How to install a Solar Charger for the Ring Video Doorbell?

by Shuchi Dey

Looking for a hassle-free way to charge your Ring Video Doorbells? We have you covered! Wasserstein produces a solar mount charger for each type of Ring Video Doorbell. The chargers are equipped with large solar panels, making them effective at capturing solar energy to charge your doorbell, and are also lined with a silicon mat to weatherproof the charger.

The package comes with complete hardware and an easy to follow instruction manual. Nathan from the YouTube channel Nater Tater shows you how to install the solar mount charger, below we have summarized his video to help you easily mount your Ring smart doorbells - and be your own handyman!

 Note: make sure to install the Wasserstein Ring Doorbell Solar Mount Charger where it can get direct sunlight for at least 4-5 hours in a day, this can charge the battery up to about 4%. 

Firstly, take your existing doorbell off the wall if you already have it installed. Bear in mind you can also install the Wasserstein solar mount on an existing doorbell angle mount. 

You will notice that the solar mount has duplicate holes. The ones with brass inserts are where the doorbell screws go into. You can use the ones without brass inserts to offset the mount so it is angled down slightly from the original place if you want to use the same screw holes. The base where the doorbell sits has a silicone mat that helps seal the doorbell and the connectors against the weather. 

The hardware to screw in the mount is provided. Screw the solar mount in place against the wall using the provided long screws. The included screws have little rubber O-rings on them to make sure they’re weather proof. 

Once the solar mount sits firmly against the wall, find the two screws at the back of the Ring Video Doorbell. These serve as terminals to power the doorbell. Screw out  these two screws slightly, just enough for the fork connectors of the solar mount to fit. 

Now take the fork connector in the middle of the solar mount charger and slide the fork connectors into the two screws. Then, tighten the screws and slide the wire connecting the doorbell and mount down to tuck the doorbell into the designated slot. 

Lastly, screw in the provided short screws into the holes with brass inserts to secure the doorbell onto the solar mount. Then you can put back the charged batteries into the doorbell and clip the doorbell cover back on.

In order to monitor the charging of your doorbell, you can go on to the Ring app, and when you check the battery status of your doorbell, next to solar status it should say the solar status is ‘connected.’ You can tell if the battery is being charged on the settings page for the front door. Near the top right there will be a sun icon on the battery. When the solar panel is charging the doorbell, there will be a small flash visible on the icon.

Ring App solar doorbell charging

 Mount your Ring smart doorbells on to the Wasserstein Solar Mount Charger for hassle-free charging! 

Check out Nathan's full video here!

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