Comparing the best battery-powered smart security cameras on the market

by Suhani Jain

Your home should always feel like a safe place to be. That’s why purchasing a great smart security cam is one of the best investments you could make.

An important part of any security system is the camera. A good security camera should be able to record high-definition videos 24/7. While wired cameras are preferred by some because of constant power and more reliable signals, camera placement becomes an issue, with lengthy wires having to be installed and hidden.

Thankfully, there are wireless options that offer flexibility in terms of installation and system set-up, and three major players in the wireless security camera market—Google, Amazon, and Arlo.

For the purposes of this review, we’ll look at Google’s Nest Cam, Amazon’s Ring Spotlight Cam Pro and Blink Outdoor, and Arlo’s Arlo Pro 4. All four brands have two-way voice communication, motion sensor and alarm, and live video feed in high definition.

Let’s find out how each manufacturer’s top brand compares to one another.

The Google Nest Cam

The Nest Cam is Google’s first battery-powered camera on the market. At $179.99, you’ll get a rechargeable battery that can last up to 3-6 months before needing a recharge.

It’s the only brand among the four that comes with three months of free video storage. You’ll have to pay $5 a month for Google's Nest Aware basic subscription once you’ve used up the freebie.

Aside from video storage, a basic plan will let you enjoy the cam’s Facial Recognition Feature. This means you can program your cam to recognize your family’s or friends’ faces, so it won’t trigger the alarm on them. How cool is that?

Nest Cam also uses Artificial Intelligence, so it can identify animals, humans, or vehicles within its field of view.


  •       Mid-range price
  •       Free video storage for 3 months
  •       Facial recognition/AI
  •       Free replacement if it gets removed from your home
  •       Up to 60 minutes of offline storage


  •       High subscription fees
  •       Short battery life
  •       Black and white night vision

If you feel like the Nest Cam is too good of a deal to pass up on, here’s a great workaround for its limited battery life: the Wasserstein Premium Solar Panel for Google Nest Cam, which eliminates the downtime when changing batteries and ensures you have non-stop security, day and night. And it only needs a few hours of sunlight to do it!

The Ring Spotlight Cam Pro

The Amazon Ring Spotlight Cam Pro comes at $199.99 and is tied with Arlo Pro 4 as the most expensive of the four.

It offers a noise cancellation feature and solar power-enabled batteries.

Speaking of batteries, they take up to 6-12 months before needing a recharge.

It records high-definition videos in color – day and night – and has an impressive 140-degree field of view that’s the widest of the four.

The Ring Protect subscription will set you back $3 a month for 60 days of video storage.


  •       Widest field of view
  •       Unique noise cancellation feature
  •       Solar power-enabled
  •       Colored day and night recording
  •       Low subscription fees
  •       Long battery life
  •       Free replacement if it gets removed from your home


  •       Expensive
  •       No facial recognition/AI
  •       No offline video storage

Even without facial recognition, you can improve on your Ring Spotlight Cam Pro’s field of view for better detection. The Wasserstein Ring Floodlight & Solar Panel Charger can light up every corner of your property to aid your camera during low-light conditions. And with the solar panel, you’re assured that your outdoor surveillance camera will never run out of juice.

The Arlo Pro 4

At $199.99, the Arlo Pro 4 will give you a built-in siren and a zoom in setting that’s unique to this brand.

It also offers the highest definition recording of the four at 1440p, but you’d have to be subscribed to any of its plans.

Basic subscription is prized $2.99 a month and that already includes both online and offline video storage.

Perhaps the coolest perk of being subscribed to the highest Arlo Secure Plan is the E911 feature, which gives you one-tap access to emergency dispatchers closest to your home.

Now that’s the level of security you want.

As for the battery, a full charge should give you around 6 months of continuous use.


  •       1440p video recording under subscription
  •       Colored day and night recording
  •       Lowest basic subscription plan
  •       One-tap access to 911
  •       Built-in siren and zoom in features
  •       Offline video storage
  •       AI capable


  •       Expensive
  •       No facial recognition
  •       Short battery life
  •       Free replacement only if you have subscription

“Free replacement” isn’t free if it’s part of a subscription plan. Get a Wasserstein Protective and Theftproof Security Cover for your Arlo Pro 4 instead and never worry about your camera being stolen or tampered with. It’s made of high-grade and weatherproof materials so it stays strong!

The Blink Outdoor

The Blink Outdoor is the cheapest among the four at $99.99, so expect some tradeoffs.

It’s the only one that uses non-rechargeable batteries, with two AA Lithium batteries giving it 2 years’ worth of runtime.

Like the Nest Cam, it’s capable of colored day recording and black and white night vision.

Subscription starts at $3 for 60 days of online video storage.

If you want offline storage, you’d have to buy the Blink Sync Module 2 separately.

Blink has the narrowest field of view among the four at 110 degrees.

And in case it gets removed from your home, Amazon will replace it only if it’s still under the 1-year warranty.


  •       Cheapest
  •       Longest battery life
  •       Online video storage



  •       Black and white night vision
  •       Separate purchase for offline storage
  •       Narrowest field of view
  •       Limited replacement warranty
  •       No facial recognition/AI

Field of view is a very important consideration when buying a smart security camera. But getting good footage also depends on the angle and positioning of the camera. The Wasserstein Blink Outdoor & Blink XT2/XT Adjustable Metal Wall Mount has a 360-degree swivel and 90-degree tilt to let you find the best position for your Blink Outdoor.

The Verdict

First impressions last, and that’s especially true with Google Nest Cam’s complimentary 3-month subscription right off the box.

Though its subscription plans are the highest of the four, you’re guaranteed to get your money’s worth with the included Artificial Intelligence feature and Facial Recognition, which others don’t offer.

Nest Cam ticks all the boxes: online and offline storage, wild field of view, and excellent video recording capabilities at a competitive price point.

The three other brands are not far off. Ultimately, the choice will depend on what features you’re looking for in a security camera.

And with Wasserstein’s thoughtful accessories for all four cameras, you can take your smart cam experience to the next level! 

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