Never Compromise Safety with the Wasserstein Solar Panel for Wyze Cam Outdoor and Wyze Battery Cam Pro

by Joel Manansala

When the Wyze Battery Cam Pro was launched in the third quarter of 2023, it was one of the most affordable outdoor security cameras with 2K HDR resolution. At just under $100, it features better, more advanced capabilities than its direct competitors such as the Arlo Pro 4 and the Ring Stick Up Cam.

Aside from its sharp video resolution, the Battery Cam Pro is equipped with a 100dB siren and a 150-lumen motion-activated LED floodlight for even better night vision capabilities. Another valuable feature of the outdoor camera is its continuous video recording, which not a lot of smart cameras in the same price range have.

Sporting a 6,200mAh lithium-ion battery pack, Wyze promises up to 6 months of battery life on the Battery Cam Pro. However, some users have been reporting shorter battery life, particularly those in high-traffic areas. Additionally, activating power-hungry features such as motion detection, 24/7 recording, and intelligent alerts can further impact battery life.

While the Battery Cam Pro comes with a rechargeable and removable battery, a full charge can take up to 9 hours. One popular solution is to have a spare battery that you can swap in when the original battery runs low. However, swapping batteries means downtime for your security system and you risk missing important activities in your property. If you prefer uninterrupted power for your camera without the hassle of changing batteries during the day, consider the Wasserstein Solar Panel for Wyze Cam Outdoor and Wyze Battery Cam Pro.

Efficient Solar Energy

The high-quality solar cells embedded in the panel enable rapid charging, ensuring that your Wyze Cam Outdoor and Wyze Battery Cam Pro are always ready to capture crisp, clear footage. Even with Continuous Video Recording activated, the Wasserstein Solar Panel ensures your outdoor camera won’t run out of charge.

Versatile Mounting Options

Adapting to the dynamic outdoor environment, the Wasserstein Solar Panel boasts a unique 360-degree wall mount, providing you with the flexibility to position the panel for maximum sunlight exposure. Whether your camera is installed on a wall, post, or any other surface, the rotatable mount ensures that the solar panel aligns perfectly with the sun's path, guaranteeing continuous and efficient power generation.

Weatherproof Durability

Home security doesn't take a break in adverse weather conditions, and neither does the Wasserstein Solar Panel. Crafted from robust and weatherproof materials, this solar panel is designed to withstand the elements year-round. Be it rain, snow, or intense sunlight, the heavy-duty plastic construction ensures the panel maintains its strength and performance, providing a reliable power source for your Wyze cameras in all weather conditions.

Compatibility with Wyze

Designed specifically for the Wyze Cam Outdoor and Wyze Battery Cam Pro, the Wasserstein Solar Panel seamlessly integrates with Wyze's ecosystem. It serves as the perfect supplemental power source for these cameras, ensuring they remain operational around the clock.

While Wyze’s lineup of outdoor cameras is among the best in the market relative to their price points, battery life seems to be an issue for some users. With advanced features consuming a significant amount of power when activated, having batteries with a bigger capacity just makes sense. However, this won’t happen overnight. Until then, having a reliable source of continuous power supply, such as the Wasserstein Solar Panel for Wyze Cam Outdoor and Wyze Battery Cam Pro, is your best bet for non-stop surveillance of your property.

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