Enhance Your Safety or Security with the Wasserstein Floodlight & Solar Panel for Blink Outdoor 4 & 3 / XT2 Camera

by Joel Manansala

The Blink Outdoor Camera is a predecessor to Blink’s popular (but discontinued) XT2 wireless indoor/outdoor camera. Its latest iteration, the Blink Outdoor 4, maintains the same 1080p HD video resolution but boasts improved low-light sensitivity and a wider field of view (110° vs. 143° diagonal).

One of its significant selling points is its two-year battery life on two AA batteries, provided that it only captures one motion event a day, which is quite unlikely for high-traffic areas such as along a busy street. While you can decrease the camera’s motion sensitivity to reduce alerts, you risk missing important activities, potentially compromising your security.

Equipped with a single infrared sensor for night vision, some Blink Outdoor 4 users have reported seeing “white glowing blobs” instead of familiar faces in low-light conditions. In contrast, one of its direct competitors, the Wyze Battery Cam Pro, utilizes radar-powered motion detection, which is far more accurate than a PIR sensor.

However, if you’ve already purchased the Blink Outdoor 4 and are concerned about its battery life or its performance in poor lighting conditions, you might want to consider the Wasserstein Floodlight & Solar Panel for Blink Outdoor 4 &3 / XT2 Camera.

Complete Outdoor Security Solution

The Wasserstein Floodlight & Solar Panel is a complete solution for your outdoor security needs. By seamlessly integrating with your Blink Camera, it provides 24/7 surveillance coupled with a powerful floodlight. This ensures that your outdoor space remains under constant watch, day and night, offering unparalleled peace of mind.

Zero Downtime

One of the primary concerns with wireless outdoor security cameras is the frequent battery changes, leading to potential downtime. While Blink promises up to 2 years of battery life, activating power-hungry features such as motion detection can significantly shorten this. With the Wasserstein Solar Panel continuously charging your Blink Camera and floodlight, you no longer have to compromise your security to save battery life. Now, you can enjoy uninterrupted power day and night without worrying about when your batteries are due for a recharge.

Improved Visibility

Visibility is crucial for effective outdoor security, especially in low-light conditions. The powerful floodlight for Blink Camera enhances your camera's vision, providing clear and detailed footage even in the darkest corners of your property. This not only aids in deterring potential intruders but also ensures that your surveillance is never compromised due to poor lighting.

Customizable Settings

With three levels of time on, brightness, and sensitivity settings, you have the flexibility to tailor the floodlight to your specific requirements. This ensures that the light activates only when motion is detected, minimizing false alarms and maximizing energy efficiency.

Seamless Compatibility

Compatibility is crucial when enhancing your security system. The Wasserstein Floodlight & Solar Panel is fully compatible with both the Blink Outdoor 3 and 4 and the older XT2. This means you can seamlessly integrate it into your existing setup, ensuring non-stop surveillance with powerful illumination to keep your outdoor space safe and secure.

Never compromise your safety and peace of mind when it comes to safeguarding your property. Continuous power and monitoring are crucial in any outdoor security system. With the Wasserstein Floodlight & Solar Panel for Blink Outdoor 4 & 3/XT2 Camera, you can ensure that your camera is powered 24/7 and has a powerful light source to enhance its surveillance capabilities.

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