Smart Water Detector - Do I need it?

by Yann Tran

Every household knows that minor to catastrophic water leaks can cause costly repairs and a lot of headaches. Hence, smart water detectors are now as common as smoke detectors in the market if you are looking for things that can keep your house safe. But do you really need one? While we may get different answers from different people with different experiences, let's dive in and find out. 

What exactly is a smart water detector? 

Simply put, a smart water detector is a small device placed in any area of the house where a leak might occur near dishwasher water lines, water heaters, under sinks, or water pipes in the basement. Generally connected to a wired or remote control panel, it has sensors able to detect water in the area where it was planted. When water drops are detected, it triggers the control panel and alarm loudly in the house, or through a phone alert. 

Smart water detectors come in different shape, form and features. Most of them send signals and alarms to the owner’s smartphone, giving an aligned form of technology to our present convenience. Some are linked to the main water valve of the house and can shut off the water flow when a leak is detected - and stop the leak completely without the need for someone to get into the house and investigate the leak. 

Prevent long-term damage and costly repairs.

These smart water detectors can help us locate and resolve leaks - preventing long-term damage like the build-up of molds, costly repairs, and a lot of headaches. Just like how essential it is to have a smoke detector, a few dollars is a wise expenditure for these smart water detectors, giving us peace of mind. 

Now, what do you think? Do you need one?

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