Don’t get blindsided - buy THIS Nest Doorbell upgrade today!

by Brett Decker

The most important area of your home to monitor is your front door, and no device monitors your front door better than a smart doorbell. 

And what smart doorbell does better than the Google Nest Doorbell (wired)? The answer – probably none. 

With its 145° diagonal field of view in a 3:4 ratio, you get a super wide angle so you see anyone at your front door, find out when a package arrives, or even see when an animal comes into view (just tell Sparky to cool it with the trigger events).

It also allows you to customize the activity zones that you want to monitor, so you can zoom in on a specific area on your front door.

And did I mention HD recording and can store up to 3 hours of activity video clips? Well, I have now.  

As powerful as the Nest Doorbell already is, what if I told you that it just got even better?

Behold the Wasserstein Horizontal Adjustable Mount for Google Nest Doorbell

The only downside to the Google Nest Doorbell is that it lies flat on your wall, limiting your view to a fixed angle.

The Wasserstein Horizontal Adjustable Mount enhances the viewing angle of your doorbell, allowing you to horizontally adjust it from 35° to 55°.

This is especially useful for apartments or condos, as you can tilt the doorbell in either direction – and literally see around corners.

The mount is made of rugged materials and is designed to withstand wind, rain, and all kinds of tough weather, so you can place it on your front porch without worrying about it bending or breaking

The Wasserstein Horizontal Adjustable Mount is also an official Made for Google product – which means it has passed Google’s rigorous compatibility test to ensure a seamless experience with the Google Nest Doorbell.  

 Final thoughts

If you have a Google Nest Doorbell and you are looking to take your experience to the next level, this upgrade is for you. 

The wider viewing angle it provides allows you to see much more of your front porch and monitor your home more effectively.  

Eliminate your front porch blind spot by installing a Wasserstein Horizontal Adjustable Mount for Google Nest Doorbell.

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