The Bearded Tech Guy’s Review on our Adjustable Stand and Lens Cover for the Google Nest Hub Max

by Sanjog Timsina

Our Adjustable Stand and Lens Cover Slider for the Google Nest Hub Max was recently reviewed by The Bearded Tech Guy. You can check out his take on our Made for Google Adjustable Stand and the Lens Cover Slider in this article here

In The Bearded Tech Guy’s article, readers can find many benefits of using our Nest Hub Max stand and the lens cover slider and how it has made The Bearded Tech Guy’s experience of using the Nest Hub Max more enjoyable. 

He pointed out that the lens cover slider was easy to install and looks great while having great functionality. 

For the adjustable stand, he pointed out that the stand had a nice weight and felt sturdy. He found the rubber feet and cable management located at the base of the adjustable stand to be very helpful. He mentioned that the adjustable stand protected his Nest Hub Max from liquid spills and overall, he is pleased with the adjustable feature of the stand which has made his Nest Hub Max more flexible. 

We are so glad that our adjustable stand and lens cover slider have received such positive reviews and look forward to bringing more Made for Google products.

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