5 Things You Can’t Miss About Ring Video Doorbell 3

by Faye Yap

Ring is launching their latest Ring Video Doorbell 3 in two different models—standard and Plus. In the US, both will be available April 8th onwards for US$199.99 and US$229.99 respectively. Many have been discussing the difference between the two Doorbell 3 models, and of course the difference between the Ring Video Doorbell 2 and Video Doorbell 3.

In line with this spotlight topic, we’ll be going over five things you need to know about the Ring Video Doorbell 3. Whether you’re considering your first Ring Video Doorbell purchase, or you’re already an user,  this article can help provide answers for the two following questions:

  • How do I select and equip a smart doorbell to maximize its benefits?

  • Should I upgrade from an older generation to generation 3?

New Features From Ring Video Door 3 & Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus

Wasserstein ring video doorbell 3

The Ring Video Doorbell 3 and Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus have the same design as the Ring Video Doorbell 2. However, new models will have dual-band 2.4 and 5GHz Wi-Fi, which should help with video transmission.

ring video doorbell 3 vs ring video doorbell 2

Both new video doorbells have a new Near Motion Zone which allows for motion detection in an area 5 to 15 feet from your door. A major annoyance with any video doorbell is a false alert — getting a notification that someone is out front, when in reality the video doorbell had sensed, e.g. a car that drove by. If you live on a busy street, you often have to dial down the motion sensitivity by quite a bit. Hopefully, this new up-close motion zone will go a long way in eliminating false notifications. 

ring doorbell 3 pre roll feature

An additional feature for the Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus is Pre-Roll, which allows owners to see up to four seconds of video prior to a motion detection event. With many video doorbells and security cameras, there's usually a gap of a second of two between the time the camera detects motion and the time it starts recording. As a result, you don't often get the full event footage and may miss parts of what happened. 

Pricing Might Not Be Able to Tell You If You Should Upgrade or Not

In terms of features, Doorbell 3 does not have too many updated selling points from Doorbell 2. The Doorbell 3 standard model costs US$199.99, and if you want the Pre-Roll function, it would cost you an extra US$30. On the other hand, the Ring Doorbell 2 is priced at US$169. We partially agree that if you own a Ring Doorbell 2, it is probably not worth getting the 3 unless you have issues with the signal on 2.4Ghz. We would also suggest spending the additional US$30 on a solar charger mount instead.

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ring video doorbell bundled with solar charger

Having said that, you may think it is worth investing in the latest Ring doorbell version device and experiencing the most up-to-date smart home lifestyle, as personally we would buy the latest iPhone when it launches. Furthermore, the Pre-Roll feature of the Plus is a great feature to avoid missing any key moments—be it moments that can help resolve a dispute or precious/funny moments that cannot be recaptured again.

Solar Chargers Are Essential To Eliminate Doorbell Downtime If Placed in Maximum Sunlight

The battery is removable for both the Ring Video Doorbell 2 and 3, making battery management easy. However, the battery life of the doorbell depends on how often it is used and how many motion events are detected. That might put battery life at a couple of months, or in busier neighborhoods, a couple of weeks. Also, the Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus’ Pre-Roll feature implies that the device’s battery might deplete much faster, as the video doorbell is at a ready status 24/7.

solar charger mount

Thus, if you live in a place with great and sufficient sunshine, it is better to additionally install a solar charger mount with your doorbell, which would effectively eliminate the need for battery swaps. You would not want to take the risk of your doorbell running out of battery and miss any conversations with visitors while you’re away from home, especially if you are a frequent traveler away for much of the year. We highly recommend you equip your Ring Video Doorbell with a solar charger mount.

Don’t Forget About the Monthly Subscription Fees

There's a free level of monitoring with no additional cost. It will allow all the connected features of Ring, but won't save any videos for you to access later - It is live viewing or nothing. The Protect Basic plan offers up to 60 days online storage for all video captured on one device at US$3 (£2.50) a month. If you have multiple Ring devices, you might need the Protect Plus plan at US$10 (£8) a month. The Protect Plus plan additionally supports extended warranties for all devices. 

ring doorbell subscription plan

(Source from Ring subscription plan)

If you are expecting the new pre-roll function from Ring Video Doorbell 3, please bear in mind you must spend additional dollars to sign up a plan for online video storage up to 30 or 60 days (Depending on locations), otherwise this new feature might lose its meaning in practice.

Further Enhance Your Smart Doorbell Experience By Using Ring Chime

ring chime 3ring chime pro

The Ring Chime and Ring Chime Pro is a separate bell for your Ring doorbell. It is not essential, but will allow you to hear alerts in other rooms of your home. You would not be dependent on only your smartphone alerts anymore. So you don’t need to worry if you miss any visitors, when your phone might be not on hands at home. Also later on, you could play back the videos on your subscribed Ring cloud account.

smart home lifestyle

The Ring Chime is connectable to all your Ring Doorbells and smart home cameras, and plugs into any standard power outlet. The difference between the Chime and Chime Pro is that the Pro is able to amplify alerts and act as a Wi-Fi extender for Ring devices. If you install the Ring doorbell far from your router, the Chime Pro could be a good solution to allow better connectivity.

Key Take-Away

  1. Additions to the Ring Video Doorbell 3 are dual-band 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz Wi-Fi capabilities and the Pre-Roll feature. But if you are already a Ring Doorbell 2 user, please consider if it’s necessary to upgrade with more additional cost.
  2. If your environment permits, a solar charger mount for your video doorbell is essential for eliminating battery swaps and risks of a dead battery while you’re away from home.
  3. If you’re building a Ring smart home device ecosystem to enhance your lifestyle, please be aware of your subscription plan and Wi-Fi extension needs.

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