Google’s “Wireless Streaming Device” just passed through FCC*, a new Google Nest Cam Battery to watch out?

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A new Google device just passed through the FCC on March 28, 2021. This new Wireless Streaming Device, named A4RG3AL9 (FCC ID), is speculated by most Google device fans to be the new Google Nest Cam Battery.

Latest test reports show a power supply of 3.65VDC rechargeable Li-polymer battery or 5V from an AC/DC adapter, Wi-Fi Connectivity, and Bluetooth Low Energy. It will also feature a physical FCC ID at the back which suggests that no screen is present. 

If this new Google Nest Camera Battery comes through, it will be a direct competitor to the Arlo Ultra/Ultra 2 which features 4k HDR video and an ultra-wide field of view, its starting price of $249.99 is honestly expensive. While the other line of Arlo cameras like Arlo Pro 4 and Pro3 and Arlo Essential can also be the direct subject for comparison. The Ring Stick Up Cam Battery that is now in its 3rd Generation is also a strong waiting contender for this new Google Wireless Streaming Device.

Although Google hasn’t used the description “Wireless Streaming Device” previously, Nest Mini and Google Chromecast both have “streaming” in their descriptions. In January 2021, Google had previously confirmed that Nest Cam IQ Outdoor was sold out while Nest Cam IQ Indoor followed recently on the Google Store, but a new lineup of security cameras will be made available this year. Both cameras stream, and creating a successor that is battery operated is not out of question. This is the reason why a new Google Nest Cam Battery is the most possible entry for the A4RG3AL9.

The official launching of A4RG3AL9 is expected mid to late this year as FCC’s confidentiality ends on September 24 of the current year. 

We are more than excited about this highly-likely new Google Nest Cam Battery. We have been making Made for Google products for years and will continue to effectively contribute to improve its features and functions. One of our best-selling items, the 3-in-1 Remote Floodlight, Charger, and Mount can turn the Nest Cam Outdoor into a powerful versatile floodlight. This new A4RG3AL9 is a new challenge that we are more than ready to take on.

To be continued...

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  • Albert

    Sharing spotlight cam.

    The mounting plate DOES NOT SLIDE…so I cannot remove the rubber cover….and cannot install the solar panel connection loo

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