Turn your bulb socket into a charging station with THIS accessory

by Brett Decker

You’re probably familiar with the old trick of leaving the lights on in some parts of the house when you’re away.

A well-lit front yard is a proven and tested way of turning crooks away (unless you’re Kevin in Home Alone, he had to pull a few more tricks).

With a powerful smart security camera like the Blink or Arlo, you’re assured of non-stop monitoring even at night.

If you’ve gone wireless, you run the risk of your security camera dying in the middle of the night when it runs out of battery.

On the other end, those who chose the wired version would have to deal with wiring work and the eyesore it brings.

But there’s a solution that combines the best of both worlds, and all you’ll need is a bulb socket.

Let me tell you about the Wasserstein Bulb Sockets with Blink Charging Cable and Arlo Charging Cable.

These sockets not only give your bulb 30 watts of power to light up your front porch, but they also double as charging stations for your smart camera without using an adapter!

With 2.4 amps of power, your camera will be up and running all night long.

To set it up, just unscrew your existing front porch light from the socket and screw in the Wasserstein Bulb Socket.

Reinsert your light bulb and you’re ready to power both your light and camera.

The socket is equipped with a USB port where you can plug in the 30-inch charging cord. 

Yes, you only need that long of a wire to keep your camera running 24/7!

This makes sure your cam gets charged whenever your light bulb is on, so you’ll get enough juice for the day.

The Wasserstein Bulb Socket with Blink Charging Cable is compatible with the Blink Outdoor and Blink XT2 while the Wasserstein Bulb Socket with Arlo Charging Cable is compatible with the Arlo Pro 3, Pro 4, Ultra, and Ultra 2.

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