Enjoy Days of Non-Stop Video Recording with the Wasserstein Solar Panel for Wyze Battery Cam Pro

by Joel Manansala

One of the most sought-after features of a security camera is continuous video recording. After all, being able to monitor your property day in and day out – and remotely at that – is precisely why you’d want a smart camera in your home.

When the Wyze Battery Cam Pro was released in August of this year, much of the fanfare surrounding it was due to its 24/7 video recording capability – making it the brand’s first battery-powered camera with such a feature. Additionally, it boasts a 2K HDR video resolution and radar-powered motion detection, placing it ahead of competitors like the Ring Stick Up Cam and the Blink Outdoor (3rd gen).

However, advanced features come with some drawbacks. While Wyze promises up to 6 months of battery life for the Cam Pro, it won’t last more than a day with continuous recording enabled. And with other power-hungry features such as motion detection and the built-in spotlight turned on, expect an even shorter battery life.

If you want to enjoy the camera in all its glory – with all features enabled and without worrying about battery life – you have the option for hardwired installation using the included power adapter. However, this could potentially limit your mounting options, as you’d have to install the camera near an outlet (12.5 ft. away to be precise), which could be an issue for outdoor installations.
One solution to your power woes: the Wasserstein Solar Panel for Wyze Battery Cam Pro.

Continuous Power for Non-Stop Surveillance

The Wasserstein Solar Panel provides uninterrupted power to your Wyze Cam Pro for round-the-clock surveillance. Made with efficient solar cells, you can guarantee that it can draw enough solar power–even in low-light conditions–to keep your camera running all day long. This constant power supply allows you to enable continuous video recording and other crucial security features of your camera without any downtime caused by untimely battery swaps or recharges.

Versatile Mounting Options for Enhanced Recordings

The solar panel’s 13-foot weatherproof cable and unique 360-degree rotatable mount give you the freedom to place it (and your camera) virtually anywhere in your home. This is especially convenient for outdoor setups where you would want your camera installed high enough to avoid being tampered with but not too high that you fail to capture important details. The adjustable mount ensures you can tilt the solar panel wherever is best hit by sunlight, while the cable gives you enough leeway to install your camera on your front door, wall, or even your gutter.

Weatherproof Design for Reliability

Your security system should withstand the elements, and the Wasserstein Solar Panel does just that. The soft PVC material on the cable expands slightly when inserted into the camera's opening, creating a snug fit that seals the solar panel against moisture and inclement weather conditions. This weatherproof design ensures the longevity and reliability of your solar-powered Wyze Camera setup.

Since its launch, the Wyze Battery Cam Pro has become one of the brand’s best-selling cameras, and for good reason. While it may be on the pricier side of Wyze’s lineup, its high video resolution, advanced motion detection, integrated spotlight, and continuous video recording justify its price tag for a battery-powered camera. However, these features will be rendered useless if your camera is constantly out of charge–or if you’re trying to save battery life. The Wasserstein Solar Panel for Wyze Battery Cam Pro is the answer to your power woes. Say goodbye to the limitations of battery life and have peace of mind, knowing that your property is under constant watch.

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