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These days, Arlo Technologies is becoming one of the most popular purveyors of smart home products. Until now, it only offered an audio-only doorbell, unlike so many of its competitors. That’s all changing, though, with a new video doorbell now announced.

Late Coming Audio Predecessor

Arlo launched a smart home doorbell last year that integrates into their existing security camera ecosystem. But, the doorbell has no video capabilities at all, it’s audio only!  It’s considerably less sophisticated than rival products such as SadoTech CXR Wireless Doorbell, August Doorbell Cam and the SkyBell HD. Since it doesn’t have a camera, it occupies a middle ground between a conventional doorbell and a video doorbell.

It could be well said that the entry of the audio doorbell was a failure due to its wrong price: If you don’t have an Arlo system, the low cost of the doorbell is offset by the need to buy a kit with an Arlo base station. Once you get to that expense, you may want to consider a video doorbell that can connect directly to your network without the need for a base station. Moreover, smart doorbells, both with video and audio capabilities, have been around for so long that Arlo came too late to the party. As Arlo has fallen way even more behind competitors, the rumors of the release of a video doorbell spread all over the market.

Many think that Arlo should have released one when it introduced its Audio Doorbell model, but apparently, back then, it seemed Arlo didn't want to cut into sales of its security cameras. Recently, Arlo changed its mind and announced that it will release a version of its smart home doorbell that has a camera in it. This was recently confirmed by the Arlo community itself. In fact, the Video Doorbell is featured in a graphic at I-View's site which lists it as "Coming soon!” So Arlo is finally joining the ranks of Ring and Nest with the launch of a doorbell!

More specifically, the brand is partnering with I-View Now’s award-winning monitoring station video and signaling interface so that fans of Arlo’s nifty technology will soon be able to buy a doorbell that not only integrates the company’s signature features but also keeps pace with the video doorbells that have been dominating the smart home industry in recent years.

There's no pricing or release date information available at present, nor any details on what platforms the new Video Doorbell will support. Teasers have been seen lately accompanied by a long, oval doorbell, with a camera at the top and a depression button at the bottom, which looks like it has built-in illumination. 

How will Arlo Video Doorbell Compete?

So Arlo Technologies may have been thinking that it was better to introduce a video doorbell later than never, but is this the case? There are lots of internet-connected doorbells, peepholes and security cameras entering the market that allow you to monitor and even speak remotely to whoever is at the door from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Video doorbells are all the rage right now, and Arlo’s entry into the market is one that will be well received by their fans.  Arlo really needs a video doorbell that will rise above the rest, even more so because it has been missing out big time.

Arlo will have to prove a lot in a field dominated by brands like Nest, Ring, and D-Link. The security camera market is hot and we expect it will remain so for the foreseeable future.

At the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year, Ring introduced its fifth doorbell model, one which also comes with 1080p HD video quality and two-way audio, but also features door activity detection, night vision, and a rechargeable battery. It simply fits over your existing peephole, making it especially convenient for apartments and rental homes. It's expected to retail for under $199.

We don’t know about the price or technical details right now- and the price will be a key for success-,  but we hope it won’t be too long before those questions are answered. Beyond the basic live stream, alerts, night vision, and two-way talk, there's a whole other world of features and integration available. Given the rapidly growing market, Arlo will have to work double to catch up on the time lost.

Still, it’s good to see Arlo releasing this product as it is something that helps expand their growing push into whole-home security.


  • Jason C

    Do you plan to release wall plate for Arlo Video doorbell like the ones you have for Arlo Audio doorbell and Nest?

  • Joshua Sambrano

    When will the video doorbell be released for purchase? I currently have 3 Arlo pro2 cameras and want to add the doorbell. Is the launch date gonna be before the end of the year?

  • John Bohlen

    how soon will alro introduce this new door bell / camera. Thank you

  • Luke Christian

    I currently have the Arlo Audio Doorbell installed on our front door. And knowing that Arlo would be releasing a new video doorbell, this excites me because I would no longer need to buy a separate camera just to monitor who’s in the door. Buying the video doorbell alone would be enough then.

  • james keebler

    Do you make longer rods for your Arlo camera accessories? The one I purchased on Amazon works great, except it is too short.

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