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Oculus Quest 2: Wasserstein’s Mini Powerful Power Bank

Oculus Quest 2: Wasserstein’s Mini Powerful Power Bank

With over 2 million units sold worldwide, Oculus Quest 2 has quickly overtaken Sony in terms of market share in the XR (Extended Reality) sector. The Oculus Quest line was a major advancement from its predecessor as well as other competitors due to its stand-alone nature - meaning you would not need to connect the headset to a PC or a gaming console for it to function.

Aside from a cheaper price tag (USD 299 for 128GB), Quest 2 also brings major improvements with their new Snapdragon XR2 chip from Qualcomm, boasting 11x faster AI processing and 50% more pixels.  


However, the Oculus Quest 2 has also some limits:

Limited battery 
The Quest 2 itself is still far from perfect - we have yet to see any battery improvement since the debut of Oculus Go in 2018. Facebook themselves claimed the device can handle ~2.5 hours of usage in one charge - but many have reported a mere 1-1.5 hours of life when dealing with heavier applications. The device itself also takes approximately 2 hours to charge fully, which is a great deal of downtime.

Neck Strain
In terms of comfort - the device has definitely seen an improvement with the all-new factory strap. But, with a hefty weight of half-kilogram (503g to be precise), the Quest 2 still carries the same problem as Quest 1 and Go did - neck strain. This has made some players create their own DIY counterweight crafts, which is natural considering there’s no real counterweight solution on the market - until now.



Wasserstein has launched their mini yet powerful 5000 mAH power bank that is custom-made for the Oculus product line. The power bank itself is around 100g - specifically made to this weight based on many user opinions as the perfect counterweight. 
The battery itself also holds enough juice to give your device an additional 2 hours of game time, the bank itself can be charged fully within ~1.5 hours - which theoretically means you can play the Quest 2 indefinitely

Wasserstein’s Power Bank Specifications

Weight 103g
Capacity (mAH) 5000
Price USD 24.99
Comfortable Rating 4.9/5.0
Overall Rating 4.4/5.0

Buy the Wasserstein Powerbank for Oculus now.
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