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    Why Choose a Google Nest Bundle?

    The Nest Cam (Battery) strikes a balance between affordability and functionality. It offers a 1080p HD video, night vision, a 130-degree diagonal field of view, 6x digital zoom, and two-way audio. This smart camera also introduces advanced features, such as free smart alert, activity zones, and on-device processing through machine learning chip.

    However, like all battery-powered cameras, its power source could be a downside. While you can use a cable to connect it to a constant power source, opting for a wireless setup means relying on its battery, which can last from 1.5 to seven months, depending on usage.

    A Nest Camera is not a cheap investment, so it's only fitting that you consider adding reliable Nest accessories to your home security setup. Whether it be a Nest Hub serving as your central control panel or a Google WiFi Home Router improving connectivity among your devices, these additions can significantly enhance the overall functionality and convenience of your smart home system.

    However, purchasing accessories separately can sometimes end up costing more than the camera itself. That's why searching for bundles and deals can be beneficial. Here are the benefits of choosing a Google Nest Bundle:

    Discounts & Deals

    Wasserstein's Google Nest bundles are designed with customer savings in mind. By bundling essential components together, you can take advantage of price reductions and deals that are not available when you buy individual items separately.


    These bundles simplify the purchasing process by combining all the necessary components into one convenient package. Instead of researching, selecting, and ordering individual products, customers can choose from a range of pre-packaged bundles that cater to specific needs and preferences.

    Enhanced Nest Device Performance

    Wasserstein's Google Nest bundles are carefully curated to optimize the performance of Nest devices. These bundles incorporate compatible accessories that enhance the functionality and user experience of Google Nest products. The Wasserstein Nest solar panels for example work seamlessly with the Nest Cam, giving it access to a constant power supply.

    By pairing the camera with a Wasserstein solar panel, you not only guarantee continuous video surveillance but also contribute to environmental sustainability. This enhanced performance ensures the availability and functionality of your camera day and night, capturing all essential events without interruptions due to battery depletion.

    No Compatibility Issues

    Compatibility issues can be a major concern with smart home devices. Different brands and models may not always work seamlessly together, leading to frustration and reduced functionality. Wasserstein's Google Nest bundles address this concern by providing 100% Google Nest-compatible accessories. With the Made for Google certification, you can confidently integrate the accessories into the camera and connect them to your existing smart home ecosystem.

    The Best Google Nest Bundle With Accessories for Your Needs

    When it comes to creating the ultimate smart home experience, choosing the right Google Nest bundle with accessories tailored to your specific needs is essential. Wasserstein offers a range of options, each designed to address different requirements and preferences. Let's check some of the best Google Nest bundles for your unique needs:

    Google Nest Camera (Battery) + Wasserstein Solar Panel

    The Google Nest Camera (Battery) + Wasserstein Solar Panel Bundle provides a robust and reliable home security solution. The camera offers 24/7 live view, event history storage, and customizable alerts, ensuring you stay connected and informed about important events at your home via the phone app. With its weather-resistant design and battery-powered operation, it can be placed anywhere, and recharging is a breeze.

    While the camera's advanced features such as motion detection and live view provide improved security, they also use a lot of battery power. The bundled Wasserstein Solar Panel ensures your camera never runs out of power, even when power-hungry features are on. A certified Made for Google accessory, this solar panel is made with highly efficient cells that require just a few hours of direct sunlight. It features a unique 360-degree rotatable mount and a 13ft (4m) cable, allowing you to position it anywhere for maximum sunlight exposure.

    Google Nest Camera (Battery) + Wasserstein Premium Solar Panel

    The Google Nest Cam (Battery) + Wasserstein Premium Solar Panel Bundle includes the Nest Cam and Wasserstein's premium solar panel. Made with US-engineered solar cells, this solar panel has a power output of 3.5W, which quickly charges your camera even with minimal direct sunlight. Just like the standard Wasserstein solar panel, it features a 360-degree adjustable mount and a 13ft (4m) cable for flexible mounting options.

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