Ring Doorbell Not Ringing Inside? Reasons & Easy Solutions

by Joel Manansala

As a smart home owner, one of the first parts of the house you secure is your front door. While cameras certainly do the job well, video doorbells offer additional features such as two-way talk and package detection, apart from the motion detection and high-definition video recording that allow you to keep an eye on your door even when you're away.

Ring video doorbells have become synonymous with smart doorbells. With its lineup of both wired and battery-powered doorbells paired with a doorbell chime, Ring offers the convenience of audible alerts that we've grown accustomed to with traditional mechanical chimes, along with the flexibility of receiving notifications wherever you are whenever someone is at your front door.

Ring doorbells, depending on the Ring doorbell model, are designed to work with your existing mechanical chime, but they work better and more seamlessly with the dedicated Ring Doorbell Chime.

The Ring Video Doorbell Pro, Pro 2, and Elite all work with an existing mechanical chime, while the Ring Video Doorbell Wired, and battery-powered Ring doorbell models (2nd Generation, 3, 3 Plus, 4, and Battery Doorbell Plus) require a digital chime for audible alerts.

A smart doorbell, while similar in principle to a mechanical doorbell, uses Wi-Fi network to send signals either to a smartphone or a connected chime. This reliance on wireless connection, while convenient, is not immune to occasional hiccups.

Reasons & Solutions for a Ring Doorbell Not Ringing Inside

When your Ring smart doorbell fails to ring inside, it can be a frustrating experience, compromising both security and convenience. While it's easy to blame your Wi-Fi connection (especially if you have the wireless model), it can be a bit different if you have a wired connection.

Battery Powered Ring Doorbells

If you have a battery-powered doorbell such as the Ring Video Doorbell Wired or the Ring Doorbell Battery 2/3/4/Plus, here are the possible reasons why your internal chime kit may not be ringing.

Incompatible Chime Kit

Battery-powered Ring Doorbells might not ring properly inside your home, and this could be due to the absence of a compatible chime kit.

Solution: Install a compatible Ring Chime Kit that suits your specific doorbell model. Several digital and mechanical chimes are available, enhancing the functionality of your smart doorbell.

Battery Issues

If your Ring Doorbell has a chime kit installed but still doesn't ring inside, it may be due to a low or dead battery. A depleted battery also affects the doorbell's performance outside.

Solution: Charge or replace your Ring Doorbell's battery according to the instructions provided in the owner's manual. Ensuring a fully charged internal battery pack will resolve issues related to low power, allowing your Ring devices to ring as intended. Alternatively, solar chargers such as the Wasserstein Solar Charger for Ring Video Doorbell 3 / 3 Plus / 4 will ensure your doorbell will not run out of charge. If you want to connect your doorbell to a wired power source, consider the Wasserstein Power Supply for Ring Video Doorbell 1, 2 & Pro.

Wi-Fi Issues

Chime problems may arise if your Ring Doorbell experiences connectivity issues with your Wi-Fi network, causing it to disconnect.

Solution: Check your internet connection through the Ring app's Device settings. If connectivity problems persist, consider installing a Ring Chime Pro kit that functions both as a doorbell chime and a Wi-Fi range extender, mitigating connection issues between your device and network.

Hardwired Ring Doorbells

If you have a wired doorbell such as the Ring Doorbell Pro, Pro 2, or Elite, here are the possible reasons why your internal chime kit may not be ringing.

Incorrect App Setup

Even with correct wiring, a hardwired Ring Doorbell won't ring if it is not set up properly within the Ring app.

Solution: Download the official Ring smartphone app, create an account, and select "Set Up A Device." Scan the QR code or MAC ID barcode on your Ring device and follow the on-screen prompts to connect your device to Wi-Fi, ensuring proper setup.

Incorrect Wiring

An incorrectly wired Ring Doorbell may fail to ring inside your home.

Solution: Follow Ring's instructions meticulously when wiring your device to an existing internal doorbell. If you've installed a chime kit, ensure it aligns with the provided instructions to maintain correct wiring.

Worn Out Transformer

A worn-out transformer may hinder your Ring Doorbell from ringing inside or outside your home.

Solution: Replace the worn-out Ring doorbell transformer with the assistance of services that offer repairs and component replacements for Ring Video Doorbells.

Wi-Fi Issues

Connectivity issues with your Wi-Fi network can cause a hardwired Ring Doorbell not to function properly.

Solution: Open the Ring app, navigate to the Devices panel, and check your internet connection. Reconnect to your chosen Wi-Fi network to resolve connectivity issues.

Incompatible Chime Kit

An incompatible chime kit may be the cause of a hardwired Ring Doorbell not ringing properly.

Solution: Ensure you purchase a chime kit that is compatible with your specific hardwired Ring Doorbell model. Return any incompatible chime kits and acquire one that suits your device.

Cold Weather

Cold weather conditions can affect the performance of a hardwired Ring Doorbell, preventing it from ringing both inside and outside.

Solution: Unfortunately, there is no direct solution to cold weather affecting your device. Consider bringing the Doorbell inside to recharge or wait for the weather conditions to improve. Expanding on these solutions will help users troubleshoot and address specific issues with their Ring Doorbells, ensuring optimal performance and functionality.

Contact Ring Support

If none of the provided solutions resolve the issue of your Ring doorbell not ringing inside, it's advisable to contact Ring support.

Ring offers customer support through various channels, including online chat, email, and phone. Provide detailed information about the problem, steps you've taken to troubleshoot, and your device model for efficient assistance.


How do I get my Ring Doorbell to ring inside?

To enable your Ring Doorbell to ring inside, ensure that you have a compatible chime kit installed. If your Ring Doorbell is battery-powered, it requires a chime kit for internal ringing. For hardwired models, ensure correct wiring and configuration within the Ring app, selecting the appropriate chime type.

Why can't I hear my Ring Doorbell when it rings?

Several factors could contribute to this issue. Check if you have a chime kit installed and properly configured. For battery-powered models, ensure the battery is charged or replaced if low or dead. For hardwired models, verify correct wiring and setup in the Ring app. Additionally, rule out any interference from Wi-Fi or incompatible chime kits.

Which Ring doorbells are compatible with Chime Kits?

Most Ring doorbells, both battery-powered and hardwired, are compatible with chime kits. However, it's essential to check your specific model's compatibility. Refer to the Ring website or your doorbell's documentation for a list of supported chime kits. Ensure the chosen chime kit aligns with your Ring Doorbell model for seamless functionality.

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