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    Eufycam 2c is a security camera system designed to provide homeowners with a secure and reliable way of monitoring their homes. This camera system is packed with features that make it stand out from other security cameras on the market.

    Main Features

    The eufycam 2c is a wireless security camera system that comes with two cameras and a HomeBase to store the footage. It uses advanced technology, such as artificial intelligence, to distinguish between authorized individuals and potential intruders. This device gathers a vast amount of biometric data, including the frequency and duration of activities, as well as the most commonly observed individuals in the monitored area. The camera's human detection technology enables it to intelligently detect body shape and facial features.


    The eufycam 2c has a sleek and modern design that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The cameras are small and compact and are available in a white color scheme, which blends well with most home décor.

    The cameras have a durable and weather-resistant casing that allows them to be used both indoors and outdoors. They have an IP67 rating for water and dust resistance, which means that they can withstand harsh weather conditions such as rain, snow, and extreme temperatures.

    The eufycam 2c comes with a range of mounting options, including a magnetic mount, a screw-in mount, and a stand. The magnetic mount is particularly convenient as it allows the cameras to be easily attached to any metal surface without the need for screws or drilling. The security cameras can be easily repositioned as needed, making it easy to monitor different areas of your home.

    The HomeBase, which stores the footage from the cameras, has a compact and unobtrusive design that allows it to be easily placed on a shelf or table. It has a white color scheme that matches the cameras, and it features a simple and intuitive user interface that makes it easy to customize the settings of your cameras.

    Excellent Video Quality

    The eufycam 2c offers a resolution of 1080p HD, which allows you to record video and view recordings in crisp clarity. The cameras have a 135-degree field of view, capturing a wide area of your property. This is particularly useful when monitoring large areas such as yards or driveways.

    The video quality is consistent, even in low light conditions, thanks to the cameras' advanced night vision capabilities. The eufycam 2c has detailed night vision, with a range of up to 25 feet, which means that it can capture clear footage even in complete darkness. The cameras use infrared technology to provide this level of night vision, and the footage is still in high definition, making it easy to identify people or objects within the monitored area.

    Its latest model, the eufycam 2c pro, features 2K HDR (High Dynamic Range), which balances the contrast between bright and dark areas of the video footage. This is particularly useful when monitoring areas with strong backlighting, such as windows or doors. With HDR, the cameras can capture clear and detailed footage, even in challenging lighting conditions.

    Two-Way Audio

    The two-way audio feature allows you to communicate with anyone who is within the range of the camera. This feature is particularly useful for talking to delivery drivers, visitors, or even pets.

    This works by using a built-in microphone and speaker on the camera. When you receive a notification on your smartphone that motion has been detected, you can open the eufy Security app and tap the microphone icon to activate the audio feature. This allows you to speak through the camera and communicate with the person on the other end.

    Motion & Human Detection

    The eufycam 2c has a sophisticated motion detection system that can distinguish between humans and other objects. This feature is powered by artificial intelligence (AI) technology, which allows the camera to identify the presence of a person and send an alert to your smartphone.

    The motion detection system also has customizable activity zones, which allow you to specify certain areas within the camera's field of view that you want to monitor more closely. This is particularly useful if you want to focus on a specific area of your property, such as a driveway or front porch.

    The eufycam 2c's motion detection system also includes a human detection feature, which helps to reduce false alerts caused by objects such as pets or flying debris. This feature is designed to detect the shape of a human body and distinguish it from other objects within the camera's field of view.

    When the eufycam 2c detects motion, it sends an alert to your smartphone via the eufy Security app. The app allows you to view a live stream of the camera's footage and communicate through the two-way audio feature. You can also customize the sensitivity of the motion detection system, adjust the activity zones, and set schedules for when the camera should be active.


    The eufycam 2c uses a local storage system to store the footage captured by the cameras. The system consists of a HomeBase unit, which acts as a hub for the cameras and stores the footage on its internal hard drive.

    The HomeBase has a storage capacity of up to 16GB, which can provide up to 3 months of recording time depending on the amount of activity within the monitored area. The footage is stored in an encrypted format, which ensures that it is secure and protected from unauthorized access.

    The eufycam 2c also has a feature called "Smart Detection," which allows the system to record and store footage only when motion is detected. This feature helps to conserve storage space and ensures that the most important footage is captured.

    The eufycam 2c does not require a subscription to record footage as video recordings are saved to the built-in storage if you don't have any cloud subscription.

    Battery Life

    The eufycam 2c is designed to have a long battery life, which makes it a convenient and practical choice for homeowners who want to monitor their property without having to worry about frequent battery replacements.

    The cameras are equipped with high-capacity rechargeable batteries that can last up to 180 days on a single charge, depending on usage and environmental factors. This means that you get a half-year security and you get to avoid frequent trips to recharge the batteries, which is particularly useful for outdoor installations where access to power sources may be limited.

    The eufycam 2c also has a battery saver feature that helps to prolong the battery life even further. This feature puts the cameras into a low-power mode when they are not actively recording, which conserves energy and extends the battery life.

    When the batteries do run low, the eufycam 2c sends an alert to your smartphone via the eufy Security app, letting you know that it's time to recharge the batteries. The camera can be easily recharged via the micro-USB charging port at the bottom.

