21W 5V High-Efficiency Solar Charger, Power Port Portable Charger with Dual USB Port Compatible with Tablets & Smartphones (iPhone X / 8 / 7 / 6s /Plus, iPad, Galaxy S6/S7/ Edge/ Plus)

by Wasserstein

✔ TRAVEL-FRIENDLY – Highly portable and compact at just (11.4x6.7in /29x17cm) when folded and (11.4x27.5in/ 29x70cm) when opened, it is also extremely lightweight at (20oz/570g). With the thoughtful inclusion of stainless-steel eyelet holes at each corner of the Solar Panel for easy and convenient attachment to tents and backpacks. It is the latest must-have equipment for all hiking trips, sailing, camping and other outdoor activities.
✔ HIGHLY DURABLE – The Solar Panels are made of industrial strength PET polymer attached to a high wear polyester canvas providing complete water resistance to the device (excluding the USB output) enabling it to withstand most weather conditions and rugged outdoor use.
✔ HIGH ENERGY CONVERSION – Dual USB port with smart identification technology, the fast charging technology providing a charging speed of 2.4 amps per ports up to a total of 3.5 amps. The 21-watt solar power delivers a conversion efficiency up to 23.5%, providing sufficient power to charge 2 devices simultaneously.
✔ COMPATIBLE WITH – Android smartphones and tablets, e-readers (Kindle), Galaxy S7/S8/ Edge/ Plus, iPhone X / 8 / 7 / 6 / Plus, iPad, cameras, MP3 players, handheld game consoles and all other 5V digital devices from brands including HTC, Motorola, Nexus, Nokia, LG, HP, Sony, Blackberry and many more.

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