WiFi Water Leak Sensor, Flood Detector

by Wasserstein

✔ RELIABLE & FUNCTIONAL - The Wasserstein Smart Wi-Fi Water Sensor offers reliable performance, helping keep your homes safe by alerting you on potential water leakage before it causes more serious damage. It helps prevent costly repairs. Battery powered with low energy consumption, it can operate in standby mode for over 6 months. The sensor requires little effort to install and is very easy to use.

✔ THOUGHTFUL DESIGN - Made durable, our Water Sensor is compact in size and can easily be installed in your desired location. For peace of mind, place the water sensor near your washing machine, water heater, or dishwasher. The bottom of the sensor contains 3 highly sensitive gold-plated probes which set off the alarm.

✔ PLUG & PLAY WITH INTUITIVE APP - Our Water Sensor requires no hub or subscription service. Designed to connect to your Wi-Fi network, simply download the Wstein App on App Store or Google Play. From the app, you will receive an instant push notification of any water leakage. It also lets you keep an eye on the battery level of the device to ensure the water sensor never runs out of power. (Note that the Water Sensor only supports this wireless type: Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz.).

✔ SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - The Wasserstein 3-Month Warranty got you covered. If any of our products fail to meet your expectations, we'll either get it replaced straightaway or issue you a full refund. No questions. No charge. No kidding.

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    These work fine with the Xenon Smart WiFi control Water Valve sold on Amazon.

    Part I
    The above "water valve" in the title is really an actuator for your own ball valve. A main water supply shutoff for a house is typically a ball valve, so named because the moving part at its center is shaped like a ball. It is fully open when the approximately 4" long handle is aligned with the water pipe in which the valve is installed, and fully closed when turned 90 degrees to the pipe. Shutting off the water supply to a house is a corrective action that always works to limit a disaster when something starts leaking. If the homeowner is home and notices the leak he can shut off the water supply to the particular leaking appliance, but noticing is not always easy even if you are home. A water heater is the major concern for a leak. One cannot look at a WH and judge the condition of the tank, which eventually rusts out and leaks if the anode is not replaced. My only experience with a water heater leak began with a drippy leak in the morning that turned into a continuous flow in about two hours. If the homeowner is not home or doesn't notice right away, having something that can detect the leak and automatically shut off the main water supply will limit a flood to a couple gallons vs. thousands and prevent having to replace everything in the house on and below the level of the leak. Many homeowners return home to find water flowing out their front door.

    The Wasserstein water sensors are smaller than they looked to me on their web site; the box is no more than 3" in diameter and an inch thick, and the sensor itself - on a 3' long cord - is only about 1" in diameter and <1/4" thick. I bought three of them and put one in the metal pan under my water heater, one behind the washing machine and one under the dishwasher (sensor under, battery pack and electronics screwed to a baseboard).

    Many Tests were successful

    Good Equipment all Tests successfully


    Good product but instructions for setting up are deficient - need some real set up steps for dummies - me.

    Piece of mind

    I have three of these through your the basement in key areas where water is possible and a remote stitch on our well pump. ANY issues now, all I have to do is turn off the well and problem solved. Each unit is unique , so problems are quickly identified.

    Some problems

    Unit works but Battery life with CR2 Lithium battery seems to last only about 3 months. Better stock up. It does however work sensing water and sending Leak Detection Alerts OK . Never received one for "Low Battery" as far as I could determine. But in the App when I perform a Network test, it fails saying that "The current network is unusable and cannot connect to the network". Support's only solution was to have the latest version App 3.0.0. Which I do. Have no idea why since my network is ok and I do get Alerts to my smartphone. So what is the test even used for? And if no work why is it even there? ( This review is based on my experience ) and not meant to deter you from purchasing. Good Luck.