) after selecting your camera from the device list. Tap on the current name and give it a new one.

If you have multiple Wyze Cameras that need to be connected to the same WiFi network, just go through these steps for each camera until you've set up all of them. Feel free to make additional customizations as well, like picking motion and sound detection settings and more.

Tips to Improve your Wi-Fi Internet Connection

How strong is your Wi-Fi connection?

Wyze devices work best when your WiFi connection is strong – any interruptions or slowdowns can cause problems.

If you haven't tried it yet, use a speed test tool to check your internet speed at different times of the day. Make sure to test during times when you use the internet a lot and times when you use it less.

Is your internet speed as fast as your provider states it is?

Wyze Cam requires a minimum upload speed of 1-2 Mbps for SD and 4-7 Mbps for HD.

Are you connected to the right network?

Wyze devices need a 2.4 GHz network to function smoothly. Without it, most devices won't be able to set up properly or function in the Wyze app. This applies to all types of devices, not just cameras.

During the setup process of your Wyze device, when you're asked to pick a network, choose one that doesn't have "5G," "5g," "5GHz," or "5" in its name.

The only exception is the Wyze Video Doorbell Pro, which can work with a 5 GHz network.

Where are your devices placed?

Many connection problems are often linked to three things: interference, distance, and things in the way. Think about where you put your router compared to your Wyze devices.

  • Are any of your devices near big appliances like smart fridges, TVs, or ovens?

  • Are any devices behind or blocked by furniture like couches or bookcases?

  • How many walls or floors are between your devices and the router?

  • How far is your device from the router?

If you often face issues with a camera outside and far from your router, you might want to consider using a Wi-Fi extender to make your coverage area bigger.

How many devices are on your network?

The number of devices linked to your network and actively using data can have a big impact on your connection. This isn't just about your Wyze gadgets; it includes all devices connected.

Calculate the total devices currently on your network (whether they're active or not):

  • Smartphones, watches, tablets, laptops, computers.

  • Smart appliances like fridges, washers/dryers, ovens, coffee makers, and air purifiers.

  • Smart items like cameras, bulbs, thermostats, doorbells, vacuums, sensors, and smart locks.

Chances are, you have more devices connected than you realize!

If any of your devices is more than 5 years old, they might be slowing down your network to support older wireless methods. To fix this, you might need to update your devices or consider getting a new router that can accommodate both older and newer methods.

Have you checked your router lately?

Just like your devices, your router needs to be kept current for optimal performance and the latest security enhancements. If your router is over 5 years old or you haven't checked for firmware updates recently, this could be affecting your connection.

  • How did your previous speed test turn out?

  • Do you find yourself frequently restarting your router to get your devices back online?

If you're still using the same router your ISP provided when you first got your service, take a moment to log in to your router and review your settings.


Why is my Wyze camera not connecting to new Wi-Fi?

If your camera is not connecting, ensure that the network details are correct and that the camera is within the WiFi range. You might also try restarting the camera or performing a factory reset.

How do I change the settings on my Wyze camera?

Open the Wyze app, select the camera, access its settings, and make the desired changes. This includes changing WiFi networks, updating passwords, and configuring other camera settings.

Do Wyze cameras need to be on the same Wi-Fi?

No, Wyze cameras don't need to be on the same WiFi network. You can connect them to different networks as long as they have internet connectivity.

How do you reset the Wi-Fi on Wyze Cam V3?

Follow the same steps as connecting a new Wyze device to your WiFi.

How to change WiFi network on the Wyze doorbell?

The process is similar to connecting other Wyze cams, except the Wyze Video Doorbell Pro connects to a 5G network settings.

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