Wyze Camera Not Recording Events? Here's How To Fix It

by Joel Manansala

Wyze cameras have gained immense popularity due to their affordability, ease of use, and feature-packed capabilities. These compact devices offer users the peace of mind of surveillance and event recording. However, like any technology, they can sometimes run into issues. One common problem users encounter is their Wyze cam not recording events as expected.

As one of the most important features of security cameras, not being able to store event recordings should send the alarm bells ringing. If you've found yourself in this situation, don't worry; we're here to help you troubleshoot and get your Wyze outdoor camera back to capturing events efficiently.

Common Reasons for Wyze Camera Not Recording Events

Let's explore the main causes of Wyze camera not recording events.

Outdated Firmware

Camera firmware updates are essential to keep your Wyze cam functioning correctly. An outdated firmware can cause various issues, including problems with event recording. Keep in mind that updating the firmware might require you to power cycle your Wyze camera.

Device Settings

Incorrect Wyze devices or mobile app settings can prevent event recording from working as expected. This includes settings related to motion detection, recording schedules, and more.

Incorrect Power Outlet

A stable power source is crucial for the consistent operation of your Wyze camera. If it's not receiving power correctly, it may not be able to record events.

Cooldown Time Issue

Wyze cameras have a 5-minute cooldown period during which they won't trigger event recordings after one has occurred. This is initiated when either Sound or Motion triggers an Event Video. Sound and Motion are distinct triggers. So, if a sound triggers an Event Video, it will be followed by a 5-minute cooldown period. However, if a motion is subsequently detected during that cooldown period, it will also trigger an Event Video. Following this, there will be a separate 5-minute cooldown period for another motion-triggered video. If this cooldown is too long, it may appear that your camera isn't recording events.

Disabled or Misconfigured Motion Detection

The motion detection feature is crucial for event recording. If it's turned off or configured incorrectly, your camera won't record events when motion is detected.

Sensitivity Settings

The sensitivity settings for motion detection can affect when and how events are recorded. If the sensitivity level is too low or too high, it may cause issues with event recording.

Detection Zone Settings

Setting up detection zones is essential for focusing your camera's attention on specific areas. Incorrect detection zone settings may result in missed events.

Night Vision Settings

If your Wyze camera is set to night vision mode during the day, it may not record events correctly. Night vision should be configured to work automatically based on lighting conditions.

Troubleshooting Tips

Update the Firmware and Mobile App

To update your Wyze device, follow these steps using the Wyze mobile app:

  1. Tap on the Wyze Account icon located at the top of the app interface.

  2. Scroll down to the Firmware Update tab.

  3. Find the update option next to the name of your Wyze device.

  4. Select the update option to initiate the update process.

  5. After completing the update, exit the app, reopen it, and check for any lingering issues. Additionally, ensure your Wyze app is updated to the latest version from your device's app store.

    Turn Off and Turn On the Event Recording Feature

    You have the option to configure your Wyze outdoor cameras to capture an Event Video upon motion/sound detection. You can easily enable or disable this feature separately for both Motion and Sound.

    To make these adjustments using the Wyze App, follow these steps:

    1. Open the Wyze App and go to the Home tab.

    2. Select one of your Wyze Cams.

    3. Tap the Settings icon located in the top right corner.

    4. Choose the Event Recording tab.

    5. Here, you can toggle the options for "Detects motion" and "Detects sound" on or off as needed.

Check the Recording Schedule

Detection zones help your camera focus on specific areas for motion detection. Ensure that your detection zones are correctly configured by following these steps:

  1. Tap the Home button, followed by the + sign located in the upper left corner.

  2. Choose "Add Rule" and then select "Schedule" from the provided list.

  3. Pick the specific Wyze Cam for which you want to establish a schedule.

  4. Opt for "Turn on motion detection" and proceed by tapping "Next."

  5. To assign a name to the schedule, tap the + sign next to "Name" (this step is optional).

  6. Enter a suitable name for the schedule, such as "Activate motion detection," and then tap "Save."

  7. Tap "Start Time," choose your desired starting time, and confirm it by selecting "Save."

  8. To specify an end time, tap "Add End Time," choose the ending time, and save your selection by tapping "Save."

  9. Once you've completed these steps, make sure to save your schedule by tapping "Save" again.

Check the Motion Detection Settings

To adjust the sensitivity of your Wyze Cam's motion detection, follow these steps:

  1. Launch the Wyze app and select the camera you wish to modify. This will take you to the Live Stream of that camera.

  2. Tap the Settings icon located in the top right corner.

  3. From the Settings menu, tap on "Detection Settings."

  4. In the "Detection Settings" section, you'll find the Sensitivity slider, which ranges from 1 to 100. This slider allows you to control the percentage of changed pixels required to trigger an event video.

  5. To customize the sensitivity settings, simply adjust the slider to your preferred level.

Additionally, you can use the Detection Zone feature to specify a particular area for motion detection. This feature allows you to exclude regions you don't want the Wyze Cam to monitor for motion, such as sidewalks or roads, or focus solely on a specific area like a doorway.

To establish a Detection Zone:

  1. Select the camera you want to customize within the Wyze app to access its live stream.

  2. Tap the Settings gear icon, followed by "Detection Settings."

  3. In the "Detection Settings" menu, locate and tap "Detection Zone."

  4. Toggle the "Detection Zone" option on/off to enable/disable Detection zones.

  5. With the Detection Zone active, use your finger to draw on the grid, defining your desired motion detection target area.

  6. The Detection Zone settings will be saved automatically.

Factory Reset Your Wyze Camera

If none of the above steps resolve the issue, you may need to perform a factory reset on your Wyze camera. Keep in mind that this will reset all camera settings to their defaults.

To perform a factory reset on your camera, follow these steps:

  1. If there's a microSD card inserted in the camera, take it out.

  2. While the camera is connected to power, press the SETUP button on the bottom of the camera for 10 seconds. You'll notice the status light on the front of the camera lens turning solid red.

  3. Once the status light begins flashing red, your camera is now prepared to be set up again.

NOTE: Unlike other Wyze cameras, the Wyze Outdoor Camera cannot be hard reset.

Contact Wyze Customer Support

If you've exhausted all troubleshooting steps and your Wyze camera still isn't recording events correctly, it's time to reach out to Wyze customer support. They can provide further assistance and guidance in resolving the issue.


How do I get my Wyze camera to record events?

To ensure your Wyze camera records events:

  1. Update the camera's firmware and the Wyze app.

  2. Check the event recording feature is turned on in camera settings.

  3. Verify the recording schedule is correctly configured.

  4. Set up and adjust detection zones.

  5. Make sure motion detection sensitivity settings are appropriate for your environment.

Why is my Wyze camera not picking up motion?

Your Wyze camera may not be picking up motion due to several reasons:

  • Motion detection is turned off.

  • Sensitivity settings are too low or too high.

  • Detection zones are not configured correctly.

  • Firmware or app is outdated.

  • There might be a cooldown time between recordings.

Will the Wyze cam record events without an SD card?

Yes, Wyze cameras can record events without an SD card, but the recorded clips will be saved in the cloud for free for 14 days. However, having an SD card can provide continuous local recording and more extended storage.

Does the Wyze camera app need to be open to record events?

No, the Wyze camera app does not need to be open for the camera to record events. Once you set up the Wyze camera and enable event recording, it will work independently based on motion detection and your settings, even when the app is closed or not actively in use.


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