Netflix is now streamable on the Google Nest Hub and Hub Max

by Cedrix Guevarra

Netflix had notoriously lacked support for smart home displays—to date, it still cannot be streamed on the Echo Show. Now compatible with both Netflix and YouTube, the Google Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max make for great companions when doing dishes.

netflix and google nest hub

In fact, you won’t be needing your hands at all. Upon linking your Netflix subscription through the Google Home or Google Assistant app, you can call upon Google Assistant to play your favorite shows. On the Nest Hub Max, you can even use gestures to play and pause the video—just look to the device and raise your hand. Of course, if you were feeling less dramatic, you could just ask for Google’s help.

With Hulu, HBO Max, Disney+, Showtime, CBS All Access, YouTube and now Netflix, Google Nest smart displays have got a streaming lineup that’s hard to beat.

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