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Does Ring work with Google Home?

Does Ring work with Google Home?

The backbone of an effective smart home system is a reliable central control hub that ties every device together.

This central hub makes setting up, managing, and controlling smart devices easier with just a few taps.

In tech terms, the control center makes an ecosystem out of the devices connected to it.

And this ecosystem provides users with a seamless experience, from setting up security cameras to getting alerts in their smart TV.

The caveat is, only devices from the same manufacturer will have a seamless integration.

In Google's case, there's the Google Home App, which allows you to control all of your Google-branded devices effortlessly. And with the addition of such accessories like the Wasserstein Nest Hub Max Stand, you can conveniently view your Google Home App display from your tablet.

But I'm sure most of you are wondering whether devices from rival companies can work just as smoothly with Google Home as their own dedicated apps.

Like Ring devices for instance.

Compatibility & limits

The good news is Ring products do work with Google Home.

Ring security cameras, doorbells, and lights can all be connected to the Google Home app, but as expected, there are several limitations you'll have to deal with.

Ring devices were not design with the Google ecosystem in mind or vice versa.

Google has its own line of smart home devices, Google Home, so it does restrict some of Ring's functionalities to some extent.

Don't expect your Ring Video Doorbell to function as smoothly as it does with the standalone Ring app.

Does Ring Doorbell work with Google Home?

Yes, your Ring Doorbell can work with Google Home, but you won't be able to take full advantage of its features.

Since we're talking about security, not being able to use some of your Ring Doorbell's features could prove to be crucial.

Ring Video Doorbells are equipped with useful features including live video feed, motion detection, tw0-way talk, and push notifications.

But you risk losing a lot of these functionalities when you connect Ring Doorbell to Google Home.

First of all, you won't be able to watch the live feed from your video doorbell or use two-way talk.

You also won't receive motion alerts or broadcast video onto your Smart TV via Chromecast.

What commands can you use?

What you can only do is to control non-essential functions like checking battery levels and adjusting the Ring Doorbell settings.

The good thing is there's a workaround you can do to still enjoy some of your doorbell's essential features even with Google Home Nest Hub.

If you want to be able to watch the live video stream, you'll need to connect your Smart TV to Google Home too.

Here's how:

  • Open the Google Home App.

  • Tap “+” then “Set up device”. Select “Set up a new device”.

  • Select the “Home name” (this can be your living room TV, bedroom TV, etc.)

  • Select the device and then click "Next".

  • Wait for identical codes to pop up on both your TV and smartphone.

  • Click “Yes, I am”.

  • Select your Wi-Fi network and click “Next”.

  • Now, you can choose the video service you want shown on your Smart TV, then click “continue”.

Here are the voice commands you can use to stream live video footage on your TV:

  • To start recording video - "Hey Google, Start recording video."

  • To know the battery health of your Ring Doorbell - "Hey Google, What's the health of my doorbell?"

  • To stop streaming video from the doorbell - "Hey Google, Stop."

Does the Ring Camera work with Google Home?

Yes, Ring Cameras can work with Google Home.

However, like Ring Doorbells, functionality will be limited.

With the Ring Camera having features like live video, motion detection, two-way talk, and real-time alerts, it's hard to imagine losing these functionalities.

Technically, Ring Cameras work with Google Home, but you won't be able to watch live video, or utilize its motion detection features.

You also won't be able to use two-way audio communication as well as get push notifications.

You'll be limited to adjusting your Ring camera's settings and checking its battery status, which is enough for some people.

Which functions are accessible?

As mentioned, you can only adjust your camera's settings and check its battery levels through the Google Home app.

So, even if the camera can detect motion at your front door, you won't be able to see the live video feed and the app won't send you push notifications.

However, there still are a few useful Google voice commands that you can use to control your Ring camera:

  • Record thirty-second videos

  • Receive motion detection notifications through your Google Home hub

  • Check camera status to see if it’s working properly

Since one of the camera's main features is recognizing when someone is at the door, you're better off using the actual Ring app instead.

Does Ring Alarm work with Google Home?

Yes, the Ring Alarm can work with Google Home, but with limitations.

Since most Google Home Voice Assistant commands won't work properly with the Ring alarm, a workaround some users discovered is to use Alexa-enabled devices instead.

But if you already have a Google Home and don't want to spend on another device, you can use IFTT to connect smart products with it.

The IFTT app can be used with both an Android and iOS device.

This is possible because of "applets", or small computer programs performing specific tasks that are within a larger program.

Using IFTT, you'll be able to receive messages on your Chromecast whenever your alarm goes off.

Can you use Ring Lights with Google Home?

Ring Lights are also compatible with Google Home, but like other Ring devices, functionalities will be limited.

You'll be able to control the lights using voice commands, turn them on and off, adjust brightness, and change light settings.

Installing a Ring device with Google Home

To connect Ring device with Google Home:

  • Open the Google Home App.

  • Tap the “+” icon at the top left corner.

  • Select “Set up new device”, then click “Have something already set up?” 

  • Select your device from the options.

  • Follow the instructions provided on the App.

  • A prompt will pop up asking you to allow the device.

  • Click "Allow", then tap "Done".

How to control Ring devices with Google Home

You can control Ring devices with Google Home using voice commands like:

  • "Hey Google, Turn motion alerts."

  • "Hey Google, Secure home."

  • "Hey Google, Start recording video."

  • "Hey Google, What's the health of my doorbell?"

  • "Hey Google, Stop."


Can you view a Ring camera on Google Home Hub?

No, you can't view live video feeds from your Ring Camera on Google Home Hub, but you can record 30-second clips.

Are Google Home and Ring worth it?

No, you're better off using their respective devices and control hubs. You'll lose most of your Ring devices' major features if you connect them to Google Home.

Does Ring work with Google Chromecast?

No, you cannot broadcast video from your Ring to Google Chromecast.

Does Google Nest Hub work with Ring?

Ring devices are technically not compatible with Google Nest Hub, but they can be connected. Just take note that you'll loose most of your Ring device's features in doing so.

Do Ring devices work with Google Assistant?

Yes, Ring devices work with Google Assistant. Ring has an official Google Assistant app that links all devices on your Ring account to your Google account, making them accessible through Google Home.

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