How to mount your Arlo Camera outside

by Brett Decker

Arlo security cameras are some of the easiest cameras to install, especially the wire-free and battery-operated models.

Arlo wireless cameras like the Arlo Pro Camera series have a magnetic mount that attaches to the wall with a single screw.

Read on to know how you can install an Arlo Camera outdoors.

What to consider before you mount the Arlo Camera outside

Before installing an Arlo cam outside, there are a number of factors you should consider, including the camera position, which is important if you want to enhance the quality of the video.

Install it somewhere people can’t reach like on the gutter or near the roof.

There's always the possibility of thieves tampering with or removing it from the camera mount.

Though there are protective and theft-proof security covers available for the likes of Arlo Ultra and the Arlo Pro Series, you always have the option to use the screw mount to keep it in place.

Even with the latest tech, the location of your camera still plays an important role in ensuring there are no blind spots.

In positioning your camera, make sure that there's enough leeway for it to zoom or turn the optimal viewing angle.

For even better viewing angles, consider Wasserstein's adjustable metal wall mount with a 360-degree swivel and 90-degree tilt.

Tools you'll need

Here are the tools you'll need to mount your Arlo Security Camera:

  • A power drill with a 15/64 inch (6mm) drill bit

  • A Phillips-head screwdriver

  • The screw mount that came in the package with your camera

  • A pencil (optional)

Steps to mount Arlo Camera outside

Before mounting your Arlo, make sure to download the Arlo app.

The app will walk you through the setup process and allow you to adjust your camera's settings.

Create an account on the app and register your device by choosing the model from the list.

Turn on the camera and connect it to the Wi-Fi.

The app will generate a QR code that the camera will scan.

Now, you're ready to physically mount your camera.

  1. Place the screw mount where you plan to mount your camera.

  2. Using a pencil, mark the location of the three holes from the mount. These marks will be your guide in drilling pilot holes.

  3. Use a 15/64 inch (6mm) drill bit to drill three holes into the wall.

  4. Align the screw mount's holes with the three holes in the wall.

  5. Use a Phillips-head screwdriver to fasten a screw into each hole.

  6. Screw your Arlo camera clockwise into the screw mount.

  7. Tilt and swivel to adjust the angle.

  8. Tighten the camera by twisting the thumb screw and the grip clockwise.

Types of mounts for outdoor Arlo Camera

Magnetic Ball Mount

This mount is a popular choice for indoor mounting as it's easily detachable.

It has a magnetic ball on the tip that allows you to remove or adjust the camera easily, without having to worry that it might fall off.

Metal Wall Mount

The Metal Wall Mount or the Screw Mount allows you to install the camera outdoors, but leaves you with a damaged wall or ceiling.

Despite this, it's still the most durable and user-friendly among the Arlo mounts, and its solid build makes outdoor mounting possible.

Gutter Mount

These mounts hang your camera from your house's gutter.

Because it's high enough from the ground, thieves won't be able to steal or tamper with it.

It gives your camera improved viewing angles with its 180° tilt and 360° swivel for better home security.

How to adjust the Arlo Camera view

Camera positioning

This feature allows you to adjust your camera's view almost real-time.

  1. Go to the Settings menu in the Arlo app.

  2. Click My Devices and select the camera you want to adjust.

  3. Click Device Utilities and then Camera Positioning.

  4. Adjust the camera while looking at the Arlo app to ensure it has a clear vantage point and strong signal.

Field of view

Arlo cameras allow you to determine how wide the footage of the front camera is.

For outdoor use, you'd like a wider field of view to be able to monitor every corner of your property.

  1. Go to the Settings menu in the Arlo app.

  2. Click My Devices and select the camera you want to adjust.

  3. Click Video Settings and then Video Mode.

  4. Select the mode that fits your camera's surroundings (Wide: 160°, Standard: 125°, Full: 110°)

Depending on your settings, your camera's Activity Zones might get affected.

Motion detection

By default, Arlo cams have two motion zones: the bottom zone, which takes up 2/3 of the video and is, therefore, more sensitive, and the top zone, which is smaller and less sensitive.

Without an Arlo subscription, you're only able to physically adjust the camera to point to your desired motion zones.

Here's how you can adjust it with an Arlo Secure Plan:

  1. Go to the Settings menu in the Arlo app.

  2. Click My Devices and choose the camera you want to adjust.

  3. Click Activity Zones.

  4. Click the plus sign + to add a zone.

  5. Adjust the zone to cover an area.

  6. Name the zone for easier tracking.

How to hide your Arlo Camera outside

An effective security camera must be hidden from plain sight.

This allows for discreet surveillance, especially if you're suspicious of someone.

There are a number of creative ways to hide your Arlo cam outside.

  1. Use a birdfeeder. There are smart camera cases that are cleverly embedded into a birdfeeder. This camouflages your security camera, letting crooks think your home is not secured.

  2. Set it in a bush. You can mount a wire-free camera in the bushes and conceal it with a silicone skin that blends well with the foliage.

  3. Install it in the eaves or roofing. Cameras positioned high up the eaves or roofing aren't likely to be seen by a casual observer.


How high should Arlo Cameras be mounted?

Mount your Arlo camera at least 7 feet (2 meters) high and aim it slightly downward for the best sensor performance.

Can you mount Arlo Camera on a siding?

Yes, there are vinyl siding clips that allow Arlo Cameras to be mounted on a siding.

Can I mount an Arlo Camera to a tree?

Yes, Arlo came up with the Arlo Quadpod Mount which can wrap around any surface like tree branches or metal poles.

How do you install Arlo Camera on brick?

It's recommended that you use wall anchors to install your Arlo on brick walls. This will involve drilling holes into the wall where you plan to mount the device.

Do the Arlo cameras need to be near a base station?

It's recommended that you place your Arlo at least 10 feet from the Arlo Base Station.

Are Arlo magnetic mounts secure?

The Arlo magnetic mount is secure enough for indoor use, but it's not recommended for outdoor installation as the camera can easily be stolen or tampered with.

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