Blink Floodlight can't detect motion? Here's how to fix it

by Joel Manansala

Blink Cameras are some of the most budget-friendly security cameras you can find in the market.

The Blink Mini starts at just $34.99, while the Blink Outdoor Camera is priced at $99.99.

Of course, this modest price tag does not come without any trade-offs.

One of the most obvious is night vision capabilities.

Compared to its rival brands that boast of fully colored night vision, the Blink camera system utilizes infrared night vision, capturing black and white images in low-light conditions.

You can always turn off the IR illuminator if you want colored night footage, but the quality will significantly decrease.

As a solution, Blink introduced the Floodlight, which literally floods the darkness with light.

It aids Blink Outdoor cameras in poor visibility conditions by beaming 700 lumens of high-quality LED lights upon motion detection.

However, it's not as foolproof as you might think, and sometimes it fails to activate even when it detects motion.

So, why is your Blink Floodlight not turning on with motion?

Reasons why your Blink Floodlight isn't turning on

There are several possible reasons why this happens. Here are some of them:

  1. Outdated Blink app. The Blink Floodlight will only work correctly with your Blink Outdoor camera if you have the most current version of the Blink app.
  2. Battery pull tabs. Pull tabs prevent the battery from having contact with the Blink Floodlight. Make sure you remove them after you remove the battery compartment.
  3. Battery cover positioned improperly. Make sure the battery compartment is closed and the back cover is properly reattached after installing the batteries. The Floodlight's LED will 'blink' once if everything is installed correctly.
  4. Faulty connection. The micro-USB cable must be firmly attached to the Blink outdoor camera with a tight seal on all sides.
  5. Compatibility Issues. Remember, the Blink Floodlight is only compatible with the Blink Outdoor camera. Make sure you have an Outdoor camera set up in your Blink account.
  6. Outdated firmware version. Your Blink Outdoor camera must have at least a 10.47 (or higher) firmware version installed to properly work with your Blink Floodlight. Check your firmware version by tapping the settings slider icon located at the top right corner of the outdoor camera.

Top ways to fix the issue with your Blink Floodlight

Now that we've listed down some of the most common reasons why a Blink Floodlight isn't turning on, here's a little troubleshooting guide you can try if you're experiencing the same issue.

Check the micro-USB cord

  1. Remove the back cover and the USB port covers from the outdoor camera completely. This will ensure a tight, weather-resistant seal between the Floodlight mount's micro-USB cable and the camera.
  2. Reattach the back cover on your outdoor camera once the USB port cover is fully removed.
  3. Insert the Floodlight mount's micro-USB cable into the Blink camera firmly to ensure a tight seal.

Update the Blink app

The latest version of the Blink app is always available in the app store.

Most smartphones, tablets, and Alexa-enabled products are supported by the Blink system.

Check the connection & compatibility

To ensure that the Wi-Fi network is linked correctly, bring the Floodlight closer to the sync module.

The Blink camera's signal strength can be checked in the camera settings.

Make sure that there are always three bars for it to work properly.

Otherwise, it means the strength of the internet connection is insufficient, which might cause some delays in connection.

This will also affect the Blink Sync Module, causing motion detection to be faulty.

As previously mentioned, the Floodlight only works with the Blink Outdoor camera, so don't attempt to pair it with your Blink Indoor or Blink XT.

Check the location

Check for any obstruction blocking the motion sensors.

An overgrown branch or leaves may be in the way of the camera.

Any dirt or gunk accumulated on the lens can also be the culprit of malfunctioning motion detection.

Clean the lens with a microfiber towel and clear up the area where your setup is located.

Another possibility is the poor camera angle.

Consider changing the camera's location.

Reset the modem

To reset the modem, pull the plug out of the power cord, then turn it off.

Wait for five minutes and turn the power back on by putting the power cable back together.

This should fix any software or freezing problem you might be experiencing.

Check the auto-shutoff settings

The auto-shutoff feature controls how long the LEDs are on after the detected motion stops.

It automatically turns off the floodlights between 15 and 30 seconds, 1, 2, and 5 minutes to conserve battery.

You can also manually control the lights from the Blink app home screen or Live View.

Check the sensitivity

Motion sensitivity can also be the reason why your floodlights are not turning on.

It might be set too low, so the lights won't engage.

Even incremental changes to the sensitivity settings can have a huge impact.

Increase the sensitivity by small margins and check if it makes any difference.

Setting the sensitivity too high will result in false motion alerts, so remember to adjust incrementally.

Change the batteries

Blink floodlights use 4 alkaline D-cell batteries to operate.

These typically last up to 12 months, with normal usage of five 30-second triggers a day.

Regularly check your floodlight's batteries to ensure optimal usage.

Get rid of reflective surfaces

Reflective surfaces are notorious for producing glares, especially during low-light conditions.

These glares can blind your camera and affect its capability of capturing motion events.

Remove anything reflective within your camera's field of view or try to paint over them using opaque paint.

If you have many decorative pieces on your front porch, you might want to remove those shiny, metallic decors.

Contact support

If none of these camera troubleshooting tips work, contact the customer care team.

It's worth the shot, even if the warranty has expired.

After all, Blink gives great value to customer experience and has a team of experts ready to help you.


Does Blink Floodlight turn on with motion?

Yes, Blink Floodlight activates when the Blink Outdoor camera detects motion.

How do I get my Blink Floodlight to work?

Check out the troubleshooting guide we compiled above for you.

How long does Blink Floodlight stay on?

Blink Floodlight has an Auto Shut Off feature that automatically turns off the floodlights between 15 and 30 seconds, 1, 2, and 5 minutes to conserve battery.


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