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Your Blink Video Doorbell setup needs THIS serious upgrade

Your Blink Video Doorbell setup needs THIS serious upgrade

As a smart home owner, one of the most important factors in buying devices is the ease of set-up.

If you think battery-powered smart doorbells equals convenience, think again.

You may have done yourself a solid deal opting for the cheaper wireless doorbell – but there are a few limitations holding it back.

Battery-powered doorbells like the Blink Video Doorbell save you time and money because you don’t have to worry about wiring and the added costs of installation.

But this convenience can also be a downside.

Think about how many times you’ve changed your wall clock’s batteries in the past year.

It may have stopped working in the middle of your sleep and you wake up thinking it’s just 5am.

The same is true with the Blink Video Doorbell.

Going green

With two AA lithium batteries, quickly setting up and using your Blink Video Doorbell is about as hassle-free as it gets. The downside is that you’ll have to change batteries at least every 3 months.

Thankfully, the Wasserstein Solar Charger and Mount can prevent this downtime and frequent battery swaps.

It’s equipped with a 2,000mAh battery, so you can power your doorbell continuously.

All you have to do is drill it onto your wall, mount your doorbell, and press the doorbell for seamless connectivity.

It’s made of weather-resistant materials that don’t add to the bulk.

Seamless installation

Wired or wireless, most smart doorbells require you to drill holes into your wall, and not every wall is made equal.

Some walls (read plaster wall) can be harder to puncture than others.

In some instances, homeowners just can’t be bothered to drill holes or are bound by a rental contract.

Don’t let this keep you from installing a smart doorbell.

With Wasserstein No-Drill Mount, you can just simply stick it into any flat surface and mount your Blink Video Doorbell.

Its ultra-sticky adhesive can hold up to 2.2lb and it’s weather-proof too, so your doorbell will stay firmly in place.

Its sleek and thin build goes well with the Video Doorbell’s compact design.

The perfect cover

Now, you may have previously installed a non-smart doorbell that left holes that don’t quite fit with your new set-up.

Do you really want a banged-up front door welcoming your guests?

Yeah, you can have it filled up and plastered but you’ll have to pay for a mason and a painter to clean the mess.

What if I tell you there’s an easier solution that won’t cost you a precious penny?

The Wasserstein Wall Plate is your 10-dollar solution.

With its wide surface area, you can cover up any holes and scratches surrounding your Blink Video Doorbell for a clean setup.

Its smooth black design perfectly matches your doorbell’s build, giving you a modern look while maintaining its compact design.

It’s made of hardened plastic that can withstand harsh weather conditions.

This wall plate is a real bang for your buck.

Final thoughts

The Blink Video Doorbell is one of the most cost-effective smart doorbells on the market. It has the basic features you need for your home security setup. But with the low price come some drawbacks which some people may consider dealbreakers.

If you’re planning on getting a Video Doorbell, let Wasserstein’s line of Blink Video Doorbell-compatible accessories help you decide!

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