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    The Wyze Video Doorbell Pro is a cutting-edge smart home device that combines affordability with advanced features to provide enhanced home security and convenience. This reliable video doorbell brings together the best of both worlds, offering you an upgraded way to look after your home without draining your wallet.

    With its high-quality video and smart motion detection, you can keep an eye on your doorstep anytime, anywhere.

    Key Features

    Let's find out why the Wyze Video Doorbell Pro is among the most preferred video doorbells.


    The Video Doorbell Pro kit includes a doorbell and an indoor chime box that also works as a Wi-Fi extender. The doorbell is designed to withstand different weather conditions and measures about 5.5 inches in height, 1.8 inches in width, and 1.1 inches in depth. It's a bit taller than the Ring Video Doorbell 4, which is 5.1 inches in height and 2.4 inches wide, although slightly narrower. There's a ring of LED lights near the bottom of the doorbell that turns blue when you press it or when the battery is full. When it's charging, it shows a solid white light.

    The top of the doorbell houses the camera, a light sensor, a motion sensor, and a microphone. On the bottom edge, you'll find an 80dB speaker. The chime box, which is white and gray, is around 2.7 inches by 2.7 inches by 1.6 inches. It has a plug with two prongs at the back and a grille on the front. A LED light on the front flashes red during setup, pulses blue when it's connecting to Wi-Fi, and stays blue when it's connected.

    HD Video Quality

    The Wyze Video Doorbell Pro is designed to provide video recordings that are not just clear, but remarkably detailed as well. This is made possible by its camera, which boasts a resolution of 1,440 by 1,440 pixels. This heightened resolution ensures that every frame captures intricate details, from the subtle expressions on a visitor's face to the finer points of their attire.

    The camera's wide 150-degree field of view further enhances its capabilities. This ultra-wide view allows the camera to cover a broader area, allowing you to see visitors from head to toe or packages on the ground.

    Motion Detection

    Whenever the motion sensor detects movement, the Wyze Video Doorbell Pro goes the extra mile to keep you informed. A security light surrounding the doorbell's button will gradually light up in a calming blue hue. This serves as a discreet yet effective visual indicator for anyone at your front door, letting them know that they're under the watchful eye of the camera and that their actions are being recorded.

    You have the freedom to adjust the detection settings of the Wyze Video Doorbell Pro. You can choose from three levels: Low, Medium, or High sensitivity for motion detection.

    With the Low setting, you'll get fewer notifications, as the doorbell will focus on more significant movements. The Medium setting strikes a balance between catching various motions without overwhelming you with alerts. If you opt for the High setting, the doorbell will be super sensitive, notifying you about even the smallest movements.

    Night Vision

    Like many other video doorbells, recording at night is possible, thanks to the camera's infrared night vision feature. The Wyze Doorbell Pro utilizes six small LEDs that emit infrared light not visible to the human eye but is picked up by the camera. This allows the doorbell to capture clear black-and-white footage even in low-light or dark conditions. The infrared LEDs provide the necessary illumination for the camera to see and record what's happening outside your door, ensuring that you have a reliable and detailed view, regardless of the time of day or the lighting conditions.

    Wyze App

    The Wyze Video Doorbell Pro is seamlessly integrated with the Wyze app, which serves as your command center for controlling and monitoring the doorbell. This user-friendly app is available for both Android and iOS devices, allowing you to easily access and manage the doorbell's features and settings from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet.

    Through the Wyze app, you can receive real-time alerts when motion is detected or when someone rings the doorbell. You can view live video feeds to see who's at your front door, and even have two-way conversations with visitors using the built-in microphone and speaker of the doorbell.

    The app also lets you customize the doorbell's settings, such as motion detection sensitivity, notification preferences, and more. Additionally, you can review recorded video clips, access event histories, and manage your cloud storage for saved footage.

    Smart Detection Alerts

    Utilizing the Smart Detection Alerts feature on the Wyze Video Doorbell Pro requires a Cam Plus subscription. With Cam Plus, you'll receive notifications tailored to specific types of motion, such as Package Detection, Vehicle, Pet, and Person Detection. This means you'll only be alerted to the events that truly matter to you, reducing unnecessary notifications and ensuring you're always in the know about the events you care about most.

    Two-Way Audio

    The Wyze Video Doorbell Pro features a convenient Two-Way Talk Audio feature that allows you to have real-time conversations with visitors at your front door, whether you're at home or away. This interactive functionality is made possible by the built-in microphone and speaker in the doorbell.

    When someone rings the doorbell or when you receive a motion alert, you can use the Wyze app to initiate a conversation with the visitor. You'll be able to hear what they're saying and respond using the microphone on your smartphone. Similarly, your voice will be transmitted through the doorbell's speaker, allowing you to communicate effectively with whoever is at your doorstep.

    Free Cloud Storage

    Purchase of a Wyze Video Doorbell Pro entitles you to a complimentary 30-day subscription to Cam Plus. This means that all your video recordings from the doorbell are securely stored in the cloud, but there's no option for local storage. Without a subscription, video recording is limited to 12 seconds and there is a 5-minute cooldown in between recordings.

    Smart Home Integrations

    The Wyze Video Doorbell Pro is designed to effortlessly integrate with popular smart home ecosystems, including Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

    With this integration, you can utilize your Amazon Echo smart speakers as supplementary doorbell chimes that extend the notification range throughout your home. Additionally, you have the ability to give voice commands to display live video feeds on your Echo Show and Google Home devices, allowing you to conveniently monitor your front door area. If you subscribe to Cam Plus, Alexa can also notify you when a person is detected at your door.

