Tired of your Wyze camera not recording? We've Got You!

by Shuchi Dey

Recharging your electric devices can be time-consuming and sometimes burdensome when you lead a busy lifestyle. That’s why we have come up with camera accessories for Wyze that can recharge your home security systems hassle-free! The Wasserstein Solar Panel Compatible with Wyze Cam Outdoor allows you to continuously charge your Wyze Cam even on days with minimal sunlight. Below we summarise a review by Markus from ALLCHECKOUT on YouTube who talks in detail about the solar panel.

The solar panel has inbuilt batteries and is made with a nice durable frame that protects the batteries inside. It has a long cable with a rubber gasket around the USB to protect your camera from water and debris when plugged in. The solar panel also comes with a mount that allows you to place and adjust it ideally outdoors to capture the sunlight. 

 Furthermore, the package comes with easy-to-follow instructions as well as all the materials you need to install it. The way the mechanism works is that the solar panel has a built-in battery inside which when charged will transfer the charge to the camera battery. To charge your camera, plug the charging cable attached to the solar panel into the designated slot at the back of the camera. Place the solar panel and camera out in the sunlight, and after a day or two you can expect a decent boost to the battery! 



Ideally, you want to ensure before you use the solar panel that your camera and the solar panel are fully charged. In order to fully charge your solar panel, keep it out in the sun for around ten hours. However, if your camera’s battery is drained and you do not have a full charge in the solar panel, you can still place both out in the sun; the charging will just take longer. 

Check out the Wasserstein Solar Panel! so you can continuously charge your Wyze Cam Outdoor.

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