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    27 products

    Nest cameras are popular for home and business security due to their reliability and advanced features. A wide range of accessories is available to enhance their functionality and convenience.

    These accessories offer various benefits, from improving power sources and extending battery life to enhancing visibility in low-light conditions and simplifying installation. By choosing the right accessories, you can improve the functionality and convenience of your Nest cameras, ensuring better surveillance and peace of mind.

    Solar Panel Options

    Solar panels are an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution for powering your Nest cameras. They harness solar power to charge the camera's batteries, ensuring continuous operation even in areas with limited access to electricity. These panels come in different sizes and capacities, and some are equipped with adjustable mounts for optimizing sunlight exposure.

    Solar panels are easy to install and can be mounted on walls, roofs, or standalone structures. When considering solar panels, it is crucial to check their compatibility with your specific Nest camera model and verify their performance under different weather conditions.

    The Wasserstein Solar Panel for Google Nest Cam (outdoor or indoor, battery) is designed with a 360-degree mount that allows you to adjust the solar panel for maximum sunlight exposure. It provides 1.7W of solar power to keep your camera up and running 24/7.

    Its more powerful sibling, the Wasserstein Premium Solar Panel for Google Nest Cam (outdoor or indoor, battery), comes with 3.5W solar power.

    Wasserstein also offers the Solar Panel for Google Nest Doorbell (battery) with 1.7W Solar Power, which is compatible with the Nest Doorbell (battery) and the Nest Doorbell (wired, 2nd Gen).

    Mounting Options

    Mounting options are essential for positioning your Nest cameras optimally. These accessories include wall mounts, ceiling mounts, magnetic mounts, and gutter mounts, among others. Wall and ceiling mounts are suitable for indoor installation, while pole mounts are ideal for outdoor use.

    Magnetic mounts provide flexibility in moving the camera from one location to another. When choosing mounting options, consider the stability and sturdiness, especially if you plan to install the cameras outdoors where they will be exposed to the elements.

    The Wasserstein Magnetic Wall Mount has a secure magnet that provides a sturdy mounting base for your Google Nest cam. You can attach it to most metal surfaces (iron, steel, etc.) without drilling or using screws.

    There is also the Premium Wall Mount, which features a 360-degree swivel and 180-degree tilt, allowing the flexible positioning of your cameras. For even better viewing angles, the Weatherproof Gutter Mount gives you a bird’s eye view for video surveillance, allowing you to see and secure more of your property. And if you worry about crooks tampering with your camera, the Wasserstein Anti-Theft Mount is the solution.

    Charging Stations

    Charging stations are designed to recharge multiple Google Nest Cams simultaneously. This is convenient for users with several cameras set up in their properties. Instead of dealing with individual charging setups for each camera, a charging station centralizes the process, streamlining the maintenance of the entire security system. They are also designed with safety features to protect the cameras from damage. Some stations have LED lights or notifications to show the charging status.

    The Wasserstein Charging Station for Google Nest Cam (battery) has two charging slots with magnetic charging docks, ensuring your Nest Cam fits securely in place. It is also equipped with individual LED indicators showing the charging status of each camera.

    3-in-1 Floodlights

    3-in-1 floodlights serve three purposes: illuminating the surroundings and enhancing the camera's vision in low-light conditions, providing a continuous charge to the camera, and positioning the camera optimally. These floodlights can be motion-activated, further improving security by deterring potential intruders.

    The Wasserstein 3-in-1 Floodlight, Charger, and Mount for Google Nest Cam (battery) provides 2,400 lumens of wide-angle LED lighting with a built-in light intensity sensor and motion sensor that ensures it will only turn on in the dark, when motion is detected from up to 33 ft away.

    PoE Adapters & Injectors

    Power over Ethernet (PoE) adapters allow you to connect your Nest cameras to your existing Ethernet port for power. Meanwhile, PoE injectors allow you to power your Nest cameras and transfer data over a single Ethernet cable. This setup simplifies installation and reduces the number of cables required. PoE adapters and injectors are particularly useful for large-scale installations or areas where power outlets are limited.

    When considering PoE adapters, check if your Nest camera model supports PoE functionality and ensure the power output of the PoE device is sufficient for your camera's requirements.

    The Wasserstein PoE Injector plugs into a wall outlet and works with the Wasserstein PoE Adapter for Google Nest Cam (battery) to provide continuous power and high-speed data transfer to your camera. The adapter comes with a 4.9 ft (1.5 m)-long weatherproof pogo cable, making it suitable for outdoor installations.

    Factors to Consider When Buying Accessories for Google Nest Cam

    When purchasing accessories for your Google Nest Cam, there are several crucial factors to consider:

    Compatibility With Different Nest Cameras Models

    Not all accessories are universally compatible with all Nest camera models. Verify that the accessory you choose is specifically designed for your camera model to ensure proper functionality.

    Power Source Options (Battery/Solar/Electricity)

    Decide on the power source that best suits your needs and location. Solar panels are excellent for remote areas with abundant sunlight while charging stations are suitable for indoor installations with access to electricity.

    Quality of Materials Used in the Accessories

    High-quality materials ensure the longevity and durability of the accessories, even in harsh weather conditions. Look for accessories made from weather-resistant and sturdy materials.

    Benefits of Using Nest Camera Accessories

    Using Nest cam accessories can significantly enhance the overall performance and convenience of your security system:

    Extended Functionality: Accessories like solar panels and charging stations eliminate the need for frequent battery changes and ensure uninterrupted surveillance.

    Enhanced Security: Floodlights, PoE adapters, and other accessories add an extra layer of security by improving visibility and deterring potential intruders.

    Flexible Installation: Mounting options allow you to position your cameras optimally, maximizing their coverage and effectiveness.

    Cost-Effectiveness: Investing in accessories like solar panels can lead to long-term cost savings by reducing electricity consumption.

    Best Practices for Using Google Camera Accessories

    To make the most of your Nest cam accessories, follow these best practices:

    Proper Installation Techniques

    Follow the manufacturer's instructions for installing the accessories correctly. Improper installation may result in suboptimal performance or even damage to the cameras and accessories.

    Maintenance and Care Tips

    Perform regular maintenance checks to ensure that the accessories are in good condition. Clean solar panels from dirt and debris, inspect charging stations for loose connections and check floodlights for proper functionality.

    Regular Firmware Updates

    Keep your Nest cameras up to date with the latest firmware to ensure they have access to the latest features and security improvements.


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    Yes, we offer solar panels for the Google Nest in three versions: 1.7w, 2.5w, and a premium 3.5w.
    Our 3-in-1 Floodlight bundle for the Google Nest Cam secures your Nest Cam in place, continuously powers your camera, and provides a bright floodlight to illuminate your yard at night.
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