Keeping watch: how this anti-theft mount can improve your Blink Video Doorbell

by Brett Decker

The Blink Video Doorbell is a great entry level camera for those who want the security but are still on the fence about going all out.

At just under $50 you’ll get 1080p HD color, night vision, motion sensing, and two-way talk, which make it even more attractive for first time smart home owners.

Now, originally, the Blink Doorbell has to be attached to a wall mount which you’ll have to screw onto your wall.

But manufacturers have come up with no-drill mounts that make hassle-free installation possible for renters and lazy homeowners.

While incredibly convenient, you don’t want crooks to easily pick your security cam like an apple from a tree, do you?

What if I tell you, you can have the same no-fuss installation but with an added bonus of heavy-duty protection for your cam?

Let me introduce the Wasserstein Anti-Theft Mount for Blink Video Doorbell.

Why use an anti-theft mount?

The Wasserstein Anti-Theft mount makes it more difficult for someone to steal or tamper with your security cam. It’s designed to be difficult to open or remove, and can be anchored to your door, making it harder for a thief to simply walk away with the camera. 

Additionally, this anti-theft mount makes it difficult for someone to adjust the camera's field of view or aim it away from the area you want to monitor.

This three-piece anti-theft mount is made of durable materials that can give your Blink Doorbell full-body protection.

How does it work?

The metal housing is attached to a metal C-clamp that latches on to the edge of your door.

Just tighten the back screw and your camera will be safe and secure from being stolen or tampered with.

The circular stopper on the other end of the back screw prevents any dimpling on the wood, so no need to worry about damaging your antique oakwood door.

The mount is easily adjustable and can be mounted in two ways, depending on which side your door is on.

You may have not spent an arm and a leg on your Blink Doorbell, but that doesn’t mean you couldn’t care less.

So, why wait? Get your Wasserstein Anti-Theft Mount for Blink Video Doorbell today!

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