Best Placements for your Arlo Ultra Cameras 

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Home surveillance has now become essential for every homeowner who wants to feel that their home and family are safe and protected from intrusion. Regardless of the quality of your security camera, it will be useless if you place it in all the wrong areas. Let us offer you some tips and suggestions for your home:


Establishing the Best Places to Mount Your Security Camera

Determine where the best place to mount the camera is. Unfortunately, it is difficult to cover the entire exterior of your home with just a few cameras, so strategic placement is vital. Thanks to Arlo Ultra's technical abilities, such as the 180-degree vision angle, you may monitor your entire property at once if you place them correctly.

Sketch a Layout

Before you start installing cameras, it’s usually a good idea to sketch up a layout of your property and plan out which areas you need monitoring on. Knowing where to place security cameras around your home is extremely important. Catching thieves and criminals can only be done when your camera is put in the right location with the right angle and even camouflage.

Cover the Whole Perimeter

You’ll want to cover the entire perimeter of your property, placing cameras at different angles to ensure maximum visibility. Placing cameras around the entire perimeter of your building will ensure 360-degree surveillance of your property, which is important to optimal monitoring.

Our tough, durable, and versatile adjustable metal wall mount will take your security camera set up to the next level. Combined with its ability to be mounted vertically and horizontally. Its 360-degree tilt and 90-degree swivel allow you to point your camera in any direction once installed.

Make Them Hard to Reach

When attempting to enter your building, a burglar might attempt to spray paint on the camera lenses, break them or remove your cameras. So when placing security cameras, you should choose hard-to-reach locations. Besides fixed metal mounts, you can use magnetic wall mounts with anti-dropping protection chains as well if you need more versability. 

Decide the Optimal Height

Generally, the higher your cameras are placed, the better coverage you’ll have.  Additionally, outdoor home security cameras should be placed up high to ensure that they’re out of reach of burglars as discussed. One option is to use a gutter mount. Easy to install and weatherproof, these mounts were a market innovation of Wasserstein.

Nevertheless, if you aren’t able to place them high enough (for instance, in a single-floor home), use security camera covers to protect them from damage, vandalization, or even theft. Often, just the presence of the camera is enough to deter would-be crooks.

Cover other points of entry

Thieves like to enter the house the same ways that you do — through the front and back doors — so they don’t draw attention to themselves. Still, there are other high-risk locations such as ground-level windows, especially those out of view of the street. Place cameras outside first-floor windows in the back and side yards for optimal protection. If you have a driveway, consider installing a driveway camera. To mount Arlo Ultra cameras indoors might be a challenge. One possible solution is using a suction cup mount to affix your Arlo Cams onto any glass surface without drilling holes, applying tape or using nails.


Cover Secluded Areas and Restricted Areas

Secluded areas such as alleyways, parking lots, and dumpster pads often invite suspicious activity and crimes such as harassment and assault. For this reason, it’s important to ensure proper security camera coverage of these areas in order to monitor suspicious activity and stop any potentially threatening behavior. This sometimes proves to be a challenge due to the difficulty of the surface or partial inaccessibility. One option for those areas is to use an adjustable goose-neck twist mount if you cannot do any drilling or for temporary placement.

Interior Locations

With Arlo Ultra cameras, you cannot just record footage of an outside threat, but you can also capture images of your valuables, which comes extremely handy when filing insurance claims or police report in the event of a break-in. High-definition cameras can capture images with enough detail to identify a suspect. 

Arlo Ultra has such a sleek design that may fit seamlessly into the style of your home and place them on tabletops or bookshelves in any high-traffic room. A quadpod mount would be most handy to avoid drillings and increase versability. This is especially important bearing in mind that Arlo Ultra cam cannot stand on its own. 


Main Takeaways

  • A security camera’s effectiveness is made or shattered by its placement. The right placement will protect your property and help you stop the bad guys.
  • If you put your surveillance devices in an area of the home where no one is going to enter or pass by, then it does not offer much in the way of security. 
  • Before installing your cameras, always be sure to complete a risk assessment and determine the best place to put your equipment.
  • Make sure that you have all the required areas covered and your camera is also secured.


  • james keebler

    Do you make longer goose-neck wraps ?

  • Jerry Powell

    Deciding whether or not to install your own surveillance cameras depends on the type of cameras and your personal comfort level. In this article, I got many ideas on where to mount my Arlo Ultra camera. It’s a challenge if you’re going to install them outside, especially if you don’t have many tools or if you are concerned about affecting your home’s appearance.

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