Smart Fans Explained: Should You Buy One?

by Veronica Concepcion

Smart thermostats, smart light bulbs, smart water sensors; I’m sure you’ve heard of these innovative products before, but smart oscillating fans? 

Yes, you got that right!  Every home appliance is getting smart, and yes, even fans! As a result, your oscillating fan can now effortlessly integrate with your home WIFI system; meaning, your fan knows when to spin, increase speed, reduce speed, and stop. 

So you may ask, why exactly a smart fan? You will understand the uniqueness of these appliances in the next few minutes. 

What is a Smart Fan?

To put it simply, smart fans are different from the regular fan models because they work based on remote commands from your smart speakers or voice control. They work like regular oscillating fans, but the difference is they know when to spin themselves. A smart fan can be controlled remotely as well as be programmed to switch on and off depending on the predetermined temperatures and schedules.

Smart Fan vs. Traditional Fan

When it is hot, using a traditional fan is an inexpensive choice compared to spending more on using an air conditioner especially in some areas where high temperature is normal. Some problems, however, do arise.

Imagine it’s a hot summer day, and you’re coming home from work. You have traditional fans because you try to conserve energy, and they allow you to use less airconditioning. With an unconnected home, you have to go from room to room, turning on fans. It takes a long time for you to finally feel comfortable. 

Not so in a smart home. Not so with a smart fan. Make your life easier and better- make your home smarter. 

It is precisely for these reasons that smart fans were invented. The goal is energy efficiency- both kinetic and potential. That’s what smart fans aim to bring to the table over a traditional fan. 

 Smart Fans- An Important Part of Our Homes?

They may sound like a splurge, but they actually help with your home’s indoor climate control and keep your electricity bill down. A big percentage of customers who buy and install this product in their homes are people who want to keep their homes cool at a comfortable temperature without the use of air conditioners. Running an oscillating fan on cue helps circulate the cool air in a room, enabling you to operate your AC several degrees higher without experiencing discomfort.

How Do They Work? 

They have all the features of traditional fans such as speed control, summer, winter modes, and even timer control.  But what makes it smart is that it can work together with other smart devices like thermostats and air conditioners through Alexa and Google Home Assistant or you can download the free app to control it remotely. Once the connection is established between the fan and the wireless control system, test its features to learn how to maximize your usage. It is really that simple. 

What are Main The Features? 

The features of smart fans can be identified as the reasons they are becoming very popular. Let’s review the main features common to most smart fans:

As they work with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, you will be able to voice control your fan. By simply connecting them up to the WIFI, you can easily turn them on and off, switch the fan speed, oscillation and more without minimum physical effort. 

Smart Fan normally offers 5 convenient controls: on-unit controls, remote control, app control, Alexa / Google Assistant voice control to maximize the function of the smart fan inside the 4-corners of your home.

Stepless speed regulation to control the fan speed from 0-100%. The multi-control options allow you to adjust the power, swing, wind speed, wind mode, and timer function.

Another advantage is you can create schedules with smart fans. This way, your home will have the perfect temperature before you get home. It can help conserve energy by scheduling it to automatically turn on and off at your desired period and take full control of your smart fan based on the 7-day schedule timer. 
You can even set custom timed events and allow your fan to operate on its own. On a similar note, you can set events for your morning routine, away mode when you are not home, and evening activities.

Save Energy Consumption

Another reason some people switch to smart fans is that it helps them lower their energy consumption. Having a smart fan that runs on cue will help circulate cool air in a room. This will enable you to operate your air-conditioner several degrees higher without experiencing discomfort. And for every degree raised, you will be able to save the “on” cycles of your air-conditioner by 10%, thus, reducing the total energy consumption. So if you’re looking for ways to save energy, maybe replacing your old fan with a smart one will help.

What Are The Options?

Wasserstein has produced an affordable 16” Smart Oscillating Pedestal Fan. It provides a powerful wind mode, from 960 to 1200 RPM, perfect for that summer heat. It is also ideal for living rooms, bedrooms and offices thanks to its widespread oscillation and adjustable height up to 4.3ft. It has 

Main Takeaways

  • Smart devices increase comfort and smart house integration.
  • Greater versatility and amount of features.
  • Greater convenience in managing several fans at home at different locations.
  • Smart fans, when used properly, can help to save on the electricity bill.

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