Aqua Dew, <br> World’s First Alexa Wake Word Activated Shower Speaker, <br> To Launch on Kickstarter

Wasserstein proudly presents the next innovation in Alexa-compatible speakers - Aqua Dew, the world’s first splashproof Alexa speaker for the shower. Our Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign is launched now - click here to order your Aqua Dew now! 

We are building - Aqua Dew - The world's first water-resistant Alexa far-field speaker for the shower. Alexa is everywhere in your home and even in your car - but up until now, you had no way of interacting with Alexa while you were in the shower. Aqua Dew - is a powerful, waterproof smart speaker with Alexa far field integration that comes with a suction cup and mounting plate to allow for versatile placement in your bathroom. Aqua Dew has up to 8 hours of playing time and can also be connected via Bluetooth.

Aqua Dew 

Aqua Dew is a powerful splashproof speaker featuring Alexa voice technology. Control your home from the shower, listen to your favorite morning jams, or set up a party at the pool, Aqua Dew lets you connect with Alexa in more places and allows you to live a smarter life.

Its thoughtful design, powerful sound, and flawless Bluetooth connectivity make Aqua Dew the ultimate smart Alexa speaker. It can be used in the shower or on the go as a normal Bluetooth speaker. It comes with a powerful suction cup and mounting plate to allow for versatile placement and can deliver 8 hours with powerful sound and seamless connection via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

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Christopher Maiwald, Creator of Aqua Dew: "We are very excited to introduce Aqua Dew! A smooth, enjoyable morning routine sets you up for a successful day and we hope that Aqua Dew can help you achieve just that. We are very proud to bring you this product, hoping it will make everyday tasks easier than ever. I love Alexa and we also love spending time in the shower. I have had one of those cheap Bluetooth shower speakers for years and really liked it. However, after experiencing the seamless interactivity of Alexa - I found the Bluetooth shower speaker cumbersome (I had to choose the song BEFORE going into the shower) and had no way of changing them while I was in the shower - so we decided to make the world's first Alexa far-field speaker for the shower."

Aqua Dew

Product and Technical Specifications:

Speaker Dimensions: Diameter 4.35in x Thickness 1.97in
Suction Cup Dimensions: Diameter 1.97in
Battery Size: 2 x 2400 mAh Lithium Ion Battery
(2 x 16850 Lithium-ion set in parallel)
Operation Time: 6-8 Hours
Speaker: 50 ml acoustic volume
1 x 1.57in full range neodymium driver, up to 89 dB
Microphone: Flat surface or <5 degree angle at 80 mm distance between mic holes (x2) located at the front panel
Waterproof: IPX5
Buttons: 5 Buttons (Power on/off, WPS, Volume Up/Down, Mute)
I/O: Micro-USB with splashproof cover
LED Light Indicator: 6-color LED
Connectivity: Alexa and Bluetooth Compatible
Components/Materials: Silicone, PC, ABS, Steel, Chrome


By far the most versatile Alexa speaker, Aqua Dew is available in four refreshing color variants: marble, black, dark blue, and turquoise.

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