5 Essential Upgrades for Your Oculus Quest 2

by Brett Decker

No matter what you think the future is for VR, there is little doubt that the Oculus Quest 2 is the next step in getting us there. With such features as better graphics, better tracking, the App Lab, and mixed reality casting, we finally have the first multi-functional VR headset. What was once a piece of fringe technology is becoming, dare I say… mainstream.

And the numbers tell the same story. In 2021, Oculus Quest 2 sales skyrocketed past $2.3 billion (Android Central), making it the most commercially successful VR headset to date. And while we can talk for hours about its many awesome features, there’s something else we shouldn’t ignore that makes the Quest 2 even more of an exciting purchase: the aftermarket upgrades.

Here are 5 essential upgrades for the Oculus Quest 2 that everyone should know about.


1. Ultra Lightweight Elite Head Strap and Battery Pack

This accessory solves two problems at once: a dead battery and restrictive playing. The head strap-battery pack combo lets you use your headset for hours without an annoying cable pulling on you every time you make a sudden move. It is completely wireless, with a 5,000 MaH battery pack that extends your playtime by up to six hours on a single charge, and even acts as a counterweight, so your headset is less front heavy and more balanced.

The best part is how comfortable it is. It’s lightweight and has a soft cushion that feels almost like a pillow. It comes with easily adjustable straps, so it fits heads of all shapes and sizes (yes, even yours). 

If longer playtime, unrestrictive play, and maximum comfort are important to you, this is something you should definitely pick up.


2. Game Gun Controller Grips


Some of the most exciting games for the Oculus Quest 2 are first-person shooter games like Sniper Elite, Onward, and Resident Evil 4. These games give players the realistic rush of being in a battle. However, that realism breaks down when players are forced to use their very unrealistic VR controllers. 

With these Game Gun Controller Grips, Oculus Quest 2 users can enjoy a truly immersive experience with their headset, with controllers that actually suit the experience. These pistol shells easily click onto your controller, so you’re always strapped and ready for battle. 

You know what they always say: Never bring a controller to a gunfight.


3. Silicone Skin Set

Just like the Elite Head Strap and Battery Pack, this Silicone Skin Set solves multiple problems at once. 

First, just like your smartphone case, it protects your Quest 2 headset from bumps and scratches. Mistakes can happen when you least expect it, and when they do, you will be glad you have a protective shell surrounding your headset. For even more protection, it comes with lens covers that keep scratches and dust off of the lenses while in transport or storage.

Another huge benefit of this silicone set is the added grip-ability. While the Quest 2 controllers are perfectly functional on their own, they offer little in the way of a firm grip, especially when your hands get all sweaty. These silicone covers slide right over your controllers, giving you a firm grip for better accuracy in your gaming. 

The final feature of these silicone skins that cannot be overstated has to do with sanitation. Specifically how clean and sanitary they keep your setup. Just take them off after playing and rinse them in the sink, or toss them in the wash. Doing this will keep your Quest 2 clean and free from sweat build-up and nasty smells.


4. Charging Station

Perfectly designed to fit your headset and gaming controllers, this charging station is a great way to quickly charge your headset in between sessions. It goes from 0-100% in under three hours and is equipped with a magnetic charging port to ensure a secure connection. Additionally, one really cool feature of this charging station is the vibrant LED that clearly tells you the charging mode. It has one sleek LED stripe going across the front, so your charging status is always clear for you and easy to read. 

You can place it on your TV stand, desk, or side table for easy charging access. It also comes with screws and wall anchors that let you proudly mount it to your wall, for a super clean-looking charging setup (as well as a great conversation starter). 


5. Carrying Case

Even though VR can take you anywhere you want to go, virtually, you may still want to take your VR headset with you somewhere, physically. This Oculus Quest 2 carrying case gives you maximum protection while taking your headset to a friend’s house. 

With a fabric-wrapped, reinforced outer shell, and soft inner-lining, this carrying case is carefully designed to perfectly fit the Oculus Quest 2 headset and controllers, giving them full protection, whether in travel or in storage. 


Final Thoughts

 The Oculus Quest 2 is the perfect multi-functional VR headset. With better tracking and better graphics, it’s easy to see just how it has had such an impact on the gaming world. And with accessory upgrades like these, you can be sure to take your Oculus Quest 2 gaming experience to the next level!

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