How to Mount Ring Doorbell on Brick — Easy Hacks

by Joel Manansala

The Ring Video Doorbell is one of the go-to choices for smart-home owners wanting an easy set-up security camera.

While you can install Ring Doorbell on your own, mounting it on and off requires drilling on your wall, and not all walls are made equal.

If you have drywall or a concrete wall, you'll find it relatively easier to drill holes in them.

But if you're installing your Ring Video Doorbell on a brick wall, you have your work cut out for you.

Don't fret. We're here to teach you how to mount your Ring Doorbell on a brick wall and other hard surfaces.

Luckily, you don't have to drill holes directly in bricks.

There are three ways you can install ring doorbells without punishing yourself.

The No-drill Mount

Your first option is the official Ring no-drill mount that the brand sells.

The mount is a fixing plate with double-sided tape strong enough to hold your Ring Doorbell in place while maintaining its easy removal feature.

The no-drill mount is also waterproof, so you won't have to worry even if your device is mounted on an uncovered porch.

While this adhesive mounting bracket is a convenient mounting solution, it also comes with its downsides.

First, it's more expensive than any of the DIY options available.

You'll have to purchase it separately from the original Ring Doorbell kit.

Second, it's not as effective as some of the other solutions available, and some customers have encountered issues with it.

The no-drill mount was designed to stick onto smooth surfaces, so you might have some problems sticking it onto textured surfaces such as brick.

Though some users have successfully mounted their devices onto uneven surfaces, spending money on something that isn't 100% guaranteed to solve your problem might not be the most practical choice.

The DIY Tape Method

If you like the convenience of the official Ring no-drill mount but don't want to shell out the cash, then you might want to try the DIY tape method.

It essentially employs the same adhesive method as the no-drill mount using your standard double-sided tape.

It's a lot cheaper and more convenient than the Ring no-drill mount, as you can just go to your local hardware and grab a roll or two of double-sided tape.

This method offers great customization as you can choose what type of adhesive strips to use.

You can opt for industrial-strength ones that will stick to your wall for years.

But if you want easy removal in the future, you can choose a tape with less strength, so your wall doesn't get damaged by the adhesive.

Because you can use as many layers of adhesive strips as needed, your Ring doorbell can stick to the brick much better.

You can't do this with the official Ring no-drill mount.

One major downside though is the possible damage to your house, especially if you're using industrial-strength adhesive strips.

Compared to the official mount's adhesives which are designed for easy removal, industrial tapes are intended to stay on as long as possible, no matter the weather conditions.

It can chip off your paint or leave traces of adhesives on your wall.

If you're just renting out or have issues with removal, you might want to consider using weaker adhesive strips.

But remember that these will only last for a short time, especially in humid weather.

Drilling Into Mortar

While this article is specifically for no-drill mounting of Ring Doorbell models, there's one more solution if none of the adhesive methods appeal to you.

You might want to consider drilling into the mortar.

This method is a secure way of drilling holes into your brick wall without causing major damage.

The mortar is applied between bricks to hold them together.

Drilling into mortar will only cause localized damage, which you can easily fix by filling the screw holes with additional mortar.

Before drilling, make sure there's enough mortar to support the screws.

If there's only a thin layer of mortar between the bricks, this installation process is likely not the best option for your Ring Doorbell.

Choose the right drill bit. There are purposely-designed drill bits for brick and mortar called masonry bits.

Since you're drilling into brick, you also need the plastic anchor bolts included in your purchase of the Doorbell.

Be careful when drilling and screwing, as brick repair is notoriously tricky.

The Wasserstein Ring Doorbell Mount and Wall Plate is one of the best mounts for this method.

It gives your wired doorbell a 35° to 55° horizontal viewing angle, allowing you to see every corner of your property.

The best part is it covers holes left by your old doorbell and makes your Ring cam look aesthetically pleasing.

It already comes with screws and wall anchors that are compatible with the mortar drilling method.

Which Method for Mounting Ring Doorbell on Brick is the Best?

Ultimately, finding the best and most secure method of mounting your Ring Doorbell will depend on your needs.

If you're concerned about preserving the siding of your home, the no-drill mount might be the best option, as it's designed with removal in mind.

Choose the industrial strength double-sided tape if you want your Ring Doorbell to last long.

But if you're only concerned about preserving your bricks, just drill into the mortar. This is also the most secure method, as this essentially works like a no-drill mount.


How does the Ring Doorbell attach to brick?

You have three options to attach your Ring Doorbell to brick: using the official no-drill mount for Ring Doorbells, the DIY tape method, or drilling into the mortar.

How do you install a Ring Doorbell on brick without drilling?

You can use the Ring Doorbell no-drill mount that has adhesive strips or opt for the usual command strips from your local hardware.

Should you drill into brick or mortar for Ring Doorbell?

Only do this method cautiously, as brick is notoriously hard to repair. Mortar is relatively easier to drill into, but there has to be a thick layer to support the screws.

Will command strips hold a Ring Doorbell?

Yes, but keep in mind that these industrial-strength adhesives are not designed for easy removal, and you might damage your wall if you do so.

Can you mount a Ring Camera on brick?

Yes, you can mount a Ring Camera on brick even without drilling holes.

How do you attach a Ring Doorbell to a stone?

You can attach a Ring Doorbell to a stone using the three methods mentioned above.

Do you need a mounting plate for Ring Doorbell?

No, the mounting plate is just to adjust the aiming point of the camera if you don't like the viewing angle when it's mounted flat on the wall.

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