No More Downtime for Your Blink Outdoor 4 with This Battery Extension Pack

by Joel Manansala

The Blink Outdoor 4 is the brand’s newest entry in the mid-range outdoor security camera niche. Priced at $119.99, it is a tad more expensive than its predecessor, the Blink Outdoor 3, which retailed for $99.99. While the Outdoor 4 inherits most of the features of the third-generation camera, including 1080p resolution, motion detection, and PIR night vision, Blink has significantly improved the former’s field of view, up from 110 degrees to 143 degrees. This gives the Blink Outdoor 4 more room to capture the surroundings, which is crucial in outdoor settings.

Aside from the reasonable price range, one of Blink Outdoor’s selling points is its convenient power source. The camera is powered by two AA 1.5v Lithium non-rechargeable batteries, which makes battery swaps as easy as popping off the empties and sliding in a fresh pair. With the included batteries, Blink claims they could power the Outdoor 4 for up to two years, depending on its settings and the amount of activity where it is set up. Some users are even reporting low battery levels just a week after replacing. When the camera is Armed and continuously detects motion, expect a shorter battery life, especially when it’s mounted in a high-traffic area.

While you can connect it to a constant power supply, that would defeat the purpose of having a wireless camera you could easily set up anywhere on your property. If you want an extended battery life for your Blink Outdoor 4 without losing its flexibility, the Wasserstein AA Lithium Battery Extension Pack is the answer.

Double Battery Life, Fewer Battery Swaps

The Wasserstein Battery Extension Pack allows you to use 4 x AA Alkaline batteries, effectively doubling the battery life of your Blink camera and avoiding frequent battery swaps. With longer-lasting power, you'll experience fewer disruptions in your surveillance system, giving you peace of mind knowing that your camera is always ready to capture crucial moments.

User-Friendly Design, Weatherproof Build

Installing the Battery Extension Pack is a breeze. Simply insert 4 x AA batteries into the dedicated compartment and attach it to your Blink Outdoor Camera 4th Gen. There's no need for complicated setups or professional assistance – you can have it up and running in minutes. With its durable and rugged build, you can ensure optimal performance even in harsh outdoor conditions. Rain or shine, you can trust that your camera will remain powered and operational.

Flexible Placement Options

Don’t be limited by wires or non-weatherproof accessories. Enjoy the freedom to place your Blink Outdoor Camera 4 anywhere you need it. Whether it's mounted on a wall, positioned on a tree, or placed on a shelf, you can rest assured that your camera will stay powered without compromising on convenience or security.

When security is at stake, you can’t afford to blink and miss. Any amount of downtime in your home security system is crucial. With the Wasserstein AA Lithium Battery Extension Pack, you can be assured that your Blink Outdoor 4 is up and running day and night, rain or shine, providing uninterrupted surveillance to you and your loved ones.

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