Let’s Spill The Beans! What Is The Best Outdoor Camera: Arlo Ultra, Nest Cam Outdoor Or Blink XT2?

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Over the years, new technological advances have provided customers with enhanced security systems. These cameras have been developed with great innovative features. Some are battery-powered, some are wired, some have high-resolution video, enhanced night vision, wide memory storage, and are equipped with audio alarms among others. The more features they have, the more customers get overwhelmed. Let’s sum up the key points to help you make an informed decision and find out what may be the best outdoor camera for your needs.

Arlo Ultra

arlo ultra camera | Wasserstein

This outdoor camera is currently one of the most advanced home security cameras in the market. Its features include weatherproof and long battery life, so it’s convenient to place it anywhere around the house. It has 4k video HDR to see more details in a wide range of light conditions, from bright highlights to dark shadows. It also features a built-in spotlight for enhanced night vision, dual noise-cancellation microphones and a siren that can be activated remotely.

One of the Arlo Ultra’s new features is its ability to use AI to differentiate between persons, vehicles, animals and even generic motion events thereby decreasing false alarms. Also, it has two-way audio that you can listen and talk at the same time through your smartphone.

Despite Arlo Ultra’s expensive price tag of up to $399, it is considered the best wireless outdoor security camera. Moreover, it is compatible with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and IFTTT. So it’s an ideal candidate for your smart home when you combine it with other Arlo Ultra accessories.

Nest Cam Outdoor

Nest outdoor camera | Wasserstein

The Nest Cam Outdoor is considered to be one of the ‘best- value’ security cameras and comes with many accessories. Nest Cam Outdoor has an all-glass lens that can let you see 1080p HD image quality may it be day or night. It is a wired device with a weatherproof cord and plug together with a convenient mounting system that allows you to aim the camera in any direction. Therefore, it saves you from the hassle of changing batteries. This outdoor camera also features a 3MP lens and an 8x zoom allowing to zoom into every detail. It can achieve a 130-degree field of view and clear night vision for excellent viewing access.

This security camera is designed for outdoor use with its temperature ranging from as low as -4°F to as high as 104°F. It is also IP65 water resistance design that can withstand any weather conditions. The device also features a near-unlimited storage capacity once it’s connected to Nest Aware software plan, but it requires a paid subscription to unlock all features. It also has person detection software and sends motion-activated smartphone alerts.

Nest Cam Outdoor costs as much as $199 which makes it relatively affordable. It can also connect with other smart home products and has its own built-in speaker and mic to scare off intruders. It uses AI to reduce false alerts. It can differentiate between people and objects and has facial recognition capabilities to differentiate a familiar face or a stranger once they’ve subscribed to Nest Aware. Finally, in spite of having an 8x zoom, it has no super sight feature that can track objects within the vicinity.

Blink XT2

blink Xt2 camera | Wasserstein

The Blink XT2 Camera is considered to be way more affordable and has a longer battery life than other cameras present in the market. Because of its wireless feature, it promises a two-year battery life thanks to its two AA lithium batteries. It can record video at 1080p HD resolution and can capture 7.5 frames per second in low lighting and up to 35 frames per second with good lighting. This version is weatherproof and it is excellent for outdoor use. Additionally, it can work in a temperature range of -4°F to 113°F. Other features include two-way audio, motion detection, and night vision. It also works with Alexa and the user-friendly Blink app in both Android and IOS. Besides its $130 affordable price tag, it also provides cloud storage to users with no monthly fees. The camera also has a wide range of accessories to improve its versatility.

A major con is its image and resolution for it is a basic camera. Also, the camera lacks flexibility for you to adjust it manually unlike any other cameras that you can pan, tilt or zoom with the app or remotely.

These outdoor security cameras surely have a lot to offer for users seeking to improve security on their properties. On the other hand,  there are factors that influence the purchasing decision of users such as the quality of the camera, its pricing, availability of the camera, or its unique features. So how about we just state the selling point of each of these cameras to help you choose which is the best one for you?

  • The Arlo Ultra is the most expensive among the two other cameras but offers the best image quality 4K HDR system, providing the ultimate peace of mind for anyone looking to monitor their home or business.
  • The Nest Cam Outdoor is the most reliable camera for outdoor use since it ensures improved security for your kids playing outside, offers 24/7 access to monitoring and has a reasonable price for its value.
  • Last but not least, there is the Blink XT2 which is the most affordable camera of the three in today’s market. It has basic image quality and features that are good enough for an outdoor camera.
So, have you picked your best outdoor camera yet? If you have, make sure to camouflage your security camera, too.


  • Douglas Kramer

    The Blink XT2 relies on batteries and using a single set of batteries no need to replace it for almost 2 years this is one of the best things about Blink XT2. For the Nest Cam Outdoor, some say this is the security camera system that can endure a lot when it comes with durability and weather resistance but if you need a high-quality camera in a location wire are impractical I will strongly recommend the Arlo Ultra. The video quality is great, and the speed is better than other wireless solutions.

  • Jasmin Diane Calayan

    I have purchased the Nest Cam Outdoor Camera for our home, and I must say it really is recommendable for 24/7 monitoring. But what’s good with the Arlo Ultra is that nothing beats its image quality for a surveillance camera.

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