Quickly become a pro bird watcher – without the mud and bugs!

by Suhani Jain

If you think your smart camera is only for monitoring your front porch, here’s something more interesting to do with it: bird watching.

There’s something about seeing birds in your neighborhood that just makes you feel at peace.

Maybe it’s the thought that your surroundings are healthy enough for birds, or the relaxing effect of hearing chirpings in the morning.

You don’t have to go outdoors, fight a swarm of mosquitoes, and tread through mud and brush to do this fun activity!

With your smart camera, you can now enjoy spotting colorful birds at the comfort of your home.

Whether you’re using Blink Outdoor, Ring Stick Up, Wyze Cam V3, Wyze Cam Outdoor, your camera’s smart features will make this possible.

You can’t just set up your smart camera in front of a bird feeder and call it a day.

But birds are smarter than you think, and they might get intimidated with your setup.

The perfect camouflage? The Wasserstein Bird Feeder Camera Case Compatible with Blink, Wyze, and Ring Cam.

This camera case is cleverly embedded onto a bird feeder, letting you take close-up photos and videos of birds and other wildlife.

It’s compatible with Blink, Wyze, and Ring Cam, and is compatible with the Wasserstein solar panel, for 24/7 power for your camera.

The best part is this bird feeder can double as a camouflage for security cameras. Crooks won’t even know they’re being watched!

Here’s how you can maximize the Wasserstein Bird Feeder Camera Case:

  1.     Customize motion detection.

You can set up activity zones, so you’re notified when a bird is within sight. Nobody has the patience to stare at a blank screen for hours on end. By setting up motion detection alerts, you’ll get real-time notifications every time a bird is on the feeder.

  1.     Connect your devices.

Connect your smart camera to your phone via its dedicated app and get live footage of birds in HD even when you’re away. You can even hear their chirping or shoo away squirrels via the two-way audio.

  1.     Store clips.

Want to brag about your sighting to your bird watching buddies? You can store your favorite clips and photos on the cloud with a subscription plan (sold separately), and share them with your family, friends, and faithful followers! Not only can you look back at rare sightings, but your footage can also help your local birding society identify species and track populations and migrations.

  1.     Watch even at night.

Some bird species are nocturnal, and your smart camera’s night vision can help you capture clear footage even when you’re asleep.

Try out a new hobby with this bird feeder camera case and find out what bird species live in your neighborhood!

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