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    The Eufy Video Doorbell is a smart home device that serves as a smart doorbell with integrated video and connectivity features. First released in 2019, the video doorbell has since had multiple iterations, including the Eufy Video Doorbell Dual S330 (Battery-Powered). It has a high-resolution HDR camera that captures crisp images, and it uses intelligent motion detection to detect important events. The doorbell's internal storage can easily hold up to a month's worth of motion-activated video clips. Additionally, users can communicate with the doorbell using voice commands via Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. However, it doesn't have the capacity to integrate with other smart home devices like other video doorbells in its range.

    The Eufy Video Doorbell comes with a plug-in doorbell chime box, two mounting plates (one straight and one wedge-shaped), a quick start guide, and all the necessary mounting screws and anchors. With a 4.8 x 1.7 x 0.9 in dimension, it is slightly larger than the Ring Video Doorbell Pro, which measures 4.5 x 1.8 x 0.8 in. On its glossy black frontside, you'll find a camera, microphone, light sensor, and 1.2-inch round doorbell button. The bottom of the device features a speaker grill, and around the back are two wiring terminals.

    Main Features

    Let's explore the main features that make this wired security doorbell stand out.

    Video Quality

    The wired security video doorbell boasts an impressive 2,560 x 1,920-pixel (2K) resolution, ensuring sharp and detailed images. Through the use of HDR technology, it effectively presents clear details in both bright and dark areas. With a wide 160-degree field of view, the doorbell camera covers a broad perspective, capturing a generous area around your front door.

    Meanwhile, the battery-powered Dual model features a unique setup with two cameras. One camera is positioned to monitor the lower area, which is where packages are usually placed, while the other camera serves its conventional role, positioned higher up. This addresses a common issue faced by many doorbells that offer either a narrow, vertical view that captures packages and people but lacks a wider context. The 1080p camera facing downward offers a field of view spanning 120 degrees with a 16:9 aspect ratio. On the other hand, the top-mounted 2K camera provides a broader perspective, capable of capturing up to 160 degrees using a 4:3 aspect ratio.

    Two-Way Audio

    The Eufy Video Doorbells feature a two-way audio function. This means you can both listen to and talk to the person at your door using the doorbell's microphone and a speaker. It's like having a conversation with someone at your doorstep, even if you're not physically there. This can be handy for communicating with visitors, and couriers, or even deterring potential intruders by letting them know you're aware of their presence.

    Motion Detection & Facial Recognition

    Eufy devices come equipped with an AI chip that offers local, secure, and intelligent detection capabilities. This AI feature includes Human Detection, Facial Detection, Pet Detection, Crying Detection, and even Vehicle Detection. The AI engine is integrated directly into the device's hardware, so processing occurs locally rather than in the cloud.

    Here's a breakdown of the AI-powered system features:

    • Human detection: Focuses on identifying objects resembling human shapes while filtering out other objects like cars and animals. This helps in providing accurate motion alerts specifically for human presence.

    • Facial detection: Detects and distinguishes faces within the video image

    • Facial (human) recognition: The AI system takes an additional step by attempting to recognize faces in the video image and even identifying the individual for you.

    • Pet detection: Extended capabilities for detecting pets that appear within the video image, offering alerts related to pet activity.

    • Crying detection: The AI system also aims to identify crying sounds and notifies you if such sounds are detected, ensuring you're alerted to potential distress or emergencies.

    • Vehicle detection: The AI system is designed to spot the user's vehicle in the backyard or driveway. It specifically focuses on moving vehicles to avoid excessive alerts caused by parked vehicles.

    Note: Marking someone as a "Familiar Face" makes them more likely to be recognized. If someone is wearing a mask, sunglasses, or other things on their face, or even if they're wearing glasses, the doorbell might not recognize them. To make the recognition work better, it's good to upload clear pictures of people's faces to the eufy app without anything blocking their faces, like hats or glasses. You also have the option to adjust motion detection settings and sensitivity to minimize false alerts. You can select whether you want alerts for people only or for all types of motion (except for animals or vehicles).

    Smart Alerts

    Eufy stands out for its free smart alerts and local video storage. Unlike competitors such as the Wyze and Ring doorbell cameras that require monthly fees for detailed smart alerts on activities like people and packages, Eufy provides this valuable feature without extra charges. You can even customize your notifications, including the option to receive a thumbnail snapshot along with the notification.