    Eufy Security App

    The eufy Security app is a user-friendly and intuitive mobile application that allows you to control and monitor the eufycam 2c system from your smartphone or tablet. The app is available for free download on both iOS and Android devices.

    The eufy Security app provides a range of features and functions that allow you to customize and control your eufycam 2c system. These features include:

    1. Live streaming: The app allows you to view a live stream of the camera's footage in real time as well as access event recording, so you can monitor your property from anywhere.

    2. Motion detection alerts: The app sends push notifications to your smartphone when motion is detected by the cameras, so you can stay informed of any potential threats.

    3. Two-way audio: The app allows you to use the two-way audio feature to communicate with anyone within range of the camera.

    4. Activity zones: The app allows you to customize activity zones, so you can focus on specific areas of your property where you want the camera to detect motion, effectively reducing false alarms.

    5. Scheduling: The app allows you to set schedules for when the camera should be active, so you can conserve battery life and reduce unnecessary recording.

    6. Firmware updates: The app allows you to update the firmware of your eufycam 2c system, ensuring that it is always up-to-date with the latest features and security enhancements.

    Smart Integrations

    The eufycam 2c system has a range of smart integrations that allow you to connect and control the system with other smart home devices and services.

    • Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant: You can connect your eufycam 2c system to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, allowing you to control the system with voice commands. You can ask your smart speaker to show you a live stream of the camera's footage or to turn off the camera's recording.

    • Apple HomeKit Secure Video: The eufycam 2c system can be paired with Apple HomeKit Secure video using a home hub. The system can support up to 4 cameras. However, the resolution is limited to 1080p even if you have the more advanced eufycam 2c pro which has a 2K resolution.

    • Apple HomeKit: The eufycam 2c system is compatible with Apple HomeKit, which allows you to control the system with Siri voice commands and integrate it with other HomeKit-enabled devices.

    Eufycam 2c Subscription Fees

    The eufycam 2c system offers cloud storage options through four different service plans, each with its own pricing and details:

    • Basic (Monthly): This plan is a subscription service that is billed per camera and provides a rolling 30-day video history. The cost is $2.99 per camera per month.

    • Basic (Annually): This plan is a subscription service that is billed per camera and provides a rolling 30-day video history. The cost is $29.99 per camera per year.

    • Premier (Monthly): This plan is a subscription service that supports up to 10 cameras and provides a rolling 30-day video history. The cost is $9.99 per month.

    • Premier (Annually): This plan is a subscription service that supports up to 10 cameras and provides a rolling 30-day video history. The cost is $99.99 per year.

    It's important to note that while cloud storage is available for the eufycam 2c system, it is not required, and the system can be used without any additional fees or charges. The local storage system provided by the HomeBase unit is a secure and reliable storage solution that eliminates the need for cloud storage subscriptions.

    How to Setup eufycam 2c

    To set up the eufyCam 2 system, follow these steps:

    1. Download the eufy Security app from either the App Store (for iOS devices) or Google Play (for Android devices). Alternatively, you can visit on your mobile device.

    2. After downloading the app, create or log in to your eufySecurity account.

    3. To add the HomeBase 2 to the app, tap "Add Device" and select "HomeBase 2". Follow the instructions provided to power on the HomeBase and connect it to your home router using the included Ethernet cable. Then, connect your smartphone to the same Wi-Fi network as the HomeBase.

    4. When the HomeBase's LED turns from red to blue, scan the QR code at the bottom of the HomeBase using the app. Alternatively, you can manually enter the HomeBase's serial number.

    5. After scanning the code, the setup will proceed to the next step. Press the SYNC/ALARM OFF button on the bottom of the HomeBase for two seconds until you hear a short beep. Then, name the HomeBase.

    6. To add the eufyCam 2/2C/2 Pro/2C Pro to the HomeBase, tap "Add Device" and select the corresponding camera model. Choose the HomeBase 2 as the base station and connect the camera to the HomeBase. Press the SYNC button on the camera for two seconds until you hear a short beep. Then, tap "Next" and wait for the HomeBase to discover the camera. Finally, give the camera a name.

    If you encounter any issues during the setup process, you can refer to the "Failed to Add HomeBase 2 in eufySecurity App" section in the eufySecurity app for assistance.

    Useful Accessory for Optimal Performance

    A solar panel is among the great eufy accessories for homeowners who want to keep their cameras powered up without having to worry about recharging the batteries. The Wasserstein solar panel for eufy cam 2C & 2C Pro is easy to install and can provide a continuous power supply to the cameras. It has a unique 360-degree mount and a 13.1ft/4m long cable for versatile mounting options.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The eufy 2C Pro has a higher resolution (2K) than the eufy 2C (1080p). The eufy 2C Pro also has a wider field of view (140 degrees) and a longer battery life (up to 365 days).
    According to Eufy, the ideal distance for optimal connection is 30ft/10m. However, the system should still function up to 90ft/30m as long as there is a direct line of sight between the devices.
    No, the eufy 2C requires the HomeBase to store the footage. The HomeBase is also responsible for connecting the cameras to your Wi-Fi network and allowing you to control them using the Eufy Security app.
    The eufyCam's PIR sensor is capable of detecting objects moving laterally up to a range of 25-30ft (8-10m).
    You can add up to 16 cameras to the eufyCam 2C system. However, it is important to note that adding more cameras can affect the performance of the system, especially if you have a slow internet connection.
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