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    5 products

    Why Should You Choose an Arlo Solar Panel?

    There was a time when accessing solar panels for purchase was difficult, and the installation process was even harder. The idea of having a solar panel and solar panel charger at your house was daunting and the price was, too. People knew how helpful a solar panel could be and knew they could act as batteries for home, but they didn't want to spend the cost of going solar.

    New & Improved Solar Panels

    However, times have changed, and now getting the power in your house fully charged by the sun hasn't been easier. Access to this special kind of panel is now granted to anyone. And a solar panel can do more than be a battery for your home. They can also be a base station that works as a delivery system of power for light and electricity in many ways.

    They can also be the way that you power your Arlo camera or Arlo-certified accessories. An Arlo camera, from the Arlo Pro, Ultra 2, or Arlo Ultra, is a great way to provide your home or business with extra reliable security. And an Arlo solar panel is a wonderful way to power that battery charged Arlo camera.

    Many Ways To Connect

    From an Arlo floodlight to the Arlo ultra, Arlo app, Arlo pro, batteries, and more, the company has many ways to connect with your Arlo solar panel. That means there are even more ways to give your home or property the sort of security it needs, all through the amazing and reliable power of a solar panel.

    Arlo Cameras Compatibility

    Arlo is a company that leads the marketplace with a number of cameras for any type of location. If you are buying an Arlo solar panel, you need to be aware of all compatibility issues.

    Improved Compatibility

    From the Arlo Ultra 2 to the Pro 3 and beyond, the company has a bunch of battery charged products that are accessible to adjustable mount compatible with weather resistant design. They are able to be used via wall mount or other set-up, at your front door or any part of your home, in either rain or shine.

    Simple Installation

    Getting one of these smart cameras and mounting it is easy. It's even easier because of these cameras are connected to and powered by solar panels. The Arlo solar panel, usually located on top of your house, will use the power of the sun.


    With an easy installation and batteries that are completely compatible, battery charged Arlo cameras provide security at an affordable price and little stress during installation and maintenance. It has never been easier to power a house through a solar panel.

    Direct Sunlight Requirements

    Direct Sunlight?

    Think of the sun as a battery. Ideally, an Arlo solar panel needs about four hours of sunlight per day. There are many people who incorrectly assume that panels like this need a lot more power from the sun but that isn't the case.

    Retaining Power

    The panels will retain this power, hold on to it, and then funnel it into the battery of your cameras. Arlo solar panels will leave your Arlo certified accessory fully charged within just a few hours. Arlo solar panels will stay connected to the cameras via an Arlo certified accessory like a solar panel charger.

    Made in the Shade?

    It is important to note that you will need direct sunlight to charge. The solar panel may still charge a little bit in the partial shade during certain times of the day but full exposure to the sun is most helpful.

    Performance & Weather Resistant Features

    Each Arlo solar panel comes with versatile mounting, easy installation, and numerous special features that are packaged with every product.

    Nasty Weather

    Some people feel that because an Arlo solar panel is plugged in once installed that it cannot withstand nasty weather. In fact, people don't understand how the weather resistant design works with the panels, and that leads them to not choose to power their house with solar panels.

    Regular In The Rain

    But an Arlo solar panel can still execute its helpful functions perfectly even in the rain and cloudy conditions that most of the country experiences. This means it'll keep your camera operating and your battery life strong and battery full no matter what the solar conditions are like. It might be called a solar panel but Arlo products, especially panels and a camera, don't necessarily need the sun all day to be helpful to your home.

    Waterproof & Ready

    It wasn't always the case but solar panels are now generally waterproof and not damaged by moisture or other conditions. This is one reason they are being purchased so much more often.

    How to Set Up Your Arlo Solar Panel

    You can use an Arlo solar panel in any outdoor location that falls within the weather range of 32 degrees to 113 Fahrenheit. It is helpful to note that you cannot charge your camera battery via the panel when the temperature is below freezing.

    The Right Spot

    The first thing you'll need to do after your solar panel and cameras are purchased is find a good spot to start the installation process. It is helpful to think of a place that is accessible but also out of the way. You will also want to be near your front door if you're installing for security purposes.

    Five Feet Away

    The solar panel should be installed within five feet of your Arlo cameras. You can mount the security cameras on walls, fences, gutters, eaves, and other locations at your house.

    Make It Mounted

    Once you found a spot to have your camera and solar panel installed, you need to secure the mounted product with the screws provided.

    Attach The Panel

    You will then simply attach the Arlo solar panel to the mount. You can then adjust the angle of the Arlo solar panel and the camera or cameras.

    Let The Charge Begin

    You will then connect the Arlo solar panel to your Arlo camera and let it begin to charge your battery. The panel is created to keep your camera battery charged, not to charge the battery life from low to full.

    Compatible Accessories You Should Consider

    Solar Panel & Solar Panel Products

    While the marketplace for solar panels and solar panel charger products used to be hard to find, there are now many that can be purchased, from an Arlo floodlight, to a base station, light, and more. They will all add value to your panel, your cameras, and your home's security all at a very reasonable price. To have a complete and helpful home security cameras situation, you should invest in a few of these Arlo solar panel accessories.

    Arlo Solar Panel Charger

    Needed For Charging

    The Arlo solar panel charger comes at a low price and is helpful because it will keep your battery life full with direct sunlight. It is created with weather resistant design which means that no matter where the product is installed, it'll still get the job done and your batter will stay healthy. All you will need is a power cable that connects the panel with the cameras, all of which are provided by Arlo.

    Adjustable Mount

    Move Your Mounted Camera Around

    Arlo products are adjustable mount compatible, which means that an adjustable mount is a must-have for anyone who is installing a solar panel and security cameras at their house. With an adjustable mount, your Arlo camera will be able to be moved and used with any angle. This gives you a complete view of your surroundings and your property, while still being hooked up to the solar panel at the top of your house.

    Charging Cable

    Keep It Charged At All Times

    An Arlo certified accessory that you must have is a compatible charging cable. This is a necessary cable that will keep your camera battery full and will ensure that the panel is powering it. The good news is that this Arlo cable can be found in various sizes, some as long as 25 feet. Much like a power cable, it's a must-have. With direct sunlight, a solar panel, a power cable, and an Arlo cable, your battery life will be impressive all year round, no matter how much sun you get.

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