    Battery Life & Removable Battery

    While the first generation Eufy was only a battery powered doorbell, the new Eufy Video Doorbell Dual comes in both wired and wireless versions. The battery-powered version is equipped with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that promises between 3 and 6 months of power. To recharge the battery, you will have to detach the doorbell from the mounting bracket using the provided detaching pin.

    Video Storage

    The first gen Eufy Video Doorbell uses 4GB of eMMC memory to store recorded videos locally. With this, you can have around 30 days of free local storage before it starts to replace older clips with new ones. Meanwhile, the dual-camera model has to be attached to the HomeBase to be able to store videos locally. The HomeBase comes with the doorbell, so there's no additional cost to worry about. This also means you don't need to subscribe to a cloud-based storage plan to keep your videos safe and accessible.

    Night Vision

    The Eufy Video Doorbell is equipped with night vision capabilities, which allow the camera to capture clear and detailed footage even in low-light or nighttime conditions. This is achieved through the use of infrared (IR) technology, which emits infrared light that is invisible to the human eye but is detected by the camera. However, the bottom camera on the dual model doesn't rely on infrared night vision. Instead, it uses two small LED lights that turn on when there's motion to illuminate the area.

    Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant Integration

    The Eufy Video Doorbell is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing you to integrate it with these popular smart home platforms. This means you can use voice commands to check on your doorbell's status or even see the live feed from your doorbell camera on devices that support Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

    However, it's important to note that the smart doorbell doesn't communicate with other Eufy devices, like the EufyCam. Additionally, it doesn't offer support for IFTTT applets, which would allow it to connect and work with other devices like door locks, sirens, and lights.

    Installation and Setup

    Step 1: Connecting The HomeBase

    1. Power on the HomeBase 2 and connect it to your home router using the provided ethernet cable.

    2. Wait for the LED indicator to turn blue, indicating that the HomeBase 2 is ready for setup.

    Step 2: Setting Up The System

    1. Download the Eufy Security app from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android).

    2. Sign up for a Eufy Security account and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the setup.

    Step 3: Determining The Power Option

    Option 1: Battery powered

    • Suitable if you don't have existing doorbell wiring.

    • Mount the doorbell easily in your preferred location.

    • Recharge the battery when needed.

    Option 2: Doorbell wire powered

    • Suitable if you have existing doorbell wires.

    • Mounting position is limited by wiring location.

    • No need to detach and recharge the doorbell.

    Step 4: Finding A Mounting Spot

    1. Take the video doorbell unit to your front door and use the app's live view to determine an optimal spot.

    2. Consider existing holes, side wall placement, and recommended mounting height (48" / 1.2 m).

    3. Use the 15° mounting wedge for enhanced viewing angles.

    Step 5: Mounting The Bracket

    • Wooden surface:

    1. Secure the Mounting Bracket with provided screws without pre-drilling.

    • Hard materials (e.g., brick, concrete):

    1. Drill two holes using a 15/64” (6mm) drill bit through the Screw Hole Positioning Card.

    2. Insert anchors and use provided long screws to secure the Mounting Bracket.

    Step 6: Mounting The Doorbell

    1. Align and snap the doorbell onto the Mounting Bracket, ensuring it clicks into place.

    Recommended Accessories for eufy Video Doorbell

    Check our popular accessories for your eufy devices.

    Wasserstein 30° to 55° Horizontal Wedge Wall Mount

    The Wasserstein 30° to 55° Horizontal Wedge Wall Mount allows you to achieve a versatile horizontal angle adjustment ranging from 30° to 55°, ensuring an optimal viewing angle for your doorbell's camera coverage. It conveniently conceals any pre-existing holes or marks from your previous doorbell installation. You won't have to worry about repainting or patching up those areas, as the wall mount effectively hides them, ensuring a clean and seamless appearance.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    No, Eufy offers free local video storage and smart alerts without any monthly subscription fees.
    The Eufy doorbell offers a video resolution of up to 2K (2,560 x 1,920), providing clear and detailed footage for your security needs.
    Yes, the Eufy Doorbell works with 2.4GHz WiFi. However, it can still work without the internet, but some smart features won't be usable. You'll still hear the doorbell ring and possibly record videos locally with certain models, but the full range of smart functions needing internet won't be accessible.
    Yes, several of Eufy video doorbell cameras are designed to be waterproof. For instance, the Video Doorbell S220 and Video Doorbell S330 models hold an IP65 rating, which guarantees functionality even in tough weather situations, including heavy rainfall.
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