    Battery Life & Charging Options

    The Wyze Video Doorbell Pro is among the more popular battery-powered doorbells and is engineered with an internal rechargeable battery that offers impressive battery life. Depending on usage, the battery power can last for up to six months between charges, ensuring consistent performance without frequent maintenance.

    Charging the battery is straightforward and hassle-free. The doorbell is equipped with a micro USB charging port that allows you to conveniently recharge the battery whenever needed. Simply remove the doorbell from its mounting plate and connect the included micro USB cable to initiate the charging process. It'll take about 4 hours to charge from 0-100%.

    Installation and Setup

    How to Setup Your Wyze Video Doorbell Pro

    1. Open the Wyze app and navigate to the Home screen.

    2. Tap the "+" plus sign located at the top left corner.

    3. Select "Add Device."

    4. Choose "Cameras" and then "Wyze Video Doorbell Pro."

    5. On the back of the doorbell, press the power button for approximately 5 seconds. This will activate the doorbell's LED lights, which will slowly flash blue. You'll also hear a voice prompt indicating that the device is powering on.

    6. Plug in your Wyze Chime Pro to a standard electrical outlet. The Wi-Fi signal icon in the bottom left corner might flash in pink or purple hues.

      • Position the Wyze Chime Pro within 30 feet of your Wi-Fi router.

      • Position the Wyze Video Doorbell Pro within 30 feet of the Wyze Chime Pro.

    7. On the side of the wireless chime, press and hold the reset button until you hear "Reset successfully," followed by "Bluetooth connected." Wait for the light on the chime to flash yellow and hear the prompt "Ready to connect."

    8. In the app, tick the checkbox that says "I see yellow light flashes," and then tap "Next."

    9. The doorbell will initiate an automatic search for the Wyze Chime Pro. Afterward, you'll be prompted to select your home Wi-Fi network and input the Wi-Fi password. Tap "Connect." You can connect to either a 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz Wi-Fi network.

    10. The app will ask whether you'd like to proceed with an installation tutorial.

      • If you're opting for a wire-free doorbell setup, your setup is complete. No further steps are required in the app. Simply tap "Skip doorbell set up."

      • If you're planning to install the Wyze Video Doorbell Pro using existing doorbell wiring, select "Next."

    How to Install Your Wyze Video Doorbell

    In the app, a prompt will ask you, "Do you have an existing hardwired doorbell?"

    • Select Yes, if you want to proceed with a hardwired installation.

    • Select No, if you want to proceed with a wire-free installation or do not have a wired doorbell ring.

    Wireless Installation

    • Select "Use 3M", if you want to avoid drilling holes.

      1. Peel off the adhesive backing from the back plate and affix it to the wall.

      2. Once your doorbell is powered on, mount it onto the back plate.

      3. For added security, utilize the provided screwdriver to fasten the security screw beneath the doorbell.

    • Select "Use Screws", if you want to use a screw mount.

      1. If you have a kit package, specify your desired doorbell placement and viewing angle:

      • Parallel to your door on the same wall.

      • Perpendicular to your door on the wall next to it.

      • Utilizing the Back Plate maintains the current viewing angle.

      • Employing the Corner Kit changes the viewing angle.

      1. Follow the app to screw in your Corner Kit and/or Back Plate.

      2. Attach the doorbell to the back plate.

      3. Tighten the security screw using the provided screwdriver.

    Wired Installation

    1. Turn off the power to your current mechanical doorbell from the electrical panel.

    2. Open your chime box and take a photo of the current configuration.

    3. Follow along in the app to use the jump wire to bypass your existing chime.

    4. Remove your current doorbell and disconnect the wires.

    5. Attach the wall plate or corner kit to the chosen spot.

    6. Secure the provided extension wires to your new doorbell.

    7. Link the wires from the new doorbell to the wall wires.

    8. Return to the electrical panel and switch on the breaker for your doorbell.

    9. Ensure the status light on the front of the doorbell flashes blue.

    10. Attach the doorbell to the wall plate or wedge.

    Must-Have Accessories for Wyze Video Doorbell Pro

    There are many useful add-ons for Wyze devices that enhance performance and security.

    Wasserstein Horizontal Wedge Mount

    Make the most of your Wyze battery-powered doorbell view with the Wasserstein horizontal wedge mount. This mount lets you adjust your camera's horizontal angle from 35° to 55°. It also covers up any holes left by your old doorbell, for a much cleaner look.

    Wasserstein Doorbell Vinyl Siding Mount

    The Wasserstein doorbell vinyl siding mount offers a no-drill solution for installing your video doorbell on vinyl siding. Simply insert the metal hook into the vinyl siding and screw on the backplate.

    Wasserstein Wall Plate Compatible with Wyze Video Doorbell Pro

    The Wasserstein wall plate for Wyze Video Doorbell Pro blends seamlessly with your doorbell's aesthetic while securing it in place. It's sleek, smooth, and weatherproof finish is the perfect camouflage to cover the holes left by your old doorbell.

    Wasserstein 24V Transformer & C-Wire Adapter

    The Wasserstein 24 volt transformer and C-wire adapter effortlessly converts the standard 110V/120V outlet power to 24VAC current and ensure a steady power supply for your doorbell. With its 25-foot cable, you can easily position your device where needed, whether indoors or outdoors.

    Wasserstein Solar Panel - Compatible with Wyze Video Doorbell Pro

    Another option for non-stop power is the Wasserstein solar panel for Wyze Video Doorbell Pro. This solar panel has a unique 360-degree mount that lets you position it for maximum sunlight exposure. With just a few hours of direct sunlight, you can be assured that your doorbell will keep running rain or shine.

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