Protecting your investment: the importance of an anti-theft mount for your Nest Doorbell

by Brett Decker

For lazy DIYers like yours truly, the easy installation of the Google Nest Doorbell (Battery) is an attractive selling point.

However, it’s easy to forget the flipside – easy installation also means easy removal, and crooks can take advantage of this if I’m not careful with how I install my doorbell.

The Google Nest Doorbell (Battery) is one of those smart cams.

The Nest Doorbell does come with a metal base plate and a wedge that you’ll have to screw into your wall, but mounting the Nest Doorbell itself only involves aligning a small circle with a hole and pushing it until you feel a click.

And removing it is just as easy.

Introducing the Wasserstein Anti-theft Mount.

This three-piece mount is made of high-grade materials that even experienced burglars will have a hard time breaking.

The all-metal housing protects your doorbell’s body from being tampered with.

The best part is you won’t have to sacrifice the Nest Doorbell’s (Battery) portability to secure it in place.

The metal housing attaches to a metal mount that clamps onto the edge of your door for a no-drill installation.

Just tighten the back knob and a circular stopper will squeeze firmly onto the door’s surface, preventing marks or dents in the wood. 

This doorbell mount can be mounted in two directions depending on which side your door is on.

Now, who says you have to drill holes to secure your wireless doorbell?

This Anti-theft Mount says otherwise.

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