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    Blink Solar Panel is a specialized solar charging solution designed to power your Blink outdoor camera, Blink floodlight, and Blink video doorbell. It offers a sustainable and eco-friendly way to keep your security cameras powered and operational without the need for traditional electrical outlets.

    Blink Solar Panels are designed to be compatible with specific Blink devices, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance. They are manufactured to meet the power demands of the supported Blink devices. The panel's output is carefully calibrated to provide sufficient power for continuous operation, including powering features like motion detection alerts, infrared night vision, two-way audio, and cloud storage.

    Benefits of Getting a Solar Panel for Your Blink Devices

    Eco-Friendly Solution

    One of the primary advantages of opting for solar panels to power your Blink devices is their environmentally-friendly nature. By harnessing the sun's energy, you significantly reduce your carbon footprint, contributing to the global effort to combat climate change.


    Once installed, solar panels provide free and renewable energy for your Blink devices. This helps you save money on electricity bills in the long run, as you won't be solely reliant on conventional power sources.

    Reliable Power Source

    Solar panels ensure a continuous power supply to your Blink devices, even during power outages or in remote locations without access to electricity. Additionally, while Blink allows you to customize motion zones, this can consume a substantial amount of power, especially when the security camera is installed in high-traffic areas or used for extended periods. This reliability is essential for maintaining the security and surveillance functions of your Blink cameras and doorbells.

    Low Maintenance

    Blink Solar Panels are designed for minimal maintenance requirements. With no moving parts, they are highly durable and require occasional cleaning to maintain optimal efficiency.

    Main Features

    The Blink Solar Panel is a specialized accessory designed to power Blink outdoor cameras, Blink floodlights, and Blink video doorbells using solar energy. It offers several key features that make it a valuable addition to your Blink device setup:

    Solar-Powered Energy Source

    The primary feature of the Blink Solar Panel is its ability to harness solar energy to charge the connected Blink devices. It is equipped with high-efficiency photovoltaic cells that convert sunlight into electricity. This direct sunlight power source ensures a continuous and sustainable power supply to your Blink devices, reducing reliance on traditional electrical outlets and batteries.

    Hassle-Free Installation

    Installing the Blink Solar Panel is straightforward and requires minimal effort. The panel typically comes with mounting brackets and screws, making it easy to secure it in a location with optimal sunlight exposure. The hassle-free installation process ensures you can set up the solar panel quickly and start enjoying its benefits right away.

    Extends Battery Life

    When connected to a compatible Blink device, the solar panel efficiently charges the device's internal battery. By continuously providing power, it extends the battery life, reducing the frequency of battery replacements or recharges. This is particularly useful for devices placed in areas with limited access, as the solar panel helps maintain continuous operation.

    Weather-Resistant Design

    The Blink Solar Panel is designed to withstand various weather conditions. It is constructed with durable materials that can endure exposure to rain, snow, and other environmental elements. The weather-resistant design ensures the solar panel remains operational and functional in outdoor settings.

    Seamless Integration with Blink Devices

    The Blink Solar Panel is specifically designed to work with Blink outdoor cameras, floodlights, and video doorbells. It seamlessly integrates with these devices, providing a reliable and consistent power source. This compatibility ensures optimal performance and enhances the overall functionality of your Blink security devices.

    How to Install Blink Solar Panel

    The installation process for the Blink Solar Panel is relatively straightforward. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you set up the solar panel to power your Blink camera, floodlight, or video doorbell:

    Step 1: Choose an Optimal Location

    Select a location with abundant sunlight throughout the day. The efficiency of the solar panel depends on its exposure to sunlight. Ideally, the panel should face south and have no obstructions casting shadows on it.

    Step 2: Mount the Solar Panel

    Use the provided mounting brackets and screws to securely attach the solar panel to a wall, roof, or any other suitable surface in the chosen location. Make sure the panel is tilted at an angle to maximize sun exposure.

    Step 3: Connect the Solar Panel

    Locate the cable that comes with the solar panel. Carefully connect the solar panel's cable to the matching port on your Blink outdoor camera, floodlight, or video doorbell. This cable delivers solar-generated power to your Blink device.

    Step 4: Secure the Cable

    Tuck and secure the cable neatly along the wall to prevent it from being exposed to potential damage or weather elements. Make sure the cable is out of the way and doesn't interfere with the Blink device's operation.

    Step 5: Verify the Connection

    Double-check that the solar panel is securely mounted, and the cable is properly connected to your Blink device. Ensure there are no loose connections or exposed wires.

    Step 6: Test the Setup

    After the installation is complete, test the setup to ensure everything is working correctly. Check if your Blink outdoor camera, floodlight, or video doorbell starts receiving power from the solar panel. Additionally, ensure that your device is properly connected to the Sync Module. Use the Blink Home Monitor app to monitor the device's performance and confirm that it is charging and functioning as expected.

    To further confirm the setup's success, you can also try using voice commands on supported Alexa-enabled devices. This will help you determine if the integration with Alexa is working as intended.

    Step 7: Regular Maintenance

    To maintain optimal efficiency, periodically clean the solar panel to remove dust, dirt, or debris that might accumulate on its surface. Cleaning the panel will ensure it can efficiently convert sunlight into electricity.

    Wasserstein's line of solar panels for Blink devices features a 360-degree wall mount and a 13.1ft/4m long cable that allow flexible placement options for maximum sunlight exposure. The efficient solar cells ensure the solar panels have enough power to keep your security camera running even with just a few hours of sunlight. The collection includes:

    • Wasserstein Solar Panel for Blink Outdoor & Blink XT/Blink XT2

    • Wasserstein Solar Panel - Compatible with Blink Floodlight & Blink Outdoor Camera

    • Wasserstein Solar Panel - Compatible with Blink Video Doorbell

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