Arlo Ultra: Battery Life, Possible Charging Issues & Their Solutions 

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There’s a new Arlo in town: Arlo Ultra. It debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2019 and made waves with its sleek design, impressive feature set, and 4K resolution. Although it still doesn't have the promised HomeKit support at the time of this review, it is an otherwise incredible security camera with a not-so-smooth release history

Arlo Ultra features a rechargeable battery, though Arlo doesn’t offer any details on just how often you’ll have to recharge it. But since they are rechargeable, they can be re-used for hundreds of recharging cycles. You will have to re-charge batteries every few weeks. 

Obviously, one of the biggest concerns with any truly wireless camera setup is going to be battery life. Will it last long enough?  To some, a battery-operated Arlo security camera is most likely, unreliable. For instance, if your home is in a high traffic area where motion detection may be triggered more often, you’re going to want to purchase an outdoor power cord or install the handy solar power kit. 

With a lot of choices available in the market, it can often prove to be tedious work in finding the best charging option that fits your needs. You need to figure out what feature matters to you and what doesn’t, what’s the ideal location to place a battery security camera, how to protect it from extreme weather conditions, etc. 

We have created a complete guide to help you to find the best Arlo Ultra charging options for your needs and preferences to make your decision much easier.

Use a weatherproof outdoor quick charge power adapter

You may keep your camera charged at all times, indoors or outdoors with a weatherproof outdoor magnetic charging cable.  With a weather-resistant connector, this charging cable and power adapter easily snaps into place to offer uninterrupted power to your camera. This way, you can forget about the hassle of climbing up ladders, the inconvenience of swapping out batteries, or the stress brought about by power-related failures by simply connecting the magnetic charging cable to your camera and its other end to a power source through the power adapter that comes with it.



Set a solar panel charging system 

What if your camera is outdoors and far away from an outlet?

You can experience uninterrupted charging even in low light winter months and make your Arlo Ultra charging experience hassle-free with the Solar Panel with Outdoor Magnetic Charging Cable. With just a few hours of direct sunlight exposure, your surveillance camera will stay charged around the clock.

Unlike other solar panels that can only be set up in one angle, ours comes with a 360-degree adjustable mount that allows you to achieve maximum light exposure throughout the year.


Charge your devices up to 4 times faster

If you’re new to the concept of quick charging, the result is in the name: your battery charges up faster than it would without Quick Charge technology.

At its most simple level, Quick Charge allows for high levels of current to flow to the battery, in an attempt to maximize its charging efficiency. 

Our Quick Charge 3.0 2 Port USB Charger is compact which allows you to take it anywhere. Also, you will ever have to worry about overheating, overcharging, or short circuits. It has an advanced chipset that reliably regulates temperature and current to keep your devices that much safer. You can charge your devices up to 4 times faster thanks to Qualcomm’s Quick Charging Technology. We do however recommend using our chargers with a USB 3.0 to be able to supply greater power.



Purchase a charging station compatible with rechargeable batteries

Why wait for a charge? In those unexpected moments when your battery is depleted, it is important to have a back-up option. Swap out the existing rechargeable battery for a fully charged one. It is also best practice to have a spare battery on hand. That way, when an Arlo Ultra battery runs low, you can quickly swap it out and minimize any gaps in video coverage.

Our Charging Station Compatible with Arlo Ultra Rechargeable Batteries can charge up to 2 batteries simultaneously, allowing your batteries to charge quickly.  You can avoid worrying about your electricity consumption thanks to its auto energy cut off feature wherein you can instantly save power and protect your batteries from overcharging.


Home security systems are a one-time investment that can pay off big time. You’ll want cameras with solid basics: reliable, good image quality, and easy to operate.  The right security system for your home will keep your house and household secure and with the right choice of any of these charging options, 100% peace of mind has never been so simple.


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    Thanks to share this blog. I should simply have a couple of extra Arlo wireless camera setup & I can utilize the alarm with my current arlo wireless camera setup while appreciating the two-route sound on the Arlo camera.
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    I have a question, if you recharge the battery before it has depleted to a low percentage does it effect the long term battery life for future charges? Some deep cell batteries such as these appear to be, if charged before they are completely depleted will build a memory and only charge to that point.
    Thank you to anyone that may know the answer to this.

  • Amelia Lopez

    Arlo cameras can stay long up to 3 to 6 months on a single charge. Their batteries are rechargeable and you don’t need to buy them again and again. There are also many factors that can impact the increase of its battery life. I learned a lot in this article and how I can stretch it out as much as possible. Thank you.

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