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A Comprehensive Guide To Your Arlo Pro Charging Issues

Who doesn't want to keep their homes protected? If you don’t already have a home security system, chances are you know someone who does. When considering the video surveillance system that you will deploy to protect your home (or even your office), there is a variety of decisions you need to make. For example, which system to buy, wired vs wireless, what picture resolution, what charger you will use, where you will install your cameras, and how to protect them.

Arlo Pro Charging Issues

The latest home security and smart home services make life easier and keep families safer. Among the most popular home security devices is battery powered, wireless Arlo Pro system. By comparing Arlo cameras, we found that these have a solid performance despite a number of charging and mounting issues that come with it. Among the charging issues that some homeowners face with Arlo Pro are the number of battery changes, the inconvenience of changing batteries and the need to buy additional back-up batteries.

Due to these challenges that Arlo Pro customers face, we would like to provide thoughtful solutions to keep your Arlo Pro cameras constantly charged and thus deliver continuous peace of mind at the greatest convenience.


Use a weatherproof outdoor quick charge power adapter
Skip the hassle of having to go outside to change the batteries of your Arlo camera every once in a while with the Wasserstein White Weatherproof Quick Charge 3.0 Integrated Charger. Its patent-pending design features a carefully crafted right-angled micro-USB head which lets you charge your camera seamlessly. With quick charge technology, our 3.0 power adapter charges up to 4x faster than other compatible charging devices.
Weatherproof 16ft/5m Cable Compatible With Arlo Pro & Arlo Pro 2 - Wasserstein Home
Purchase a charging station compatible with rechargeable batteries
This Arlo Charging Station can charge up to 2 batteries simultaneously, allowing you to change the batteries of your cameras via hot-swap and thereby reducing the downtime of your Arlo cameras. It features two charging slots and two bright indicator lights that show whether the batteries are charging or are fully charged.
Charging Station Compatible With Arlo Pro & Arlo Pro 2 & Arlo Go Rechargeable Batteries - Charge up to 2 Arlo PRO or Arlo GO batteries at the same time - Wasserstein Home
Set a solar panel charging system
Our Arlo Pro Solar Panel for Aro Pro, Arlo Pro 2 and Arlo Go can ensure that your outdoor camera never runs out of juice again. You simply mount the panel outside your house and connect the weatherproof micro USB cable with your camera and voila! Just be mindful that the solar panel is placed in an area with maximum sunlight exposure.

 Solar Panel Compatible With Arlo Pro, Arlo Pro 2, Arlo GO & Arlo Light, Power your Arlo Outdoor Camera continuously with our new Solar Charging Device – by Wasserstein - Wasserstein Home

Arlo Pro gets the job done without requiring a lot of tech knowledge or DIY know-how. Setup is relatively easy since it works just as well indoors as out. These three solutions or a combination of them will ensure that your Arlo Pro system runs smoothly. You may also consider buying protective skins, mounts, and security chains to complement your setup.  If any of our products or recommendations fail to meet your expectations, please get in touch with us and we will try to resolve the issue and ensure your maximum satisfaction.

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Ken Anderson - May 12, 2021

Bought a 3 pack for my arlo 4 pros and only one charges at all. The other two do not work at all no matter where they are punted or how much direct sun they are getting.

Ted Lyle Cain - February 18, 2021

I purchased four solar panels and from day one, they will not charge correctly, I get messages that say incompatible charger connected. When they do charge they never keep the battery at 100%, they drop down to 35% very quickly, I purchased these so I would not need to change batteries. I have even charged the batteries fully and then connected the panels hoping this would help but it does not. How can these not be working correctly?

Tim - December 14, 2020

I bought the 16ft outdoor charging cable for my Arlo pro 3 floodlight camera, but the Arlo doesn’t seem to recognize it as an outdoor cable. It charges it, but no video while it is plugged in outdoors. I get the same screen as I would charging it indoors.

Eric - January 20, 2021

Hi, I recently purchased a two pack wasserstein solar panel for arlo ultra. Unfortunately, only one panel is holding the battery charge. Both batteries were 100% when placed in the cameras and the solar panels were connected immediately. I can’t find any trouble shooting steps on your site. Do you have any recommendations? Thank you. Eric

Terry - January 20, 2021

Just purchased the Arlo Pro 3 with four cameras. Two batteries charged with no issues, the other two seem to be charging but “the percentage” indicator remains constant at 48% and 49%. The blue light blinks when attached to the cable and then stays on constant. I dont know what to think of this and I dont see any info that specifically deals with this issue. I think they are charged but the level of charge is anyones guess. Any ideas?

Robert Drainey - July 25, 2019

The weatherproof charger really does a good job on charging my cameras from time to time. But I got interested with the Charging station in which I can charge my batteries simultaneously where I can just simply hot-swap them when it already needs charging.

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