Does Ring work with Google Home?

by Brett Decker

A robust central control hub serves as the foundation for an efficient smart home system, seamlessly linking and managing all connected devices with ease.

This central hub streamlines the setup, management, and control of smart devices, providing users with a convenient experience through simple taps. In technical terms, this control center creates an ecosystem around the connected devices, offering a seamless user experience, from configuring security cameras to receiving alerts on smart TVs.

However, it's important to note that seamless integration is typically limited to devices from the same manufacturer ecosystem. For instance, Google employs its Google Home App to effortlessly manage Google-branded devices, enhancing control with accessories like the Wasserstein Nest Hub Max Stand.

The burning question for many users is whether devices from competing companies can work as seamlessly with Google Home as its own dedicated apps. Take Ring devices, for example.

Compatibility & Limits

While Ring products were not designed with the Google ecosystem in mind, you can still connect Echo devices to Google Nest devices in some limited but useful ways, thanks to a skill or app available in the Amazon Alexa library.

Ring, as a brand, is under the ownership of Amazon, and its primary design is geared towards seamless integration with Amazon Alexa-enabled devices like Echo Dot or Echo Show. While Ring security cameras can achieve some level of functionality with Google Home, the interoperability between Ring and Google Home is not as seamless compared to a system created by a single parent company.

Google has its own line of smart home devices, Google Home, so it does restrict some of Ring's functionalities to some extent.

Don't expect your Ring Video Doorbell to function as smoothly as it does with the standalone Ring app.

Does Ring Doorbell Work With Google Home?

Technically, your Ring devices, including Ring Doorbells, can't work with Google Home. However, Amazon Alexa-enabled devices can be connected to Google Nest devices.

What Commands Can You Use?

Once your Google Nest Devices are connected to Amazon Echo and Alexa, you can do things like review your Google Nest Camera on Echo Show, hear audio notifications when someone presses your Nest Doorbell, and even control your Nest thermostat using voice commands.

Because Ring isn't part of the Google smart-home suite, the app doesn't offer complete integration of Amazon devices into the Google Home app. Additionally, you can't include and group Echo devices as part of your existing Google Nest Speaker network for broadcasts and music playback. You also can't use your Google Nest speakers as an internal intercom system.

As of writing, any connected Amazon device does not appear in your device list in your Google Home app. Intercom functions are also separated between the brands, which means you can't use your Echo devices to make a broadcast to Google devices and vice versa.

Setting Up Google Nest Skill on Amazon Alexa

To link your Amazon Echo devices with Google Nest devices, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Google Home app.

  2. Check that your Google account, linked to your Google device, is displayed at the top right by tapping your account.

  3. Tap on settings and click the "+" to Add.

  4. Choose "Service," then "Amazon Alexa Skill," and proceed to "Next."

  5. If you have multiple Google Homes, select the profile associated with the home where your Echo devices are located from the dropdown.

  6. Scroll down and activate "Allow Amazon to view information about your home."

  7. Turn on "Access and control."

  8. Select the Google Nest devices you want to include in your setup.

  9. If you want to enable AI event detection, turn on "Events" and tap "Next."

  10. Accept Amazon's Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

  11. The app will launch the Alexa part of the process, activating the Google Nest Skill.

  12. Tap "Link" to connect your Google Nest account to Alexa. You'll receive a notification from the Alexa app confirming the successful connection between the accounts.


Can you view a Ring camera on Google Home Hub?

No, you can't view live video feeds from your Ring Camera on Google Home Hub.

Are Google Home and Ring Worth It?

No, you're better off using their respective devices and control hubs. You'll lose most of your Ring devices' major features if you connect them to Google Home.

Does Ring Work With Google Chromecast?

No, you cannot broadcast video from your Ring to Google Chromecast.

Does Google Nest Hub Work with Ring?

Ring devices are technically not compatible with Google Nest Hub. However, Alexa-enabled devices can be connected to Google Nest devices.

Do Ring Devices Work With Google Assistant?

No, Ring devices don't work with the Google Assistant app. However, a third-party app allows you to integrate your Ring device to a Home Assistant. This, though, does not allow live viewing of your Ring cameras within the Home Assistant app.

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