Wasserstein Light Bulb Socket & Blink Cam Charging Cable

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Wasserstein Light Bulb Socket & Blink Cam Charging Cable

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POWER YOUR SMART CAM - This Wasserstein light bulb socket lets you plug in and power your Blink camera battery without using an adapter

POWERFUL OUTPUT - The Wasserstein light bulb socket provides 30 watts for your light bulb and 2.4 amps for powering your Blink cam

EASY SETUP - Unscrew your existing light bulb from the socket, screw in the light bulb plug adapter, and reinsert your light bulb - and you're ready to power both your light and Blink cam

CABLE INCLUDED - This light bulb socket comes with a 30-inch Blink camera charging cord for powering your Blink cam - plug one end into your Blink cam and the other end into the light bulb socket

COMPATIBLE WITH BLINK - This light bulb socket is compatible with the Blink Outdoor and Blink XT2 camera

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