No power outlet? No problem! This device powers your Nest Cam over Ethernet

by Brett Decker

While solar panels are a great way to power your Google Nest Cam (Battery) 24/7, let’s face it, they aren’t for everybody.

You know, climbing on your roof, drilling holes, general maintenance – there’s a lot that goes into them.

There are plug-in charger mounts too, but they have to be wired to a nearby junction box. And more often than not, where you want to place your security camera doesn’t have one.

Even if there is one, do you really want to deal with all the wiring? I mean, you can always call an electrician, but that’s going to cost you an extra few hundred bucks.

There IS another way and you may have heard of it: it’s called Ethernet.

That’s right. You can actually use your Ethernet wall socket to power your Nest Cam!

That’s why Wasserstein made the PoE Adapter for Google Nest Cam (Battery) – an official Made for Google product. 

This adapter lets you charge your Nest Cam (Battery) via the Ethernet cables running throughout your home.

It comes with a weatherproof 4.9 ft pogo cable with a magnetic connector that securely plugs into your device.

To set it up, simply connect the PoE adapter into your Ethernet cable. There are LED indicators around the adapter that turns green while powering your Nest Cam.

Be aware though that your Nest Cam will still require Wi-Fi connection to operate.

As mentioned above, this adapter is a certified Made for Google product, so you are assured of 100% compatibility with your Nest Cam (Battery).

So, if neither a solar panel or a charger mount is the right choice for you, the Wasserstein PoE Adapter for Google Nest Cam (Battery) might be exactly what you’re looking for. Pick up yours today!

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